Who Should Consider Semaglutide Therapy in Lower Manhattan, NY?


Semiglutide Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

Semaglutide Treatment in Lower Manhattan, NY

Did you know that more than 40% of adults in the United States suffer from obesity? Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this condition. Perhaps worse is that more and more adults and children are gaining weight across the country, choosing the convenience of fast and nutrition-deficient foods over healthy eating, exercise, and positive life choices. From an aesthetic standpoint, being overweight is a struggle - clothes don't fit right, people make uncomfortable comments about how you look, and everyday activities are less appealing.

From a health and wellness standpoint, however, being obese is much worse. Your life is literally on the line. The people who love you and depend on you to be in their lives could lose you sooner than you expect. With time, you have a higher chance of suffering from significant, life-changing issues such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • ED
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Respiratory Issues
  • More

While obesity is a serious problem, a new medication on the market is giving hope to millions of men and women across the U.S. This game-changing treatment is called Semaglutide in Lower Manhattan, NY. This anti-obesity medication is unique because it treats obesity as a chronic metabolic disease, rather than a problem that can be solved through sheer willpower. The best part? Semaglutide and other medical weight-loss peptides are now available at Global Life Rejuvenation.

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Medical Weight Loss from Global Life Rejuvenation

At Global Life Rejuvenation, we understand that losing weight is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our medical weight loss clinic offers custom medical weight loss plans tailored to your body, rather than plans based solely on your age or weight. In fact, our team of doctors and practitioners provides personalized guidance to help you achieve real results and live a healthier life.

Because the truth is maintaining good health and fitness are crucial in the modern world. Research has shown that viruses and diseases are more likely to affect those who are overweight and unhealthy. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we take a comprehensive, custom approach to medical weight loss that includes peptide therapy and more. We then work with you to make positive lifestyle changes, so you can lose weight, get healthy, and boost your wellbeing permanently - not for a few weeks or months.

 Medical Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

Our medical weight loss plans can include:

 Weight Loss Plan Lower Manhattan, NY

Nutrition Guidance

 Weight Loss Program Lower Manhattan, NY

Peptide Therapy

Semiglutide Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

Hormone Therapy

 Medical Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

Biometric Monitoring

 Weight Loss Plan Lower Manhattan, NY

Weight Loss Medications

 Weight Loss Program Lower Manhattan, NY

Custom Medical Weight Loss Plans

If you're ready to get back to loving your life with more energy, confidence, and positivity, medical weight loss with peptide therapy may be for you. But to truly understand the benefits of peptides like Semaglutide, it's important you grasp what peptide therapy is and how it benefits your body.

Semiglutide Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

Semaglutide Treatment in Lower Manhattan, NY

Many individuals turn to peptide therapy to enhance their overall wellbeing by boosting hormones. Different types of peptides can target different areas of health, such as collagen peptides that can help improve skin, hair, and gut health.

Other peptides, such as AOD 9604, CJC 1295, and Semaglutide in Lower Manhattan, NY, are incredibly beneficial for losing weight. Compared to vitamin supplements, peptide therapy works differently as peptides are already part of the proteins in our bodies, making them easier to absorb and benefit from. Conversely, our bodies can sometimes fail to absorb all the nutrients present in multivitamins, leading to their excretion through urine.

However, it's important to note that weight loss is a complex process that involves various factors like age, genetics, lifestyle, exercise, and diet. While peptides like Semaglutide can provide much-needed assistance in achieving your weight loss goals, they are most effective when combined with healthy dietary choices, regular exercise routines, and overall healthier lifestyle choices.

If you've already tried different weight loss plans and diets but haven't had any success, medical weight loss with peptide therapy may provide that extra boost you need to realize your goals.

What is Semaglutide Treatment in Lower Manhattan, NY?

If you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, diet and exercise are important, but it can be difficult to stick to a routine. For busy adults and parents, Semaglutide can be a helpful tool for weight loss. This injection, approved by the FDA for diabetes and obesity, works by stimulating GLP-1 receptors in the brain to aid in weight loss and improve long-term health.

