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What Causes Menopause?

The most common reason for menopause is the natural decline in a female's reproductive hormones. However, menopause can also result from the following situations:

Oophorectomy: This surgery, which removes a woman's ovaries, causes immediate menopause. Symptoms and signs of menopause in this situation can be severe, as the hormonal changes happen abruptly.

Chemotherapy: Cancer treatments like chemotherapy can induce menopause quickly, causing symptoms to appear shortly after or even during treatment.

Ovarian Insufficiency: Also called premature ovarian failure, this condition is essentially premature menopause. It happens when a woman's ovaries quit functioning before the age of 40 and can stem from genetic factors and disease. Only 1% of women suffer from premature menopause, but HRT can help protect the heart, brain, and bones.

 Human Growth Hormone Columbia, NJ


If you're a woman going through menopause and find that you have become increasingly depressed, you're not alone. It's estimated that 15% of women experience depression to some degree while going through menopause. What many women don't know is that depression can start during perimenopause, or the years leading up to menopause.

Depression can be hard to diagnose, especially during perimenopause and menopause. However, if you notice the following signs, it might be time to speak with a physician:

  • Mood Swings
  • Inappropriate Guilt
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Too Much or Too Little Sleep
  • Lack of Interest in Life
  • Overwhelming Feelings

Remember, if you're experiencing depression, you're not weak or broken - you're going through a very regular emotional experience. The good news is that with proper treatment from your doctor, depression isn't a death sentence. And with HRT and anti-aging treatment for women, depression could be the catalyst you need to enjoy a new lease on life.

 HRT For Women Columbia, NJ

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes - they're one of the most well-known symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes are intense, sudden feelings of heat across a woman's upper body. Some last second, while others last minutes, making them incredibly inconvenient and uncomfortable for most women.

Symptoms of hot flashes include:

  • Sudden, Overwhelming Feeling of Heat
  • Anxiety
  • High Heart Rate
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

Typically, hot flashes are caused by a lack of estrogen. Low estrogen levels negatively affect a woman's hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls body temperature and appetite. Low estrogen levels cause the hypothalamus to incorrectly assume the body is too hot, dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow. Luckily, most women don't have to settle for the uncomfortable feelings that hot flashes cause. HRT treatments for women often stabilize hormones, lessening the effects of hot flashes and menopause in general.

 Ipamorelin Columbia, NJ

Mood Swings

Mood swings are common occurrences for most people - quick shifts from happy to angry and back again, triggered by a specific event. And while many people experience mood swings, they are particularly common for women going through menopause. That's because, during menopause, the female's hormones are often imbalanced. Hormone imbalances and mood swings go hand-in-hand, resulting in frequent mood changes and even symptoms like insomnia.

The rate of production of estrogen, a hormone that fluctuates during menopause, largely determines the rate of production the hormone serotonin, which regulates mood, causing mood swings.

Luckily, HRT and anti-aging treatments in Columbia, NJ for women work wonders for mood swings by regulating hormone levels like estrogen. With normal hormone levels, women around the world are now learning that they don't have to settle for mood swings during menopause.

 Sermorelin Columbia, NJ

Weight Gain

Staying fit and healthy is hard for anyone living in modern America. However, for women with hormone imbalances during perimenopause or menopause, weight gain is even more serious. Luckily, HRT treatments for women coupled with a physician-led diet can help keep weight in check. But which hormones need to be regulated?

  • Estrogen: During menopause, estrogen levels are depleted. As such, the body must search for other sources of estrogen. Because estrogen is stored in fat, your body believes it should increase fat production during menopause. Estrogen also plays a big part in insulin resistance, which can make it even harder to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Progesterone: Progesterone levels are also depleted during menopause. Progesterone depletion causes bloating and water retention, while loss of testosterone limits the body's ability to burn calories.
  • Ongoing Stress: Stress makes our bodies think that food is hard to come by, putting our bodies in "survival mode". When this happens, cortisol production is altered. When cortisol timing changes, the energy in the bloodstream is diverted toward making fat. With chronic stress, this process repeatedly happens, causing extensive weight gain during menopause.
 HRT Columbia, NJ

Low Libido

Lowered sexual desire - three words most men and women hate to hear. Unfortunately, for many women in perimenopausal and menopausal states, it's just a reality of life. Thankfully, today, HRT and anti-aging treatments Columbia, NJ can help women maintain a normal, healthy sex drive. But what causes low libido in women, especially as they get older?

