Who Should Consider Semaglutide Therapy in Belvidere, NJ?


Semiglutide Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

Semaglutide Treatment in Belvidere, NJ

Did you know that more than 40% of adults in the United States suffer from obesity? Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this condition. Perhaps worse is that more and more adults and children are gaining weight across the country, choosing the convenience of fast and nutrition-deficient foods over healthy eating, exercise, and positive life choices. From an aesthetic standpoint, being overweight is a struggle - clothes don't fit right, people make uncomfortable comments about how you look, and everyday activities are less appealing.

From a health and wellness standpoint, however, being obese is much worse. Your life is literally on the line. The people who love you and depend on you to be in their lives could lose you sooner than you expect. With time, you have a higher chance of suffering from significant, life-changing issues such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • ED
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Respiratory Issues
  • More

While obesity is a serious problem, a new medication on the market is giving hope to millions of men and women across the U.S. This game-changing treatment is called Semaglutide in Belvidere, NJ. This anti-obesity medication is unique because it treats obesity as a chronic metabolic disease, rather than a problem that can be solved through sheer willpower. The best part? Semaglutide and other medical weight-loss peptides are now available at Global Life Rejuvenation.

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Medical Weight Loss from Global Life Rejuvenation

At Global Life Rejuvenation, we understand that losing weight is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our medical weight loss clinic offers custom medical weight loss plans tailored to your body, rather than plans based solely on your age or weight. In fact, our team of doctors and practitioners provides personalized guidance to help you achieve real results and live a healthier life.

Because the truth is maintaining good health and fitness are crucial in the modern world. Research has shown that viruses and diseases are more likely to affect those who are overweight and unhealthy. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we take a comprehensive, custom approach to medical weight loss that includes peptide therapy and more. We then work with you to make positive lifestyle changes, so you can lose weight, get healthy, and boost your wellbeing permanently - not for a few weeks or months.

 Medical Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

Our medical weight loss plans can include:

 Weight Loss Plan Belvidere, NJ

Nutrition Guidance

 Weight Loss Program Belvidere, NJ

Peptide Therapy

Semiglutide Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

Hormone Therapy

 Medical Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

Biometric Monitoring

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Weight Loss Medications

 Weight Loss Program Belvidere, NJ

Custom Medical Weight Loss Plans

If you're ready to get back to loving your life with more energy, confidence, and positivity, medical weight loss with peptide therapy may be for you. But to truly understand the benefits of peptides like Semaglutide, it's important you grasp what peptide therapy is and how it benefits your body.

Semiglutide Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

Semaglutide Treatment in Belvidere, NJ

Many individuals turn to peptide therapy to enhance their overall wellbeing by boosting hormones. Different types of peptides can target different areas of health, such as collagen peptides that can help improve skin, hair, and gut health.

Other peptides, such as AOD 9604, CJC 1295, and Semaglutide in Belvidere, NJ, are incredibly beneficial for losing weight. Compared to vitamin supplements, peptide therapy works differently as peptides are already part of the proteins in our bodies, making them easier to absorb and benefit from. Conversely, our bodies can sometimes fail to absorb all the nutrients present in multivitamins, leading to their excretion through urine.

However, it's important to note that weight loss is a complex process that involves various factors like age, genetics, lifestyle, exercise, and diet. While peptides like Semaglutide can provide much-needed assistance in achieving your weight loss goals, they are most effective when combined with healthy dietary choices, regular exercise routines, and overall healthier lifestyle choices.

If you've already tried different weight loss plans and diets but haven't had any success, medical weight loss with peptide therapy may provide that extra boost you need to realize your goals.

What is Semaglutide Treatment in Belvidere, NJ?

If you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, diet and exercise are important, but it can be difficult to stick to a routine. For busy adults and parents, Semaglutide can be a helpful tool for weight loss. This injection, approved by the FDA for diabetes and obesity, works by stimulating GLP-1 receptors in the brain to aid in weight loss and improve long-term health.

You may be wondering to yourself, "That sounds great, but how does this type of peptide work?" Semaglutide acts like glucagon in your body, which signals to your brain that you're full and don't need to eat anymore. When you take Semaglutide, and you try to overeat, your body waves a proverbial red flag as if to say, "That's enough."