You may be wondering to yourself, "That sounds great, but how does this type of peptide work?" Semaglutide acts like glucagon in your body, which signals to your brain that you're full and don't need to eat anymore. When you take Semaglutide, and you try to overeat, your body waves a proverbial red flag as if to say, "That's enough."

Semaglutide also slows down digestion, reducing unnecessary snacking throughout the day. By reducing glucose spikes after meals, it reduces inflammation, which is important for overall health. Additionally, Semaglutide helps your pancreas secrete insulin, regulates the glucose levels in your body, and even has anti-aging and longevity properties. If you're struggling to lose weight, peptide therapies for weight loss like Semaglutide can be an invaluable addition to your weight loss plan from Global Life Rejuvenation.

 Medical Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, Semaglutide can help provide:

  • Long-Term Weight Loss
  • Control of Insulin
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduced Inflammation
 Weight Loss Plan Lower Manhattan, NY

Who Should Consider Semaglutide Therapy in Lower Manhattan, NY?

There are multiple medications available to combat obesity by suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss. However, Semaglutide stands out as an exceptional option.

A recent study of 2,000 obese adults examined the effects of Semaglutide when combined with a diet and exercise program. The results were compared to those who only made lifestyle changes without taking Semaglutide. After 68 weeks, it was found that half of the participants using Semaglutide lost 15% of their body weight, with nearly a third losing 20%. In contrast, those who only made lifestyle changes lost an average of 2.4% of their weight.

It's obvious, then, that Semaglutide is a safe and effective supplement for your weight loss journey with Global Life Rejuvenation. But who is the ideal patient who should be taking it?

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 27kg/m2 or higher and at least one weight-related condition, such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol, or if your BMI is 30kg/m2 or higher, the FDA recommends Semaglutide for weight loss.

 Weight Loss Program Lower Manhattan, NY

Healthy Eating Tips While Taking Semaglutide

As medical weight loss experts, one thing our doctors and practitioners know at Global Life Rejuvenation is that true weight loss isn't dictated by medicines. It's achieved by sticking to a combo of exercise, healthy life choices, and healthy eating habits. From there, peptides like Semaglutide in Lower Manhattan, NY are great for taking your weight loss efforts to the next level of success.

One area where many patients fail in this process is with their diet. If you're considering Semaglutide treatment, keep these diet tips in mind.

Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole Foods

To enhance your dietary habits, a practical approach is to concentrate on consuming whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. These food items are rich in nutrients and can provide a feeling of fullness and satisfaction while also promoting your overall wellbeing.

Be Mindful When You Eat

Be Mindful When You Eat

Eating mindfully involves being fully present and engaged during meals. This entails taking the time to enjoy the flavor of your food, being aware of your body's hunger and fullness signals, and avoiding distractions like electronics or television.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep Your Body Hydrated

To maintain good health and support weight loss, it's crucial to drink plenty of water. It's recommended to drink at least 8-10 cups of water daily. You may also try adding low-calorie drinks like herbal tea or infused water to keep things interesting.


Use Meal Prepping to Your Advantage

Planning your meals in advance is an effective approach to maintaining a healthy diet. Set aside some time each week to plan your meals and snacks, keeping in mind to incorporate a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This will prevent impulsive food choices and guarantee that you have nutritious options available when hunger strikes.

Other Peptide Therapies and Medicines for Medical Weight Loss in Lower Manhattan, NY

Unlike many medical weight loss clinics, which only offer cookie-cutter weight loss plans and one or two additional fat-busting solutions, Global Life Rejuvenation provides access to new, innovative supplements and medicines. If you're used to fad diets and "quick" weight loss plans, peptides like AOD 9604 and others may be new to you. To help build your foundation of healthy living knowledge, let's take a look at a few of the most popular weight-loss peptides and medicines available at Global Life Rejuvenation.

Semiglutide Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

AOD 9604 for Weight Loss

Often combined with Semaglutide regimens, AOD 9604 is known to promote fat breakdown, inhibit lipogenesis, and support tendons and cartilage. However, most recently, it has gained popularity due to its ability to boost metabolism and aid in burning fat.

