Night sweats in men are severe hot flashes that occur at night, cause profuse sweating, and often interrupt sleep. Oftentimes, men wake up with a feeling of extreme heat. If the feverish part of the night sweat has passed, men may wake up with a feeling of extreme cold. Night sweats in men may be the result of hormonal imbalances associated with andropause (the changes in a man’s body due to a gradual decline in testosterone as a man ages).

Night sweats can be uncomfortable and may interfere with restful sleep. Luckily, night sweats can be eliminated by balancing hormone levels interrupted by andropause. Hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective way to treat night sweats.

If low testosterone, or other male hormones, are causing your night sweats, hormone replacement therapy may be the solution for you. Global Life Rejuvenation physicians administer and monitor HRT treatments to help eliminate night sweats in men and restore restful sleep. Contact us to meet a physician and get started today.

The Role Hormones Play in Male Night Sweats

During andropause (or “male menopause”), testosterone levels fall. This causes the submission of false signals to a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which controls the brain’s perception of temperature.

These false signals cause the hypothalamus to believe that your body is overheating. In response, the hypothalamus orders physiological reactions, like dilating blood vessels near the skin, in an attempt to expel non-existent body heat.

Increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, in conjunction with bad nutrition and lack of exercise, may also contribute to the prevalence and severity of sweating at night.

Stop Sweating at Night with HRT

Hormone imbalance is the root cause of night sweats. For this reason, hormone replacement therapy has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for night sweats.

Global Life Rejuvenation hormone physicians customize and supervise HRT programs. In addition, these physicians tailor a nutrition, supplement and fitness program designed to reduce or eliminate episodes of night sweats.

Is HRT Safe?

It’s important to remember that even though it’s called hormone replacement therapy, the goal of this treatment is not to replace someone’s hormone level to what they once had. Our process is to give a very small amount of hormones to supplement or to help your body naturally produce hormones that it no longer makes as a result of aging. By doing this, we alleviate symptoms associated with hormone imbalance and help you feel better.

HRT is completely safe when taken under the guidance of an expert practitioner. Among men, HRT has been proven to help prevent cardiovascular risks and type 2 diabetes. We don’t want men to suffer from night sweats when there’s a much better option available.

You deserve a good night’s sleep every night! Contact Global Life Rejuvenation online or call us at (866) 793-9933 and learn more about how hormone replacement therapy eliminates night sweats in men.

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