Semaglutide also slows down digestion, reducing unnecessary snacking throughout the day. By reducing glucose spikes after meals, it reduces inflammation, which is important for overall health. Additionally, Semaglutide helps your pancreas secrete insulin, regulates the glucose levels in your body, and even has anti-aging and longevity properties. If you're struggling to lose weight, peptide therapies for weight loss like Semaglutide can be an invaluable addition to your weight loss plan from Global Life Rejuvenation.

 Medical Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, Semaglutide can help provide:

  • Long-Term Weight Loss
  • Control of Insulin
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduced Inflammation
 Weight Loss Plan Belvidere, NJ

Who Should Consider Semaglutide Therapy in Belvidere, NJ?

There are multiple medications available to combat obesity by suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss. However, Semaglutide stands out as an exceptional option.

A recent study of 2,000 obese adults examined the effects of Semaglutide when combined with a diet and exercise program. The results were compared to those who only made lifestyle changes without taking Semaglutide. After 68 weeks, it was found that half of the participants using Semaglutide lost 15% of their body weight, with nearly a third losing 20%. In contrast, those who only made lifestyle changes lost an average of 2.4% of their weight.

It's obvious, then, that Semaglutide is a safe and effective supplement for your weight loss journey with Global Life Rejuvenation. But who is the ideal patient who should be taking it?

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 27kg/m2 or higher and at least one weight-related condition, such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol, or if your BMI is 30kg/m2 or higher, the FDA recommends Semaglutide for weight loss.

 Weight Loss Program Belvidere, NJ

Healthy Eating Tips While Taking Semaglutide

As medical weight loss experts, one thing our doctors and practitioners know at Global Life Rejuvenation is that true weight loss isn't dictated by medicines. It's achieved by sticking to a combo of exercise, healthy life choices, and healthy eating habits. From there, peptides like Semaglutide in Belvidere, NJ are great for taking your weight loss efforts to the next level of success.

One area where many patients fail in this process is with their diet. If you're considering Semaglutide treatment, keep these diet tips in mind.

Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole Foods

To enhance your dietary habits, a practical approach is to concentrate on consuming whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. These food items are rich in nutrients and can provide a feeling of fullness and satisfaction while also promoting your overall wellbeing.

Be Mindful When You Eat

Be Mindful When You Eat

Eating mindfully involves being fully present and engaged during meals. This entails taking the time to enjoy the flavor of your food, being aware of your body's hunger and fullness signals, and avoiding distractions like electronics or television.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep Your Body Hydrated

To maintain good health and support weight loss, it's crucial to drink plenty of water. It's recommended to drink at least 8-10 cups of water daily. You may also try adding low-calorie drinks like herbal tea or infused water to keep things interesting.


Use Meal Prepping to Your Advantage

Planning your meals in advance is an effective approach to maintaining a healthy diet. Set aside some time each week to plan your meals and snacks, keeping in mind to incorporate a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This will prevent impulsive food choices and guarantee that you have nutritious options available when hunger strikes.

Other Peptide Therapies and Medicines for Medical Weight Loss in Belvidere, NJ

Unlike many medical weight loss clinics, which only offer cookie-cutter weight loss plans and one or two additional fat-busting solutions, Global Life Rejuvenation provides access to new, innovative supplements and medicines. If you're used to fad diets and "quick" weight loss plans, peptides like AOD 9604 and others may be new to you. To help build your foundation of healthy living knowledge, let's take a look at a few of the most popular weight-loss peptides and medicines available at Global Life Rejuvenation.

Semiglutide Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

AOD 9604 for Weight Loss

Often combined with Semaglutide regimens, AOD 9604 is known to promote fat breakdown, inhibit lipogenesis, and support tendons and cartilage. However, most recently, it has gained popularity due to its ability to boost metabolism and aid in burning fat.

What sets AOD 9604 apart is that it stimulates the pituitary gland without affecting tissue growth or blood sugar levels. Additionally, it can burn fat without causing overeating, making it a viable option for obese men and women who are trying to implement better eating habits.

Interestingly, AOD 9604 activates your body's fat-burning processes without requiring an HGH receptor. It also releases obese fat cells and reduces the accumulation of new fat cells. By helping to regulate blood sugar and manage insulin levels, AOD 9604 is excellent for weight loss but also for other maladies like inflammation.

Some conditions that this powerful peptide can help address include the following:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Damaged Cartilage
  • Arthritis
 Medical Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for Weight Loss

This medical weight loss supplement Is technically a combo of two peptides. These substances work by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more of your body's natural human growth hormone, which is secreted during both waking and sleeping periods.