What sets AOD 9604 apart is that it stimulates the pituitary gland without affecting tissue growth or blood sugar levels. Additionally, it can burn fat without causing overeating, making it a viable option for obese men and women who are trying to implement better eating habits.

Interestingly, AOD 9604 activates your body's fat-burning processes without requiring an HGH receptor. It also releases obese fat cells and reduces the accumulation of new fat cells. By helping to regulate blood sugar and manage insulin levels, AOD 9604 is excellent for weight loss but also for other maladies like inflammation.

Some conditions that this powerful peptide can help address include the following:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Damaged Cartilage
  • Arthritis
 Medical Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for Weight Loss

This medical weight loss supplement Is technically a combo of two peptides. These substances work by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more of your body's natural human growth hormone, which is secreted during both waking and sleeping periods.

This results in increased protein synthesis and levels of insulin-like growth factors. As hormone secretagogues, they help release hormones into circulation while mimicking the pituitary gland's production. Extensive research has been conducted on the effects of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin. As a tool for medical weight loss, it has shown very promising results.

That's because when growth hormone levels increase, nutrients are transported through the body faster, more fat is burned, and weight management becomes simpler. Additionally, because CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin increase the amount of growth hormone in your body, it stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides in adipocytes, leading to improved fat metabolism and reduced abdominal fat.

Benefits of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for weight loss include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Boosted Metabolism
  • More Energy
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • More
 Weight Loss Plan Lower Manhattan, NY

MIC Injections for Weight Loss

A Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a mixture of lipotropics that aid in fat breakdown. The key components - methionine, inositol, and choline - work together to metabolize fat cells and eliminate stored fat deposits in the liver and body. Methionine is an important amino acid, inositol contributes to proper cell formation, and choline is a water-soluble nutrient that promotes healthy liver function. When combined, these compounds may help reduce body fat.

When used in conjunction with a medical weight loss plan from Global Life Rejuvenation, MIC injections can be a powerful addition to reclaiming your health and wellbeing.

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Phentermine for Weight Loss

Like other weight loss peptides and medicines on this page, Phentermine can help you lose weight when you stick to a medical weight loss plan that includes dieting, exercise, and smart life choices. It does so by reducing your appetite, which limits the number of calories you eat every day.

As is the case with Semaglutide, Phentermine has been approved by the FDA and is supported by clinical studies that show it can support weight loss. With time, patience, and healthy living, this supplement may help you reach your wellness goals sooner than you thought possible.

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 Weight Loss Program Lower Manhattan, NY

7-Keto DHEA for Weight Loss

In the body, 7-keto-DHEA is produced from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is a hormone made by glands near your kidneys. However, unlike DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA is not converted into androgen and estrogen in your body. Instead, 7-keto-DHEA is used orally or topically to boost your body's metabolism. It also helps convert more of your energy into heat, instead of storing it in your body as fat, which can accumulate with time and lifestyle choices.

Much like Semaglutide treatment in Lower Manhattan, NY, 7-keto-DHEA has been shown to be very effective for weight loss as well as a host of other issues. Additional benefits of taking 7-keto-DHEA may include the following:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improvement to Lean Muscle Mass
  • Boosted Thyroid Activity
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Better Memory

Lipo Scuplt Cream

Have you tried everything under the sun to try and eliminate the cellulite on your legs, arms, and other areas of your body? If you're like most people, getting rid of cellulite isn't just difficult - it's nearly impossible. Fortunately, those days are over. Lipo Sculpt Cream from Global Life Rejuvenation can help reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite while also refining your figure and firming up your skin.

The active ingredients in this product have the ability to reduce and prevent the growth of fatty tissue while also improving microcirculation. They work together to treat both adipose and aqueous cellulite, and aid in the elimination of fatty deposits and excess water stored in the tissues. This results in a reduction of dimples and an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin.

