Memory loss, trouble concentrating, and foggy thinking are commonly reported symptoms of andropause, which is a time in a middle-aged or senior man’s life when falling testosterone levels begin to cause health problems. Many andropausal men suffer from lapses in memory – such as forgetting why you went to the store, forgetting what you are trying to say in the middle of a sentence, or forgetting the reason you went to talk with a co-worker.

In many cases, the occasional episode of forgetfulness does not affect everyday routines. But when loss of memory does affect your ability to handle daily activities, it may be time to consider getting medical help.

If you’re over 40, and memory loss affects your ability to function, you may have a hormonal imbalance. There’s no memory loss cure available, but hormone replacement therapy (HRT) provides a safe and effective way to correct the hormonal imbalance causing foggy thinking and trouble concentrating.

If low testosterone is making it difficult for your to concentrate or to think clearly, hormone replacement therapy may be the solution for you. Global Life Rejuvenation experts administer and monitor HRT treatments and have successfully used HRT to help men with memory loss associated with aging. Contact us to meet a physician and get started today.

The Role of Hormones in Memory Loss

While it is clear that genetics play a role in male memory loss, there are other contributing factors that must be acknowledged. Memory loss in men over 40 is often a symptom of hormonal imbalance.

During this time, testosterone levels have significantly decreased, causing complications in a man’s health. This process is referred to as andropause (or “male menopause”). During andropause, testosterone levels decline, leading to an imbalance of the hormone cortisol. When cortisol levels are out of balance, neurotransmitters in the brain do not function properly and can cause momentary lapses in memory.

Memory Loss Treatment with HRT

Hormonal imbalances that contribute to foggy thinking and memory loss can often be medically treated using hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Global Life Rejuvenation programs are tailored to the needs of each man. A nutrition plan in conjunction with a supplements plans supports clear thinking as well as overall male health.

Is HRT Safe?

It’s important to remember that even though it’s called hormone replacement therapy, the goal of this treatment is not to replace someone’s hormone level to what they once had. Our process is to give a very small amount of hormones to supplement or to help your body naturally produce hormones that it no longer makes as a result of aging. By doing this, we alleviate symptoms associated with hormone imbalance and help you feel better.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for men is completely safe when taken under the guidance of an expert practitioner. Among men, HRT has been proven to help prevent cardiovascular risks and type 2 diabetes. We don’t want anyone to suffer from memory loss due to aging when there’s a much better option available.

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