This results in increased protein synthesis and levels of insulin-like growth factors. As hormone secretagogues, they help release hormones into circulation while mimicking the pituitary gland's production. Extensive research has been conducted on the effects of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin. As a tool for medical weight loss, it has shown very promising results.

That's because when growth hormone levels increase, nutrients are transported through the body faster, more fat is burned, and weight management becomes simpler. Additionally, because CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin increase the amount of growth hormone in your body, it stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides in adipocytes, leading to improved fat metabolism and reduced abdominal fat.

Benefits of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for weight loss include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Boosted Metabolism
  • More Energy
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • More
 Weight Loss Plan Belvidere, NJ

MIC Injections for Weight Loss

A Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a mixture of lipotropics that aid in fat breakdown. The key components - methionine, inositol, and choline - work together to metabolize fat cells and eliminate stored fat deposits in the liver and body. Methionine is an important amino acid, inositol contributes to proper cell formation, and choline is a water-soluble nutrient that promotes healthy liver function. When combined, these compounds may help reduce body fat.

When used in conjunction with a medical weight loss plan from Global Life Rejuvenation, MIC injections can be a powerful addition to reclaiming your health and wellbeing.

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Phentermine for Weight Loss

Like other weight loss peptides and medicines on this page, Phentermine can help you lose weight when you stick to a medical weight loss plan that includes dieting, exercise, and smart life choices. It does so by reducing your appetite, which limits the number of calories you eat every day.

As is the case with Semaglutide, Phentermine has been approved by the FDA and is supported by clinical studies that show it can support weight loss. With time, patience, and healthy living, this supplement may help you reach your wellness goals sooner than you thought possible.

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 Weight Loss Program Belvidere, NJ

7-Keto DHEA for Weight Loss

In the body, 7-keto-DHEA is produced from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is a hormone made by glands near your kidneys. However, unlike DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA is not converted into androgen and estrogen in your body. Instead, 7-keto-DHEA is used orally or topically to boost your body's metabolism. It also helps convert more of your energy into heat, instead of storing it in your body as fat, which can accumulate with time and lifestyle choices.

Much like Semaglutide treatment in Belvidere, NJ, 7-keto-DHEA has been shown to be very effective for weight loss as well as a host of other issues. Additional benefits of taking 7-keto-DHEA may include the following:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improvement to Lean Muscle Mass
  • Boosted Thyroid Activity
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Better Memory

Lipo Scuplt Cream

Have you tried everything under the sun to try and eliminate the cellulite on your legs, arms, and other areas of your body? If you're like most people, getting rid of cellulite isn't just difficult - it's nearly impossible. Fortunately, those days are over. Lipo Sculpt Cream from Global Life Rejuvenation can help reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite while also refining your figure and firming up your skin.

The active ingredients in this product have the ability to reduce and prevent the growth of fatty tissue while also improving microcirculation. They work together to treat both adipose and aqueous cellulite, and aid in the elimination of fatty deposits and excess water stored in the tissues. This results in a reduction of dimples and an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin.

If you have experienced success with a medical weight loss plan and reached your target weight but still suffer from cellulite, Lipo Sculpt Cream is a fantastic choice to consider. A few of the most common benefits include:

  • Anti-Cellulite Properties Reduce Cellulite and Smooth Skin Dimples
  • Slimming Effect for Reducing Thigh and Waist Circumference
  • Leaves Your Skin Feeling Firm and Healthy
Semiglutide Weight Loss Belvidere, NJ

Health and Wellness Begin with Medical Weight Loss from Global Life Rejuvenation

Are you craving a productive life at a healthy weight? Are you ready to make a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones? The pathway to wellbeing starts by contacting our office for an in-depth consultation, where we'll learn more about your weight-loss goals and needs.

From there, we'll create a custom weight-loss plan tailored to your body. This plan will map out the steps of your weight-loss journey, including peptide therapies like Semaglutide in Belvidere, NJ. Though every person's weight management goals are different, when you're a patient at Global Life Rejuvenation, you benefit from dedicated doctors and practitioners committed to improving your weight and, in turn, your health.

Whether your health is on the line, or you don't like how being overweight makes you look and feel, our team is ready to guide you toward long-term health and happiness. This way, you can get healthy, stay in shape, and fall in love with your newfound body.