If you have experienced success with a medical weight loss plan and reached your target weight but still suffer from cellulite, Lipo Sculpt Cream is a fantastic choice to consider. A few of the most common benefits include:

  • Anti-Cellulite Properties Reduce Cellulite and Smooth Skin Dimples
  • Slimming Effect for Reducing Thigh and Waist Circumference
  • Leaves Your Skin Feeling Firm and Healthy
Semiglutide Weight Loss Lower Manhattan, NY

Health and Wellness Begin with Medical Weight Loss from Global Life Rejuvenation

Are you craving a productive life at a healthy weight? Are you ready to make a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones? The pathway to wellbeing starts by contacting our office for an in-depth consultation, where we'll learn more about your weight-loss goals and needs.

From there, we'll create a custom weight-loss plan tailored to your body. This plan will map out the steps of your weight-loss journey, including peptide therapies like Semaglutide in Lower Manhattan, NY. Though every person's weight management goals are different, when you're a patient at Global Life Rejuvenation, you benefit from dedicated doctors and practitioners committed to improving your weight and, in turn, your health.

Whether your health is on the line, or you don't like how being overweight makes you look and feel, our team is ready to guide you toward long-term health and happiness. This way, you can get healthy, stay in shape, and fall in love with your newfound body.

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Latest News in Lower Manhattan, NY

Watch live: State of Emergency in effect as storm brings flooding, damage to New York City and beyond

NEW YORK - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency across New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley as Friday's strong storm has brought flooding and damage across the area....

NEW YORK - New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency across New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley as Friday's strong storm has brought flooding and damage across the area.

Significant flooding was reported throughout parts of Brooklyn and beyond. Parked cars were seen partially submerged in water. Some sidewalks were submerged.

Mayor Eric Adams is expected to hold a briefing on the storm at around 11 a.m. We will bring that to you live on CBS News New York and WCBS-TV.

By 10:30 a.m., more than four inches of water had fallen in Central Park.

"My team & I are aware of widespread flooding & dangerous conditions across [Brooklyn]. Like many [New Yorkers], we've spent our mornings stranded on subways & buses, but we're in communication [with] the offices of the mayor & governor & monitoring where conditions are worst," Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Reports of damage and flooding were numerous across the city.

Around 8:30 a.m., emergency responders were on the scene of a partial roof collapse at a warehouse in Lexington Avenue between Classon and Franklin Avenues in Brooklyn. Fortunately all workers at the warehouse were accounted for, according to the FDNY.

In Windsor Terrace, the FDNY said firefighters rescued a person in danger of drowning in a basement of an apartment building at Sherman Street near Greenwood Avenue.

Heavy rain brought flooding conditions at Walton Street between Union and Harrison Avenues. Water have overtaken the sidewalk and appeared to partially flood parked cars there.

Significant flooding was reported in southern Brooklyn. Video posted to X also showed flooding near Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street.

At Smith and Ninth Street, there was major flooding.

The flooding and damage and impact wasn't limited to just Brooklyn, of course.

The FDR was closed in both directions at Delancey Street in Manhattan due to flooding

The Belt Parkway was also closed in both directions at Exit 6 - Cropsey Avenue, the NYPD said.

There were extensive disruptions to subway and other mass transit service

Stay with us as we continue to cover this significant storm.

State of emergency in New York City as flash flooding inundates area


Flooding forced the closure of the FDR Drive at Delancey Street in both directions in Lower Manhattan. The Metropolitan Transit Authority warned of major service disruptions and suspended service on several subway lines.

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) declared a state of emergency across New York City, Long Island and into the Hudson Valley, urging residents to refrain from traveling on flooded roads.

As of 10 a.m., flash flood warnings were in effect across parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, as well as northern New Jersey, western Long Island and Upstate areas including Rockland and southern Westchester counties, as well as southwestern Connecticut.

Social media video showed significant flooding in southern parts of Brooklyn, where some roads were becoming impassable. The National Weather Service received reports of multiple vehicles stranded in floodwaters. The agency also obtained reports of flooding in northeastern New Jersey in Monmouth County.

Flooding also spread north of New York City. The Weather Service received a report of lane closures in Hawthorne, N.Y., which is just north of White Plains.