The hormones responsible for low libido in women are progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone.

Progesterone production decreases during perimenopause, causing low sex drive in women. Lower progesterone production can also cause chronic fatigue, weight gain, and other symptoms. On the other hand, lower estrogen levels during menopause lead to vaginal dryness and even vaginal atrophy or loss of muscle tension.

Lastly, testosterone plays a role in lowered libido. And while testosterone is often grouped as a male hormone, it contributes to important health and regulatory functionality in women. A woman's testosterone serves to heighten sexual responses and enhances orgasms. When the ovaries are unable to produce sufficient levels of testosterone, it often results in a lowered sex drive.

 Hormone Replacement Columbia, NJ

Vaginal Dryness

Often uncomfortable and even painful, vaginal dryness is a serious problem for sexually active women. However, like hair loss in males, vaginal dryness is very common - almost 50% of women suffer from it during menopause.

Getting older is just a part of life, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for the side effects. HRT and anti-aging treatments for women correct vaginal dryness by re-balancing estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. When supplemented with diet and healthy living, your vagina's secretions are normalized, causing discomfort to recede.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Columbia, NJ


Uterine fibroids - they're perhaps the least-known symptom of menopause and hormone imbalances in women. That's because these growths on the uterus are often symptom-free. Unfortunately, these growths can be cancerous, presenting a danger for women as they age.

Many women will have fibroids at some point. Because they're symptomless, they're usually found during routine doctor exams. Some women only get one or two, while others may have large clusters of fibroids. Because fibroids are usually caused by hormone imbalances, hysterectomies have been used as a solution, forcing women into early menopause.

Advances in HRT and anti-aging medicine for women give females a safer, non-surgical option without having to experience menopause early. At Global Life Rejuvenation, our expert physicians will implement a customized HRT program to stabilize your hormones and reduce the risk of cancerous fibroid growth.

 HRT For Men Columbia, NJ


Endometriosis symptoms are much like the effects of PMS, and include pelvic pain, fatigue, cramping, and bloating. While doctors aren't entirely sure what causes this painful, uncomfortable condition, most agree that hormones - particularly xenoestrogens - play a factor.

Endometriosis symptoms are much like the effects of PMS and include pelvic pain, fatigue, cramping, and bloating. While doctors aren't entirely sure what causes this painful, uncomfortable condition, most agree that hormones - particularly xenoestrogens - play a factor.

Xenoestrogen is a hormone that is very similar to estrogen. Too much xenoestrogen is thought to stimulate endometrial tissue growth. HRT for women helps balance these hormones and, when used with a custom nutrition program, can provide relief for women across the U.S.

 Sermorelin Columbia, NJ

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone peptide, like GHRH, which triggers the release of growth hormones. When used under the care of a qualified physician, Sermorelin can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and help you feel much younger.

 HRT Columbia, NJ

Benefits of Sermorelin

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been used for years to treat hormone deficiencies. Unlike HGH, which directly replaces declining human growth hormone levels, Sermorelin addresses the underlying cause of decreased HGH, stimulating the pituitary gland naturally. This approach keeps the mechanisms of growth hormone production active.

  • Benefits of Sermorelin include:
  • Better Immune Function
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • More Growth Hormone Production
  • Less Body Fat
  • Build More Lean Muscle
  • Better Sleep
 Hormone Replacement Columbia, NJ

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin helps to release growth hormones in a person's body by mimicking a peptide called ghrelin. Ghrelin is one of three hormones which work together to regulate the growth hormone levels released by the pituitary gland. Because Ipamorelin stimulates the body to produce growth hormone, your body won't stop its natural growth hormone production, which occurs with synthetic HGH.

Ipamorelin causes growth hormone secretion that resembles natural release patterns rather than being constantly elevated from HGH. Because ipamorelin stimulates the natural production of growth hormone, our patients can use this treatment long-term with fewer health risks.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Columbia, NJ

Benefits of Ipamorelin

One of the biggest benefits of Ipamorelin is that it provides significant short and long-term benefits in age management therapies. Ipamorelin can boost a patient's overall health, wellbeing, and outlook on life.

When growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland using Ipamorelin, clients report amazing benefits. Some of those benefits include:

  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Less Unsightly Body Fat
  • Deep, Restful Sleep
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • More Energy
  • Less Recovery Time for Training Sessions and Injuries
  • Enhanced Overall Wellness and Health
  • No Significant Increase in Cortisol

Your New, Youthful Lease on Life with HRT for Women

Whether you are considering our HRT and anti-aging treatments for women in Columbia, NJ, we are here to help. The first step to reclaiming your life begins by contacting Global Life Rejuvenation. Our friendly, knowledgeable HRT experts can help answer your questions and walk you through our procedures. From there, we'll figure out which treatments are right for you. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in years!


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How do they grow all that weed? Inside a new 270,000-square-foot pot producing plant in South Jersey

Volley Hayhurst had just finished donning a disposable lab coat when he glanced at his mobile phone and let out an enthusiastic “Yes!”“My phone is blowing up. The results just came back,” said Hayhurst, vice president of operations at Columbia Care’s new 270,000-square-foot cannabis growing and packaging facility in Vineland, N.J. “We have something fun and new for the market.”It’s THC-infused salt water taffy, a Shore favorite that the company will launch soon in Delaware, likely...

Volley Hayhurst had just finished donning a disposable lab coat when he glanced at his mobile phone and let out an enthusiastic “Yes!”

“My phone is blowing up. The results just came back,” said Hayhurst, vice president of operations at Columbia Care’s new 270,000-square-foot cannabis growing and packaging facility in Vineland, N.J. “We have something fun and new for the market.”

It’s THC-infused salt water taffy, a Shore favorite that the company will launch soon in Delaware, likely to follow eventually in New Jersey.

Demand has proved so strong for recreational weed in New Jersey since sales began in April that there are still lines each day outside most of the 17 stores that sell it. Adults are allowed to buy up to one ounce of cannabis in a visit. They can buy dried flower, concentrated oils, resin, vape formulas, tinctures, topicals, syringes, lozenges, and soft chews. But such perishable edibles as brownies are not allowed. Nine stores sell marijuana only for medical use.

Seventeen stores in New Jersey sell recreational marijuana. Another nine stores sell marijuana for medical use only.

SOURCE: N.J. Cannabis Regulatory Commission

STEVE MADDEN / Staff Artist

By state law, all marijuana sold in New Jersey must be grown in state by licensed growers; homeowners can’t cultivate their own.

So how do you grow enough pot to meet the demand?

For Columbia Care, plants get their start at the publicly traded company’s two facilities in Vineland, Cumberland County: Its original 50,000-square-foot plant and the one that opened in June that’s the equivalent of just less than five football fields.

Most commercial pot is grown indoors, where security, cleanliness, temperature, humidity, light, and water flow can all be controlled with precision.

Columbia Care, which is based in New York, describes itself as one of the largest and most experienced cultivators and manufacturers in the industry, operating in both the U.S. and Europe. It is currently being purchased by Chicago-based Cresco Labs, which has cannabis operations in 10 states.

Columbia Care sells through its Cannabist stores in Deptford and Vineland, with plans to open a third in Mays Landing.

Other marijuana companies operating in New Jersey include the Apothecarium, founded in San Francisco, which operates three stores. Curaleaf operates two stores, and Miami-based Ayr Wellness operates three stores under the Garden State Dispensary Brand.

Hayhurst, along with Cori Griffith, operations manager, and Alex Anthony, cultivation manager, gave The Inquirer a tour of the Columbia Care plant at the end of July to explain the growing process. The Inquirer agreed to not shoot pictures or video of certain proprietary methods or machinery.

The first literal step inside the Columbia Care includes a shoe bath.

All workers and visitors must wear lab coats, hair nets, and shoe protectors to keep out contamination. And each steps into a sterilizing bath before entering any of the cavernous rooms. The interior of the facility resembles a clean computer chip plant, or even a hospital with long, wide, white corridors and secure doors.