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Latest News in Belvidere, NJ

Despite resistance, Jaindl soldiers on with N.J. warehouse project

The long process of Jaindl Land Co. receiving final approval to build two warehouses in White Township, New Jersey, has reached a new stage, though it still appears that it will be a long time before the first shovel of dirt is turned on the project, if ever.The latest chapter began in February, when the North Whitehall Township developer adjusted its plans on road access into the proposed complex. Community activists opposing the warehouses hope the latest revision may be enough to force Jaindl to start from scratch.For now, J...

The long process of Jaindl Land Co. receiving final approval to build two warehouses in White Township, New Jersey, has reached a new stage, though it still appears that it will be a long time before the first shovel of dirt is turned on the project, if ever.

The latest chapter began in February, when the North Whitehall Township developer adjusted its plans on road access into the proposed complex. Community activists opposing the warehouses hope the latest revision may be enough to force Jaindl to start from scratch.

For now, Jaindl is still on track to develop the 585 acres of land along Route 519 between Foul Rift Road and the Delaware River just south of Belvidere. The proposed buildings are 1.8 million-square-foot and 800,000-square-foot high-cube warehouses.

Jaindl bought the acreage from Talen Energy. Five deeds were recorded in February 2019, with total consideration of about $11.3 million, Warren County real estate records show.

Anthony Sposaro, Janidl’s attorney, says the project is still “full steam ahead.”

“The process has been long and longer than expected, not so much because of snafus or interference or roadblocks from the municipal planning board, but rather because of opposition,” Sposaro said.

Tom Bodolsky, a White Township resident and a member of Citizens for Sustainable Development, which has been fighting the proposal, agreed that neither side appears willing to budge.

“It seems like both sides are pretty dug in,” he said. “They could have made it easy and indicated that he would be interested in selling this purchase. There’s available open space funding from various sources in the state and locally, but you have to have a willing seller. So he wants to continue with his project and he sees it being sufficiently profitable for him to do that.”

The next township planning board meeting is scheduled for June 13. Members of the White Township Planning Board did not return messages from The Morning Call.

The current issue

The discussion on driveway access was started by Warren County officials who asked Jaindl to create a new plan to move the Foul Rift Road intersection 350 feet to the south, according to Sposaro.

The new plan would take drivers from Route 519 onto a newly constructed section of Foul Rift Road. The proposed section would go through farmland and reconnect with an existing section of Foul Rift Road northwest of the new signalized intersection directly across from the Red Wolfe Inn.

The intersection includes a 10-foot shoulder that gives the Red Wolfe Inn’s dining room minimal clearance from traffic.

Sposaro said red tape from the county is the reason why the intersection is being moved. He said the county, which owns land north of Foul Rift Road, has a policy not to convey land to be used in warehouse construction.

Furthermore, the county engineer indicated that a deceleration must be built on southbound Route 519, which means Jaindl would need a sliver of county land.

“The county refuses to convey their property to us, but at the same time, insists that we have this deceleration lane,” Sposaro said. “What we were forced to do was to move the intersection approximately 350 feet to the south so that we can comply with all of the design standards imposed by the county because this is a county road and keep all of our improvements within the county right of way.

“Locating the intersection there directly impacts property owners with developed homes and the Red Wolfe Inn on the east side of 519,” he said.

The county is also refusing to shift Route 519 away from the houses and restaurant.

Moving the entrance even farther south is impossible, Sposaro said, because of Buckhorn Creek. A stream crossing permit would be needed to build a bridge over the waterway and state environmental officials have indicated they would not issue one.

“The DEP essentially has told us informally, and all of our professionals have told us, that we’ve got two chances of getting a permit to cross that stream: none and none at all,” he said.

A turning point?

CFSD’s Bodolsky said the change to the driveway presents an opportunity to reset the entire process. He said the township could deny the application without prejudice and let Jaindl reapply.

“The project has been going on for 3 1⁄2 years and I don’t know what was said to me by my wife a week ago, never mind 3 1⁄2 years … that this has dragged on so long that it has lost all continuity,” Bodolsky said. “There have been eight revisions to the plan. There have been numerous documents that have been submitted and withdrawn and others which are now superseded.

“When we as the public get a chance to do our thing and ask our questions, we are at a distinct disadvantage to make any sense out of the record any longer,” he said. “So that is another reason to start anew because the record is so muddled that no one in their right mind and I would say including the planning board could resurrect what is what they’re supposed to be commenting on and deliberating on.”