Major flooding in Brooklyn today. Trains shut down and the only way out of the station is through this. pic.twitter.com/yQPLOyc6dX

— Seth Chinnis (@sethchinnis) September 29, 2023

UNDER WATER: Brooklyn Queens Expressway pic.twitter.com/zXUDUoVXK5

— NYScanner (@nyscanner) September 29, 2023

The overarching setup is one that’s notoriously difficult for forecasters to handle. While soaking rains were spreading over a broad area, the most exceptional rains, which could total 6 inches or more within 24 hours in some spots, were limited to small zones of New York City.

“Areas that are prone to flash flooding across the New York Metro Area will likely experience flash flooding today, so turn around [and] don’t drown,” cautioned the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center.

That group drew a Level 3 out of 4 “moderate risk” of flash flooding and excessive rainfall around New York City, warning that “there will be thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and serious flash flooding concerns over parts of the northern Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.”

Particularly concerning is the fact that overnight downpours left the ground sodden and waterlogged before the heaviest rain began. That primed the ground for being unable to handle additional waters, dramatically boosting the flood risk.

By 10:30 a.m., JFK International Airport logged 4.55 inches of rain, with 3.6 inches at LaGuardia International Airport. More than 4 inches had fallen at Central Park in Manhattan, and nearly 2 inches fell between 9 and 10 a.m. alone.

The New York Mesonet, a group of weather stations in the state, showed amounts as high as 6.26 inches in Brooklyn.

It appeared that at least some lull in the rainfall was likely by late morning in New York City, but the remainder of the Hudson and Connecticut River Valleys was stuck beneath a solid slug of drenching rains.

Ophelia’s leftovers to drench Northeast as Philippe and Rina roam tropics

A flood watch remains in effect through Saturday morning as additional waves of downpours continue to lift north.

Sparking the rain is a rather atypical setup known as an “inverted trough.” A larger parent low pressure system is present off the Outer Banks of the Carolinas, but from that low protrudes a more concentrated, intense strip of low pressure and converging winds. That feature juts out to the north, brushing up against the New York City metro area.

The convergence, or gathering of air, along that “inverted trough” forces air upward, spawning a band of heavy downpours. Plus it pushes them to the northwest, where they unload their moisture over land.

Additional moisture is being swirled north from the subtropical Atlantic courtesy of an approaching upper-level low, or a bowling ball of high altitude cold air, low pressure and spin. That will further feed downpours.

There is some potential for offshore convection, or thunderstorm activity, to rob near-shore downpours of moisture. That would be helpful to Long Island City and southern Connecticut, since it would cut back on how much more precipitation is to come. Still, it’s very likely that a wide region surrounding the Big Apple will net between 3 and 5 inches of rain, with a few folks picking up in excess of 7 inches.

As the main offshore low pressure system deepens, or intensifies, east of the Mid-Atlantic Friday night, another resurgence of downpours could occur. That will be due to deformation, or stretching of air at the mid-levels, on the low pressure system’s back side. That stretching will further enhance upward motion, supporting a continued risk of downpours.

The disturbed weather off the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts feeding this rainstorm can actually be traced to Tropical Storm Ophelia, which dissipated over the area.

Jason Samenow contributed to this report.


What’s New in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan Major Openings PAC NYC1 Liberty Plaza – Opening Fall 2023Opening this fall, the Performing Arts Center will redefine Lower Manhattan as a prime cultural destination. The PAC will be a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary space, with the latest theatrical design, technology and boundary-pushing work located at the World Trade Center. Leading international artists in theater, dance, music, film, and chamber and new opera will inspire, entertain, and unite us.Cent...

Lower Manhattan Major Openings

PAC NYC1 Liberty Plaza – Opening Fall 2023

Opening this fall, the Performing Arts Center will redefine Lower Manhattan as a prime cultural destination. The PAC will be a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary space, with the latest theatrical design, technology and boundary-pushing work located at the World Trade Center. Leading international artists in theater, dance, music, film, and chamber and new opera will inspire, entertain, and unite us.

