Night sweats are an uncomfortable but very common symptom of menopause. HRT treatment is easy, effective, and safe. In addition to controlling and stopping night sweats, you’ll see many other benefits such as losing weight or reducing other menopausal symptoms. Contact us to meet a physician and get started today.

What Causes Menopause Night Sweats?

Menopausal night sweats are the result of a hormonal imbalance. Low estrogen levels and their effect on the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls body temperature, sleep, appetite, and sex drive) are often the specific cause of night sweats during menopause.

Low estrogen levels “trick” the hypothalamus into believing that your body is too hot. A night sweat occurs in an effort by the hypothalamus to rid your body of this non-existent heat.

How can HRT Treatments Relieve Night Sweats in Women?

Night sweats can be treated rapidly, easily, and completely using HRT for women. Hormone therapy for menopausal night sweats replaces missing estrogen, re-regulates the hypothalamus, and is an ideal medical solution to address night sweats at their root.

To eliminate night sweats, your hormonal medical treatments will be combined with nutrition, supplement and fitness plans that help sustain hormone balance. Once your hormones are balanced and the causes of night sweats are removed; you won’t be sweating at night any longer.

Is HRT Safe?

It’s important to remember that even though it’s called hormone replacement therapy, we never replace someone’s hormone level to what they had when they were younger. Our process is to give a very small amount of hormones to alleviate symptoms and make people feel better.

HRT is completely safe if taken for the right reasons and under the guidance of a regular practitioner. You may have heard of archaic studies saying that HRT increased the risk of heart disease, cancer, or other maladies. These studies were mishandled and were proven false and in many cases, HRT improved cardiovascular health. Global Life Rejuvenation doesn’t want anyone to suffer from unnecessary symptoms of aging when there’s a much better option available.

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