Bodolsky said there are “solid grounds” for denying Jaindl’s application without prejudice because the relocated road is a major element to the project that directly affects properties that were not previously affected, such as the Red Wolfe Inn.

Moving forward

With the next meeting coming up, Bodolsky doesn’t think the issue, such as rejecting the application, will be settled in a single meeting.

“I consider it unlikely that they would make a decision in one meeting,” Bodolsky said. “This is a decision of much impact. Could they make a decision at the next meeting? Sure. Particularly, if they’re fed up as we are with the whole thing. So that’s what’s going to go on at the next meeting.”

Sposaro said the final decision will be up to White Township, which has been debating what to put on the land since the 1990s.

“What people lose sight of is that this is still a home rule state and White Township controls its own destiny in the development of land within its municipal borders,” Sposaro said. “That’s what home rule is all about. Obviously, there are exceptions, but that’s still the law and not the exception in this state.”

Sposaro said Jaindl has consistently followed the township’s instructions.

“The irony is, in the end, [the township] acknowledged that in the late ’90s this property was zoned for residential use,” Sposaro said. “They got wind that a residential developer may be coming in with a subdivision application. And so what did they do? They rezoned the property for light industrial use. That this was a conscious decision on their part.”

What will a real Christmas tree cost this year?

BELVIDERE — Now that it’s December, it’s time to get or start thinking about getting a fresh, live Christmas tree at a New Jersey farm.The crop is looking good this year, said Tim Dunne, owner of Woodsedge Tree Farm in Belvidere and vice president of The New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers Association.He said farmers were concerned in July and August wit...

BELVIDERE — Now that it’s December, it’s time to get or start thinking about getting a fresh, live Christmas tree at a New Jersey farm.

The crop is looking good this year, said Tim Dunne, owner of Woodsedge Tree Farm in Belvidere and vice president of The New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers Association.

He said farmers were concerned in July and August with the little to no rain the state experienced, but only young trees and seedlings were affected; some were lost. He said the seedlings will be re-planted in the spring.

But the mature trees that will be cut for Christmas look great, Dunne said.

The fir trees are the most popular, Dunne said. Those include Fraser, Canaan, and Concolor. Douglas fir is still popular but that’s on the decline.

Many like spruce trees like Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce. Others like pine trees like white pine and Scotch pine.

Dunne says the fir trees are popular because of their strong fragrance, great needle retention, bright, beautiful green color, and stiff branches for hanging heavy ornaments. The fir trees check off all the boxes, he said.

The average cost of a tree this year will be $10-20 a foot.

“That’s a big range but there are a lot of variables depending on where you are in New Jersey," Dunne said. "The further you are to the urban areas, the more prices go up a little bit. Dunne’s farm is out in western New Jersey so their prices are a bit lower."

“Our prices are up about 7% this year,” he said.

Dunne said the major costs on his farm are fertilizer and fuel. The fuel is used for mowing and running tractors.

“Fresh tree. Fresh cut. Fresh water,” said Dunne.

Be sure to come out to a choose-and-cut farm and cut the tree down fresh, he said. A tree that is bought at a big-box store or a grocery store was probably cut in early November so it’s not a fresh tree.

If your tree is not going up right away, make a fresh cut. Dunne said to cut about a half-inch off the bottom of the tree.

“What happens is when the tree is cut in the field, the sap seals the end of the tree and doesn’t let it take up water anymore,” Dunne said.

Once the cuts are made, keep the tree in fresh water. Have a stand that holds a gallon of water. Make sure the stand is filled with fresh water every day. Do not let it dry out, he said.

“If you follow those steps, fresh tree, fresh cut, fresh water, you will have a beautiful tree until the new year,” he added.

When the tree starts dropping a lot of needles or when you brush up against it and the needles fall, it’s time to get rid of it, Dunne said.

Dunne wants to make it clear that despite the news about a tree shortage, there is not one, at least not on his farm, which has been in existence for 35 years.

Now, people may not get the exact tree size they want or the species they want, but Dunne said most of the farms in the New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers Association have plenty of trees.

Dunne's farm is one of the smaller Christmas tree farms in the state. He has six acres and 6,000 trees on his farm. He hopes to sell between 500 and 600 fresh Christmas trees each season.