Century 2122 Cortlandt Street – Opened May 2023

After shuttering all 13 of its locations in November 2020, including the much-loved Lower Manhattan flagship, the famed retailer has reopened in its original downtown store. The new iteration has nearly the same footprint as its predecessor, spanning 100,000 square feet over four floors, and maintains its core mission of offering designer apparel at great prices. The Lower Manhattan flagship has been a fixture of the downtown shopping experience, marrying old world New York glamor with the city’s signature hustle.

Hall des Lumières 49 Chambers Street – Opened September 2022

Hall des Lumières is the largest permanent digital art center in New York City. Located in the historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, the exhibition seamlessly showcases legendary works across the Beaux-Arts architecture. Its three exhibition areas span 31,000 square feet. The center opened with its inaugural exhibition Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion. Destination COSMOS: The Immersive Space Experience is currently on exhibit through June 4th, 2023, with participation from NASA.

Lower Manhattan Retail Updates

PrintempsOne Wall Street – Opening Spring 2024

Luxury French department store Printemps will open its first US location at One Wall Street in spring 2024. The store will span 54,365 square feet over two levels. This space will include the landmarked Red Room, one of only 50 interior landmarks in New York City. The brand has commissioned internationally multi-awarded Parisian interior designer, Laura Gonzalez, as the architect on the project with the aim to create a ‘Paris meets New York’ design.

Lower Manhattan Restaurants + Bars Updates

SAGA70 Pine Street

Located on the top floor of Art Deco masterpiece building 70 Pine, SAGA has recently been awarded 2 MichelinStars in the year since being opened by James Kent and Jeff Katz, the duo behind Crown Shy, on the ground floor of the same building, This restaurant has a sensational multicourse seasonal tasting menu, and exquisite views of Manhattan. Overstory, an elegant cocktail bar, sits above SAGA on the picturesque 64th floor.

The Tin Building96 South Street – Opened Fall 2022

Located on the site of The Seaport’s famed Fulton Fish Market, the Tin Building is a new culinary destination curated by acclaimed celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The 53,000-square food mecca offers two floors of “immersive concepts,” multiple restaurants and a market where you can buy everything from locally-sourced seafood and meats to fresh produce and specialty items. Fans of Jean-Georges can also find his first seafood restaurant, celebrated spot The Fulton, at The Seaport.

Smyth Tavern85 West Broadway – Opened Fall 2022

This 100-seat restaurant is attached to the Smyth Hotel and is the third restaurant from John Mcdonald’s Mercer Street Hospitality group. Featuring fresh fish, raw bar, dry-aged steaks, homemade pastas and a specialty burger. The dining room is adorned with a rotating collection of artwork curated from local Downtown galleries.

Sixpoint BreweryBrookfield Place – Opening Late 2023

Popular Brooklyn-based craft beer brand Sixpoint Brewery is set to open a 7,500 square-foot taproom, including a 2,500 square-foot outdoor beer garden at 200 Liberty Street in Brookfield Place.

Lower Manhattan Attractions Updates

Court 1628 Liberty Street – Opening Summer 2023

A family-friendly, membership based tennis and pickleball facility with programming for adults and children is expected to open its first Manhattan outpost this summer in a 7,000 square-foot facility at 28 Liberty Street.

QC NY Spa on Governors IslandOpened Q2 2022

A luxury spa with amenities including relaxation rooms, saunas, massages, wellness water experiences and outdoor thermal pools with stunning 360-degree views of Manhattan, bookable for day trips year round. Governors Island is also home to fields of hammocks, hills of slides, incredible arts programming, and plenty of food options — including Island Oyster, which was nominated for a James Beard Foundation 2019 award for Best Restaurant Design.

Pier 17

The popular Summer Concert Series at this dramatic rooftop venue is back and bigger than ever, with Summer 2023’s lineup including Coheed and Cambria, T-Pain, Macklemore, the Pixies and Modest Mouse. Kicking off in May and running through September, enjoy one-of-kind, cutting edge experiences featuring everything from pop to comedy — plus views that can’t be beat.

Pier 11

Ferry routes connecting Lower Manhattan to all five boroughs leave from Pier 11: Lower East Side, the Bronx, Astoria, Bay Ridge, Sunset Park, North Brooklyn and the Rockaway beaches and now St. George on Staten Island.