Anthony, who studied agriculture at Iowa State University, said fungi, viruses, and other contaminants can sneak into the building. And once they’re in, he said, they are difficult to remove.

If someone, for example, stepped on a cigarette butt outside, Anthony said, “it could be a vector for the tobacco mosaic virus.”

That virus is known to attack and stunt the growth of plants and is often spread by agricultural workers. Once a plant is infected, there is no chemical cure.

And there’s a lot of ground for shoes to cover: The former shipping and logistics warehouse on West Park Avenue has been renovated specifically for weed operations and employs 35 people full time. About 50,000 square feet is currently being used, with about 20,000 square feet now devoted to plants as the company ramps up its production.

All the weed-related products start as a combination of two cannabis species: sativa, known for a stimulating high, or indica, known for a more mellow experience.

Growers experiment with a number of seeds to find the right mix of sativa or indica. They look for the desired level of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in weed (33% would be very high), and terpenes, chemical compounds that produce unique combinations of flavor, aroma, and color. For example, 10 seeds might yield one plant that has the genetic qualities a grower wants or customers demand.

That seed grows into a mother plant — a mature marijuana plant that can become part of a grower’s proprietary strain and can yield hundreds of clones.

At Columbia Care’s facility, workers examine rows and rows of mother plants, stored on movable, white, steel framed, multitiered racks, resembling something used inside a library archive. Workers take small cuttings off the plants and place them in a nutrient solution as clones.

Eventually, the cuttings are transplanted to soil in plastic terrariums and labeled by strain, or genotypes known to produce traits unique to a brand. Anthony said using cuttings from a mother plant ensures that customers get the same experience for a particular strain each time. The company grows up to 12 strains but mostly relies on four to eight.

Mother plants typically grow about three feet tall in the facility, Anthony said.

Workers are careful not to take too many cuttings from the same tree, but eventually, the genetic properties of a mother plant degrades, and the cycle starts over with a new mother plant.

Griffith said that in larger states with well-established markets, a single mother plant can be worth millions because of all the cuttings it yields and are sold to other companies. Licensed cultivators in New Jersey can transport seeds across state lines because they do not contain THC, but any plant or cutting must remain within state borders.

Consider that a 3.5 gram jar (1/8 ounce) of Runtz Muffin flower, used to roll joints, was selling last week at the Columbia Care’s Cannabist store in Vineland for about $47. It’s part of the company’s Triple 7 line, which includes other hybrids such as Hot Rod, and, the newest, Watermelon Sorbet.

Cuttings from the mother tree are moved to a room equipped with powerful grow lights that shine eight to 14 hours a day.

“This is where the light cycle starts to change everything,” Anthony said.

The light is calibrated to ensure the proper amount of photosynthesis for the plants to flower. Workers part racks by turning cranks, allowing them to reach upper tiers. It can take eight to 12 weeks for a flower to achieve the size and color needed for harvesting.

The flowers are taken to a high-tech sorting and packaging machine, where they are dropped in a silver steel hopper that resembles a futuristic disco chandelier. The hopper contains 14 scales that sorts flowers by size and weight down to the gram.

During the tour, they were being manually sorted and packaged as the machine was being reset.

The flowers drop into jars, which are capped, sealed and labeled.

The machine “was originally made for other food packaging,” Griffith said. “It’s been sort of tweaked a little bit to do cannabis, as well. These do flower, and they can do gummies and tablets ... This is usually running all day every day.”

As he spoke, a line at least 10-deep had formed outside the company’s store on Delsea Drive in Vineland to buy the finished product.

State panel approves N.J. legal weed in Neptune Township


EDITOR’S NOTE: NJ Cannabis Insider is hosting a day-long conference and networking event Sept. 15 at the Crowne Plaza Princeton, featuring many of the state’s leading power players. Tickets are limited.

Neptune Township is now the newest town in New Jersey with a store approved to sell adult recreational weed.

The state Cannabis Regulatory Commission on Thursday approved Verano — which began selling adult weed under the Zen Leaf banner in Lawrence and Elizabeth on April 21 — to start recreational adult weed sales at its dispensary in Neptune Township.

“Commencing adult use cannabis sales at Zen Leaf Neptune will mark the culmination of a years-long effort to maximize Verano’s New Jersey footprint,” said George Archos, Verano Founder and Chief Executive Officer in a statement after the panel’s 3-2 vote.