Dunne encourages people to get out to a tree farm in New Jersey and shop early and he promises there will be a tree for everyone.

Click here to contact an editor about feedback or a correction for this story.

These are the best hiking spots in New Jersey

A trip to New Jersey doesn't have to be all about the beach. Our state has some incredible trails, waterfalls, and lakes to enjoy.

From the Pine Barrens to the Appalachian Trail to the hidden gems of New Jersey, you have plenty of options for a great hike. Hiking is such a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy nature, plus it's a great workout.

Before you go out on the trails and explore some of our listeners' suggestions, I have some tips on hiking etiquette from the American Hiking Society.

If you are going downhill and run into an uphill hiker, step to the side and give the uphill hiker space. A hiker going uphill has the right of way unless they stop to catch their breath.

Always stay on the trail, you may see side paths, unless they are marked as an official trail, steer clear of them. By going off-trail you may cause damage to the ecosystems around the trail, the plants, and wildlife that live there.

You also do not want to disturb the wildlife you encounter, just keep your distance from the wildlife and continue hiking.

Bicyclists should yield to hikers and horses. Hikers should also yield to horses, but I’m not sure how many horses you will encounter on the trails in New Jersey.

If you are thinking of bringing your dog on your hike, they should be leashed, and make sure to clean up all pet waste.

Lastly, be mindful of the weather, if the trail is too muddy, it's probably best to save your hike for another day.

I asked our listeners for their suggestions of the best hiking spots in New Jersey, check out their suggestions:

‘Never seen this in my life’ — Tears from NJ victims after crazy floods

BELVIDERE — A solemn Gov. Phil Murphy, a contingent of local officials and members of his administration on Monday toured portions of Warren County that were heavily damaged by torrential rains on Friday and Sunday.Over 7 inches of rain fell over parts of Warren County from Friday to Sunday, according to New Jersey 101.5 chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow. Between 2 and 3 inches of rain fell in Morris, Somerset and Warren counties on Sunday alone. Warren County took the brunt of the rainfall where Route 46 was closed by a mudslide. ...

BELVIDERE — A solemn Gov. Phil Murphy, a contingent of local officials and members of his administration on Monday toured portions of Warren County that were heavily damaged by torrential rains on Friday and Sunday.

Over 7 inches of rain fell over parts of Warren County from Friday to Sunday, according to New Jersey 101.5 chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow. Between 2 and 3 inches of rain fell in Morris, Somerset and Warren counties on Sunday alone. Warren County took the brunt of the rainfall where Route 46 was closed by a mudslide. Nearly 5 inches of rain fell in Columbia in Warren County.


Residents of a Belvidere neighborhood told Murphy, flanked by state Sen. Doug Steinart, R-Warren, and U.S. Rep. Tom Kean Jr., R-N.J. 7th District, about the damage to their homes.

Across the river in Pennsylvania, at least five people were dead and a young brother and sister remain missing after surging floods hit a Bucks County road Saturday evening.

Kelly Canfield, whose car was buried up to the windows in mud, asked Murphy what happens next to her home where she has lived for over 20 years.

"We can't live in that house. That is unsafe. The insurance company is gonna say 'cash out we don't cover that.' That's my question. Where do I go, what do we do," Canfield said. She said a similar flood happened 20 years ago but her husband dug a trench around the home and saved it.

"This I've never seen this in my life," Canfield said.

Murphy also visited with Ken Richards who was sitting under a tent in his front yard. He told the governor the foundation wall in the back is gone. He is staying with his sister for the time being. When the foundation began to crumble, Richards grabbed his keys and wallet and got out.

"They let me in 15 minutes at a time just to get some things," Richards told the governor.

Murphy said after his tour he had seen some real suffering both in person and in photos and videos.

"Small miracle. To the best of everyone's knowledge no injuries and no fatalities thank God," Murphy said. "Incredible bravery and courage in these communities. We're going to do everything we can. I'm thankful Congressman Tom Kean is here with the federal piece."

The governor said it will take time for damaged roads and bridges to be replaced

Several hundred JCP&L customers remained without power on Monday morning.

Murphy also advised residents, businesses and communities impacted by the flooding to document what they spend for recovery. Pictures and video of damage are also helpful.

Dan Kelly, executive director of the Office of Recovery and Rebuilding appointed by Gov. Chris Christie following Superstorm Sandy, will be working to get financial assistance from the federal government that meets their thresholds, according to the governor.