Lower Manhattan Hotel News + Updates

Warren Street Hotel86 Warren Street – Opening Early 2024

The third property from Firmdale Hotels in New York City, the Warren Street hotel will feature 57 individually designed rooms and suites as well as 12 exclusive residences.

33 Seaport Hotel33 Peck Slip – Opened Q1 2023

Located in the exciting Seaport area, close to the Tin Building and Pier 17, the hotel features 66 guest rooms and suites, including eight premium rooms offering private outdoor space inviting guests to take in breathtaking panoramic views of the East River, Brooklyn Bridge and the iconic New York City skyline.

The Wall Street Hotel88 Wall Street – Opened Summer 2022

The Wall Street Hotel is home to 180 individually-designed guest rooms with interiors inspired by classic New York residences and featuring robust technology amenities, curated libraries, eclectic objects, and original artworks. The hotel features architecture by Stonehill Taylor, interiors by Rose Ink Workshop, and signature restaurant design by Charles & Co.

Casa Cipriani10 South Street

As part of the redevelopment of the historic Battery Maritime Building, the third and fourth floors of Casa Cipriani feature a 47 room boutique hotel with many suites and balconies overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. A new fifth-floor glass addition houses a private membership club with a jazz lounge, bars, and a restaurant.

Residence Inn by Marriott + Courtyard by Marriott215 Pearl Street

Tour operators, groups, and travelers on more of a mid-price budget have yet another option in Lower Manhattan with the recent opening of a combo Residence Inn/Courtyard by Marriott which features approximately 320 guest rooms, generous amenities and excellent access to all of the nearby sites.

Lower Manhattan welcomed 12.1 million unique visitors in 2022 as domestic travel returned and most international travel restrictions were lifted. The neighborhood has swiftly become a destination of choice to base a stay in New York City. And with 9,343 rooms in 44 hotels and 5 more in the pipeline, there have never been more options within our one square mile. Popular luxury properties include the Beekman Hotel, the Four Seasons, and the Conrad New York Downtown. A number of new hotels have opened since the start of the pandemic, including Casa Cipriani and The Wall Street Hotel, which both offer some of the finest hotel stays in all of New York City.

See all hotels here.

Tags: Hotels, openings, travel

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Post-9/11 development agency to wind down at last

For two decades, critics have called for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to be shut down.At one point, the organization’s leaders even announced they were closing up shop. “The LMDC had a mission and we’re nearing the end of the mission,” then-chair Kevin Rampe ...

For two decades, critics have called for the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to be shut down.

At one point, the organization’s leaders even announced they were closing up shop. “The LMDC had a mission and we’re nearing the end of the mission,” then-chair Kevin Rampe told the New York Times. That was in 2006.

The agency, formed in the wake of 9/11 to rebuild the area, forged on even as Mayor Michael Bloomberg campaigned to dismantle it. In 2008, on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attack, the mayor, frustrated at the pace of rebuilding, called the office part of a “multilayered governance structure that has undermined accountability from the get-go.”

But now, following an agreement to build 1,200 apartments at 5 World Trade Center, the LMDC is winding down. For real, this time.

The plan is for the state’s Empire State Development to absorb the agency by March, according to state officials. The LMDC needs to still technically exist because it is a conduit for federal grants for the Perelman Performing Arts Center, Pier 42 and other projects — even the restoration of a centuries-old wooden ship excavated just south of where the Twin Towers stood.

“For over two decades, LMDC has steadfastly led the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, resulting in the dynamic community it is today,” a spokesperson for the governor said in a statement. The 5 WTC agreement “represents Governor Hochul’s commitment to ensure LMDC completes the original vision of what Ground Zero should become.”

Officials have long talked about shifting the agency’s responsibilities to the state. In 2011, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for the consolidation of the LMDC and another Empire State Development subsidiary, the Moynihan Station Corporation.

The LMDC was launched in November 2001 by Gov. George Pataki and Mayor Rudy Giuliani to oversee the redevelopment of the World Trade Center and help coordinate city and state efforts. By one count, 19 public agencies were involved with that effort.