“We look forward to welcoming adult use customers at Zen Leaf Neptune alongside our valued medical patients on the beautiful Jersey Shore in the near future.”

Verano Zen Leaf received final municipal approval Monday night to expand its two-year old medical dispensary at 2100 NJ-Route 66 in Neptune Township, just two miles from the beach to offer adult recreational weed.

Archos did not give an official opening date. But adult use sales at other stores have typically started 10 to 14 days after getting final state approval.

The addition of Neptune Township comes on the heels of the debut Tuesday of The Apothecarium Lodi, owned by TerrAscend, which features the state’s first drive-thru lane.

The number of approved locations either already selling or about to sell adult weed is now 19, with at least two more towns looking to sell it: Curaleaf in Bordentown and Ascend Wellness in Fort Lee.

The dispensaries are owned by eight multi-state operators, also known as alternative treatment centers, that all went before the CRC earlier this year seeking permission to expand into adult-use at strictly medical cannabis only sites. The CRC required they showed proof of municipal approvals, adequate supply to serve both medical and recreational consumers, and plans prioritizing medical patients.

Ascend received the CRC’s blessing months ago for Montclair Township and got the final green light from local officials this past Monday. Ascend is now just waiting for the thumbs up from the Township Manager to commence adult weed sales there, according to a spokeswoman. Curaleaf is expected to go before the CRC for approval of its Bordentown store in early September.

The CRC, in a 4-1 vote, also gave Columbia Care the nod to open a massive new cultivation center in Vineland that will supply the company’s dispensaries in Deptford and Vineland, as well as centers throughout the state belonging to competitors.

Columbia Care said the new facility will be a huge boost to the state’s cannabis supply chain as more dispensaries open and add to demand.

“We will begin shipping out adult use cannabis products out of the new cultivation center in the coming days,” said Adam Goers, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Columbia Care in a phone call after the CRC’s approval.

“It’s going to increase by a big multiple the supply we are going to provide the state, which ultimately will mean lower prices and more selection,” said Goers. “We’re able to offer tons of new strains that consumers want at everybody’s dispensaries, not just ours.”

Columbia Care was approved for adult use cannabis starting on April 21 as part of the statewide launch for its Vineland and Deptford dispensaries, where it began medical cannabis sales a year ago. It began building the cultivation center two years ago.

The CRC on Thursday also announced 79 additional conditional license awardees for manufacturing, cultivating and retail microbusinesses. These conditional licensees have 120 days to convert to an annual license.

The board also voted to reduce the price of patient registration for medical cannabis patients from $100 for 2 years, down to $50 for two years, to make it more affordable.

It agreed to split the Office of Compliance into two - the Office of Licensing and the Office of Compliance and Investigations - as the CRC’s staff has burgeoned in recent months to handle the avalanche of license applications.

Analysts project New Jersey will become one of the largest adult-use cannabis markets in the country, growing to over $2 billion in revenue by 2026.

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Columbia University brings in six newcomers for 2022 women’s soccer season

NEW YORK – The Columbia University women’s soccer team has added four incoming first-years and two transfers ahead of the 2022 season, as announced by head coach Tracey Bartholomew.“We are thrilled to announce this outstanding group of women to our program. These student-athletes possess outstanding character, combined with being phenomenal players on the field,” said Bartholomew. “They will be a tremendous addition to our talented and experienced roster. We are very exci...

NEW YORK – The Columbia University women’s soccer team has added four incoming first-years and two transfers ahead of the 2022 season, as announced by head coach Tracey Bartholomew.

“We are thrilled to announce this outstanding group of women to our program. These student-athletes possess outstanding character, combined with being phenomenal players on the field,” said Bartholomew. “They will be a tremendous addition to our talented and experienced roster. We are very excited about their versatility, pace and experience.”

“Josh Osit and Amphone Kevongmanysar have worked incredibly hard to bring this elite level group to Columbia University,” Bartholomew continued. “These players that have competed in the Division 1 College Cup, wore the USA National Team Jersey in International Competition, won and competed for ECNL National Championships and earned many individual accolades, including Player of the Year’s and HS All-Americans.”