Zarrow said that despite two Tornado Warnings issued Sunday morning the National Weather Service is not sending a survey team anywhere as no significant damage has been reported.

Atlantic CountyJacques Cousteau Reserve 3.02 inHamilton Twp 1.74 inMays Landing 1.55 inEgg Harbor Twp 1.50 in

Burlington CountyWillingboro 1.58 in

Camden CountyHaddon Township 1.45 inCherry Hill 1.23 in

Cape May CountyEldora 1.92 inWoodbine 1.46 inWildwood 1.23 in

Cumberland CountyMillville 1.52 in

Gloucester CountyMickleton 1.35 inSewell 1.14 in

Mercer CountyWoodsville 2.42 inTrenton 1.81 inHamilton Township 1.24 inHamilton 1.22 inMercerville 1.16 inMercerville 1.16 inPrinceton Junction 1.10 in

Middlesex CountyKendall Park 1.67 inOld Bridge 1.38 inMilltown 1.34 inWoodbridge 1.08 in

Morris CountyMine Hill 3.06 inLake Hopatcong 1.66 inSuccasunna 1.56 inPicatinny Lake 1.50 inBoonton 1.49 inMount Olive Twp 1.6 1.42 inMontville 1.32 inRandolph 1.27 inCalifon 1.27 inWest Wharton 1.20 inLong Valley 1.19 inIronia 1.16 inLong Valley 1.10 in

Ocean CountyWest Creek 3.58 inPoint Pleasant Beach 1.17 inMantoloking 1.10 inSouth Seaside Park 1.09 inOcean Gate 1.08 inBrick 1.01 in

Salem CountyPennsville 1.49 inWoodstown 1.20 inSalem HS 1.18 in

Somerset CountySkillman 3.94 inSomerset 1.76 inBelle Mead 1.30 inBlawenburg 1.04 in

Sussex CountyFlatbrookville 2.94 inStockholm 2.59 inBranchville 2.46 inSpart 2.30 inGlenwood 2.27 inSparta 2.24 inStockholm 2.20 inHardyston Twp 2.08 inBarry Lakes 1.96 inSussex 1.88 inBlue Mountain Lakes 1.81 inStanhope 1.80 inMontague 1.52 inPellettown 1.51 inAndover 1.43 inHopatcong 1.40 inFranklin 1.20 in

Warren CountyColumbia 4.51 inBroadway 3.19 inBelvidere 3.01 inAllamuchy 1.60 in

Murphy, local officials tour Warren County sites damaged by weekend flooding, mudslides

Gov. Phil Murphy visited Warren County Monday and promised officials would be there "as long as it takes" to help local residents hit hard by the weekend's torrential rains, floods and mudslides.Murphy, joined by local officials, toured parts of Knowlton and Belvidere in the morning, where he surveyed th...

Gov. Phil Murphy visited Warren County Monday and promised officials would be there "as long as it takes" to help local residents hit hard by the weekend's torrential rains, floods and mudslides.

Murphy, joined by local officials, toured parts of Knowlton and Belvidere in the morning, where he surveyed the damage and spoke with residents impacted by the storms. The governor declared a state of emergency at 4 p.m. Sunday in response to severe weather throughout the state.

Murphy said it was "incredibly important for folks . . . to document every penny you spend" on cleanup efforts, "whether you're a small business, whether you're a homeowner, whether you're a community or a county." He also assured Warren County residents: "We're going to stay here as long as it takes."

Much of North Jersey was under flash flood warnings and flood watches Sunday that remained in effect until midnight. Rain totals reached as high as 2.16 inches at Morris County's Oak Ridge Reservoir in a 12-hour period ending Sunday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

The state of emergency remained in effect as of Monday afternoon with no update as to when it may be lifted, according to Alex Altman, the governor's deputy communications director.

Highways closed in NJ, 5 dead in Pennsylvania

The rain triggered a landslide on Route 46 near Ramseyburg Road in Knowlton, closing the highway in both directions Sunday, according to the state Department of Transportation. Route 23 in Wayne was shut down in both directions as well after a vehicle struck a pole and left downed wires across the road.

In Pennsylvania, at least five people were dead and two children, a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old, are missing after being swept away by floodwaters Saturday in the southeastern part of the state, just outside Trenton.

A joint statement Sunday from the Warren County Commissioners alerted residents to the high risk of flooding throughout the area and urged the public to exercise caution when traveling.