As with much about the massive redevelopment, the LMDC’s history is complicated, involving competing political interests across five gubernatorial administrations and four mayors.

“This entity was set up at a time of extraordinary crisis and distress,” said Alicia Glen, a former deputy mayor under Bill de Blasio who has served on the LMDC board for nine years. She said the agency’s role evolved from “reactionary crisis management,” to a planning agency to a mainly transactional entity.

While elected officials repeatedly called for its dissolution, the agency had powerful defenders, including the late Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. His arrest in 2015 on corruption charges triggered new calls for the agency to close.

Disagreements between the LMDC and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey delayed the progress of 5 World Trade Center. The former wanted to allow a mixed-use project, including residential, while the latter pushed for office use. The two agencies eventually agreed to let developers pitch either project type. (Residential won out.)

Beyond the legal need to have an entity that federal funds could pass through, the LMDC gave the city a seat at the table in determining the future of the World Trade Center sites.

“It was a place and a space where various stakeholders had to come together to make a deal,” Glen said. “I think that LMDC played an incredibly important role in maintaining continuity and just trying to be focused on the site being rebuilt.”

Rain Wreaks Havoc on New York’s Mass Transit System

Flooding shut down half of New York City’s subway lines on Friday, sending travelers scrambling to reach their destinations as they waded through the flooded streets and train stations.The rain poured so intensely at times that commuters stood on the benches inside bus shelters to avoid the floodwaters. Transit workers were evacuating subway stations while maintenance crews pumped thousands of gallons of water a minute from subway tunnels.Gov. Kathy Hochul called the bad weather a “life-threatening rainfall event,&r...

Flooding shut down half of New York City’s subway lines on Friday, sending travelers scrambling to reach their destinations as they waded through the flooded streets and train stations.

The rain poured so intensely at times that commuters stood on the benches inside bus shelters to avoid the floodwaters. Transit workers were evacuating subway stations while maintenance crews pumped thousands of gallons of water a minute from subway tunnels.

Gov. Kathy Hochul called the bad weather a “life-threatening rainfall event,” as transit officials urged riders to stay home.

“There’s children who use the subway to get home from school,” Ms. Hochul said during a news conference. “People need to be able to know if they can get home from work. And so that is priority No. 1: that our subways and our rail systems are safe.”

About half of all subway lines were either fully or partially suspended because of the rain. Service on the Metro-North Railroad, the commuter line connecting New York to its northern suburbs, was also badly affected. Travel in and out of Grand Central Terminal — the railroad’s main hub — was suspended because water had submerged the system’s electrified third rail network in the Bronx. Janno Lieber, the chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, urged passengers to consider the bus system because it was fully operational aside from some delays.

Still, in Queens, a bus station worker told a group of travelers that flooding around La Guardia Airport was slowing trips by up to 30 minutes at a busy nearby bus stop in Jackson Heights. Chris Buzan, visiting from Phoenix with his wife, Kim, and two sons, hoped they could make their flight home.

“Fingers crossed,” Mr. Buzan said. When the bus finally arrived, several minutes later, the Buzans managed to squeeze in, but other travelers had no choice but to stay behind.

Train crews scrambled to adjust service as heavy rain flooded the Canal Street station in Lower Manhattan, while in Brooklyn it submerged the tracks at President Street and Seventh Avenue. Major train lines that crisscross the city were cut off or delayed. There was no 2, 3, 4 or 5 train service in Brooklyn, and the B and G train lines were suspended in and out of Manhattan, among other service interruptions.

In Brooklyn, some subway station entrances were blocked off with yellow caution tape. Crowded Manhattan-bound Q trains were stalled at stations as passengers squeezed in, with some travelers enduring commutes that had stretched hours longer than usual.

Aissatou Diallo, 18, said she had no choice but to wait at the Prospect Park station in Brooklyn, because she needed to get to a class at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, on the West Side of Manhattan. “Everyone is squished,” Ms. Diallo said. “It’s better to be late than not show up at all.”

Andrew Keh, Hurubie Meko, Zeke Minaya and Joseph Goldstein contributed reporting.


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