“Courtney and Hannah have a wealth of playing experience and knowledge, coming from top tier ECNL clubs and two Final Four programs in Rutgers and Georgetown. Charlyse, Maia, Justina, and Ariel come to us from 4 of the top 10 clubs in the country. They bring leadership, speed, athleticism, and attacking personalities that will raise the level of our program. What drew us to this group from the start was their belief in our mission and team philosophy, combined with their passion for the game and hunger to win. We cannot wait to see them in Columbia blue this fall!”

See below for a look at each member of Columbia’s signing class.

Charlyse Berry | Alamo, CA | Monte Vista HS | F BEFORE COLUMBIA: Competed for Mustang ECNL…Club team captain (2019-21)…EBAL Player of the Year (2021)…ECNL National Selection Game participant (2021)…ECNL SCP Northwest Selection (2019)…NCS Champions (2019-20)…CIF State Champions (2018-19)….ECNL Northwest Player to Watch (2018-22)…PDP State Pool (2015-21)…North Coast Section CIF Scholar Athlete (2018-2022)…Ranked 130 by TopDrawerSoccer

Justina Bitzer | Ann Arbor, MI | Huron High School | D BEFORE COLUMBIA: Played for Michigan Hawks ECNL…ECNL All-Midwest First Team…ECNL Midwest Conference Champions…US National Team ID Center Invite (2018-19)…ECNL CSP Event Invite (2018)

Hannah Deljkic | Danville, CA | Monte Vista HS | F BEFORE COLUMBIA: Transfer from Georgetown University…Ranked #62 in Top Drawer Soccer’s National Top 150 (2019)…ECNL All-American (2018)…ECNL Northwest Conference Player of the Year (2017-18)….ECNL Final Four (2018, 2016)…Top Drawer Soccer All-American Star (2018)…Top Drawer Soccer First-Team Winter NorCal (2018)…First Team All-EBAL & All-NCS (2018)…Top Drawer Soccer Player to Watch (2018-2019)…East Bay Athletic League Champion (2017-2018)…US National Training Center Invitee (2016).

Courtney Ruedt | Wayne, NJ | Wayne Hills HS | D BEFORE COLUMBIA: Transfer from Rutgers University…Member of 2021 Rutgers NCAA Final Four Team…Competed for PDA ECNL…2018-19 PDA ECNL Captain…ECNL National Semi Finalist (2021)…ECNL North Atlantic Conference Champions (2021)…First Team All-ECNL North Atlantic Conference (2019)…Two-time All-State…Four-time All-Big North…Wayne Hills Team Captain…Also competed in track…400M county champion (2019).

Maia Tabion | Sammamish, WA | Eastlake High School | F BEFORE COLUMBIA: Played for Crossfire Premier ECNL…Member of U.S. Girls Under15 & Under18 National Teams…GU15 CONCACAF Tournament Champions…Ranked 36th in Top Drawer Soccer’s National Top 150 (2022 Class)…Selected to 2022 ECNL National Game… 2021 U18/19 First Team All-ECNL Northwest Conference…2021 Dallas Cup U18/19 MVP…Eastlake Team Captain…Eastlake Offensive MVP…Two-time First Team All-League.

Ariel Thongkham | San Jose, CA | Santa Teresa High School | M BEFORE COLUMBIA: Played for MVLA ECNL…2021 ECNL National Champion…Ranked #133 in Top Drawer Soccer’s National Top 150 (2022)…US National Team Regional ID Center Invite (2021)…ECNL Northwest Conference Champion (2018-19)…Girls Under19 US National Team Camp (2019)…NorCal PDP State Team (2018-21)….NorCal State Cup Champions (2017)…US National Training Center Invite (2016)…NorCal PDP Regional Team (2014-18)

29 football recruits took official visits in June, before the dead period: Where do they all stand in relation to Rutgers now?

Rutgers hosted 29 recruits for official visits in June before the current dead period ensued. Eight of them committed to Rutgers, 12 picked others schools, while nine are still on the market and in Greg Schiano’s crosshairs down the stretch of their recruitment. Find out who they all...