Still assessing the damage

"Warren County Administration, OEM and DPW staff have been working around the clock with our local and state partners to identify storm damage and provide life-saving assistance for those in need," said James Kern III, a Warren County commissioner and the county's public safety liaison. "The next few days will provide a better picture of the total impact to our county as we stabilize, assess and quantify the extent of the infrastructure damage we have undergone."

Jersey Central Power & Light, which serves more than 52,000 customers in Warren County, announced on its website that the "unprecedented flooding" in parts of the county has prevented crews from safely getting to to some damaged locations. The company provided a list of supermarkets in the area offering free water and ice to residents without power.

Roughly 1,500 JCP&L customers in Warren County reported outages as of early Sunday evening, according to the agency's outage map. By Monday afternoon, that number had dropped to just 175.

North Jersey forecast

The National Weather Service forecast as of Monday afternoon called for additional, albeit much less severe, storms throughout much of North Jersey for the rest of the week. In Warren County, there is a 60% chance of rain Tuesday accumulating up to a quarter of an inch, with higher amounts possible in localized thunderstorms.

Kyle Morel is a local reporter covering Morris and Sussex counties.

Email: [email protected]; Twitter: @KMorelNJH

Rep. Kean Jr. and Local Elected Officials Tour Dam Removal Projects in Warren County

On August 9, 2023, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) led a delegation of elected officials on a tour of dam removal projects on the Pequest River in Belvidere, New Jersey. Tour attendees, who viewed the Upper and Lower E. R. Collins Dams, both slated to be removed in 2025, included Congressman Tom Kean, Jr, Warren County Commissioner James Kern, Belvidere Mayor Kathleen Miers, Blairstown Mayor Rob Moorhead, and Belvidere Councilwoman Tammy Koop.TNC was recently ...

On August 9, 2023, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) led a delegation of elected officials on a tour of dam removal projects on the Pequest River in Belvidere, New Jersey. Tour attendees, who viewed the Upper and Lower E. R. Collins Dams, both slated to be removed in 2025, included Congressman Tom Kean, Jr, Warren County Commissioner James Kern, Belvidere Mayor Kathleen Miers, Blairstown Mayor Rob Moorhead, and Belvidere Councilwoman Tammy Koop.

TNC was recently awarded $1 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s USFWS National Fish Passage Program for construction of the dam removal projects - among the first federal infrastructure dollars to reach New Jersey for restoration work. Project funding comes from a variety of sources, including the Delaware Watershed Conservation Fund, which is funded by the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Office of Natural Resource Restoration.

“It was important to see first-hand the great work that The Nature Conservancy and its partners are doing to restore our rivers and remove antiquated dams,” said Rep. Tom Kean, Jr. “That’s why I’m proud to co-sponsor the Delaware River Basin Conservation Reauthorization Act of 2023, which will continue to provide funding for these kinds of vital restoration projects.”

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The removal of dams in the Pequest watershed builds upon TNC’s prior successes in removing antiquated dams in New Jersey. In 2018, TNC completed the removal of the Columbia Dam, opening nearly 21 miles of habitat for migratory fish in the Paulins Kill, an important tributary to the Delaware River. With the planned removal of the Paulina Dam in 2024 combined with the removal of the County Line Dam in 2022, TNC will have reconnected 45 miles of river habitat in the Paulins Kill.

“These projects are imperative for not only improving the ecological health of our valuable watersheds, but in this case will also help reduce local flooding,” said Barbara Brummer, State Director for the New Jersey Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. “This is where the rubber hits the road for policy and we are thrilled to have government partners at all levels who share our vision and value our work.”

TNC in New Jersey also leads the New Jersey Statewide Dam Removal Partnership (SDRP), a collaboration of nonprofits and government agencies that seeks to advance the removal of antiquated, dangerous or ecologically detrimental dams. Its members meet quarterly to discuss beneficial dam removal projects and to exchange information regarding policy, regulatory issues, funding and the practical considerations of dam removal. The SDRP also provides information to the public about how dams and dam removal may affect their communities and their lives.

About The Nature Conservancy The Nature Conservancy, a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been committed to protecting the lands and waters on which all life depends for more than 60 years in New Jersey. Using science and an equity lens to guide our focus and execution, we are tackling the dual threats of biodiversity loss and climate change, maximizing resilience and benefits for nature and people.


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