Rutgers hosted 29 recruits for official visits in June before the current dead period ensued. Eight of them committed to Rutgers, 12 picked others schools, while nine are still on the market and in Greg Schiano’s crosshairs down the stretch of their recruitment. Find out who they all are, including New Jersey’s top player and offensive lineman, and how Rutgers projects to close out the 2023 recruiting cycle, below.

Rutgers official visitors who picked Rutgers

Orlando (Fla.) Christian Prep 3-star DB Vilay Nakkoun Jr.- Committed on June 8 and visited on June 21

St. John’s Prep (Danvers, Mass.) 3-star ATH Jesse Ofurie- Committed on June 12 and visited on June 21

Hawthorne (Fla.) 3-star OL Mozell Williams- Visited on June 10 and committed on June 12

Fleming Island (Orange Park, Fla.) 3-star DB Abram Wright- Visited on June 10 and committed on June 12

Olmsted Falls (Ohio) 3-star OL Dominic Rivera- Visited on June 10 and committed on June 13

Estero (Fla.) 3-star DB Jason Duclona- Visited on June 10 and committed on June 14

Osceola (Kissimmee, Fla.) 3-star DB Bo Masco- Visited on June 21 and committed on June 27

Canada Prep (St. Catharines, Ontario) LB Dariel Djabome- Visited on June 25 and committed on June 28

Rutgers official visitors who committed elsewhere

Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, Md.) 3-star LB Kendall Johnson- Duke (June 19) - Visited Rutgers on June 10

Madison County (Fla.) 3-star DB Jonathan Aikins- Maryland (June 20) - Visited Rutgers on June 10

Wachusett Regional (Holden, Mass.) 3-star QB Tucker McDonald- UConn (June 23) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Ocoee (Fla.) 3-star Edge Calvin “Trey” Smith- Illinois (June 23) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Woodberry Forest (Va.) 3-star DL Rodney Lora- UVA (June 24) - Visited Rutgers on June 10

Eagles Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, Ga.) 3-star LB R.J. Johnson- Arkansas (June 25) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

St. John’s (Washington D.C.) 3-star WR Sean Williams- Maryland (June 25) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Jones (Orlando, Fla.) TE Dylan Wade- Maryland (June 27) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, Pa.) 3-star WR Bradeden Wisloski- Maryland (June 28) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Fullerton (Cal.) JUCO 3-star QB Chandler Galban- Kent State (June 30) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Imhotep (Philadelphia, Pa.) 4-star LB Semaj Bridgeman- Michigan (July 1) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Ridge Community (Davenport, Fla.) 3-star ATH Joe Jackson- Kansas State (July 4) - Visited Rutgers on June 21

Still available

June 10 official visitors

Don Bosco (Ramsey, N.J.) 4-star OL Chase Bisontis: A national recruit who has Rutgers in his top five list of schools, Bisontis is nearing a decision. In addition to Rutgers, he officially visited Texas A&M, MSU, and LSU, and plans to announce this month. He tweeted on Thursday night that a “big decision” is coming and that he’s “got to clear (his) head.”

Rutgers’ Don Bosco ties and the four-star’s bond with Schiano give the hometown Knights a chance to land New Jersey’s top player and offensive lineman for the second year in a row. But it’s a bit of a crap shoot at this point.

Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) 4-star LB Dylan Gooden: The long, explosive linebacker is taking his time, wading through his 20 offers while grinding in the classroom. Rutgers is the sole school that he officially visited.

Hudson Catholic (Jersey City, N.J.) 3-star Ted Gregoire: A 6-6, 250-pound versatile athlete with elite tools, Gregoire will announce his college intentions on his birthday, July 23, with Rutgers positioned well. However, Vanderbilt offered on July 6, which could alter things.

Collegiate School (Richmond, Va.) 3-star DB/WR Krystian Williams: The two-way standout has 10 offers and plans to decide by summer’s end. He officially visited Rutgers on June 10 before his final trek to Virginia Tech.

Trinity Catholic (Ocala, Fla.) 3-star OL Tommy Kinsler: Kinsler committed to the University of Florida on June 19 and decommitted on July 2. Miami, which he officially visited last on June 24, is now the favorite.

Kinsler officially visited Rutgers on June 10, the University of Florida on June 17 (where he initially committed two days later), and the University of Miami on June 24. He unofficially visited FSU on April 9 and UF on April 14. Plus, he has family ties at Rutgers in Piscataway, so there’s much at play.

June 20/21 official visitors

DeMatha Catholic (Hyattsville, Md.) 4-star OL Oluwatosin Babalade: The blue-chip recruit has officially visited Rutgers, Maryland, Ohio State, North Carolina and South Carolina, and is pondering his options.

Charlotte (N.C.) Catholic 3-star QB Shawn Boyle: Boyle is still committed to UNC-Charlotte, where he opted in on Nov. 21, 2021, prior to his Rutgers official visit on June 21.

Georgetown Prep (Rockville, Md.) 3-star Edge Nnamdi Udeogu: Rutgers and Vanderbilt, which Udeogu officially visited, are the favorites, and he’ll release his “top four this month.”

Irvington (N.J.) 3-star WR Famah Toure: This should come down to Rutgers and Illinois, the two schools Toure officially visited, and he is scheduled to announce his pick on July 22. Rutgers’ family ties have the Scarlet Knights at the forefront of his options as the day nears.


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Wawa settlement to pay NJ $2.5M for credit-card data breach. Here's what consumers will get

Convenience store giant Wawa will pay New Jersey $2.5 million as part of a multistate settlement following a 2019 data breach in which hackers stole financial information from millions of customers, the state Attorney General’s Office announced.Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia are also sharing in the $8 million settlement. Pennsylvania will also...

Convenience store giant Wawa will pay New Jersey $2.5 million as part of a multistate settlement following a 2019 data breach in which hackers stole financial information from millions of customers, the state Attorney General’s Office announced.

Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia are also sharing in the $8 million settlement. Pennsylvania will also receive about $2.5 million from Wawa, which operates almost 1,000 stores along the East Coast.

Wawa admitted to no wrongdoing, acting New Jersey AG Matthew Platkin said in a statement. But the company agreed to take steps to strengthen protections of customers' card data, Platkin said. Wawa has more than 270 locations in New Jersey.

“This settlement is as important for the strengthened cyber security measures it requires as for the dollars Wawa must pay,” Platkin said on Tuesday. “This settlement should serve as a message to the industry that we are serious about holding businesses accountable when they fail to protect consumers’ sensitive personal information.”

Between April and December 2019, credit card numbers from 34 million transactions were stolen, as well as expiration dates and names on the cards, according to the joint-state announcement.

The hackers were able to gain access to Wawa's computer network "by deploying malware that may have been opened by a company employee," the office said. The company has said about 27% of its payment card transactions during the breach occurred in New Jersey, the states said. That would mean about 9.2 million of the compromised sales were in the Garden State.

Gift cards for customers

The hackers were unable to collect PIN numbers of credit card CVV2 codes, as well as data from any cards that relied on chip technology - only transactions relying on magnetic strips were affected, the Tuesday statement said. The breach targeted customers paying at gas pumps and inside Wawa retail stores but not ATMs.

"As the [July] settlement notes, Wawa responded promptly and followed all notice requirements with relevant authorities, in addition to cooperating fully with the attorneys general and all law enforcement officials to assist anyone impacted by the incident," Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce responded in a statement.

Neither the states nor Wawa discussed compensation for individual consumers in this week's statements. But in April, the company reached a $12 million class action settlement to settle a private lawsuit over the data breach.

As part of that agreement, customers who made a purchase during the time of the breach but whose financial information was not stolen would receive a $5 gift card. Those customers who had fraudulent charges on their card during the period would receive a $15 gift card. Customers who lost money due to the hacking would receive a cash reimbursement of up to $500.

"From the outset, our focus has been to make this right for our customers and communities," Bruce said in Wawa's statement. "We continue to take the necessary steps to safeguard our information security systems."

Wawa's attorney Gregory Parks, who co-leads the privacy and cybersecurity practice at law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, could not be immediately reached for comment.

Wawa, founded in New Jersey but now based outside Philadelphia, operates more locations in South Jersey, but the chain has been expanding in the northern part of the state. It opened its first store in Sussex County this month and announced plans for three more local sites as well.

Daniel Munoz covers business, consumer affairs, labor and the economy for and The Record.


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