Who Should Consider Semaglutide Therapy in North Miami Beach, FL?


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Semaglutide Treatment in North Miami Beach, FL

Did you know that more than 40% of adults in the United States suffer from obesity? Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for this condition. Perhaps worse is that more and more adults and children are gaining weight across the country, choosing the convenience of fast and nutrition-deficient foods over healthy eating, exercise, and positive life choices. From an aesthetic standpoint, being overweight is a struggle - clothes don't fit right, people make uncomfortable comments about how you look, and everyday activities are less appealing.

From a health and wellness standpoint, however, being obese is much worse. Your life is literally on the line. The people who love you and depend on you to be in their lives could lose you sooner than you expect. With time, you have a higher chance of suffering from significant, life-changing issues such as:

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • ED
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Respiratory Issues
  • More

While obesity is a serious problem, a new medication on the market is giving hope to millions of men and women across the U.S. This game-changing treatment is called Semaglutide in North Miami Beach, FL. This anti-obesity medication is unique because it treats obesity as a chronic metabolic disease, rather than a problem that can be solved through sheer willpower. The best part? Semaglutide and other medical weight-loss peptides are now available at Global Life Rejuvenation.

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Medical Weight Loss from Global Life Rejuvenation

At Global Life Rejuvenation, we understand that losing weight is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our medical weight loss clinic offers custom medical weight loss plans tailored to your body, rather than plans based solely on your age or weight. In fact, our team of doctors and practitioners provides personalized guidance to help you achieve real results and live a healthier life.

Because the truth is maintaining good health and fitness are crucial in the modern world. Research has shown that viruses and diseases are more likely to affect those who are overweight and unhealthy. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we take a comprehensive, custom approach to medical weight loss that includes peptide therapy and more. We then work with you to make positive lifestyle changes, so you can lose weight, get healthy, and boost your wellbeing permanently - not for a few weeks or months.

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Our medical weight loss plans can include:

Nutrition Guidance

Nutrition Guidance

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

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Biometric Monitoring

Weight Loss Medications

Weight Loss Medications

Custom Medical Weight Loss Plans

Custom Medical Weight Loss Plans

If you're ready to get back to loving your life with more energy, confidence, and positivity, medical weight loss with peptide therapy may be for you. But to truly understand the benefits of peptides like Semaglutide, it's important you grasp what peptide therapy is and how it benefits your body.

Semaglutide Treatment in North Miami Beach

Semaglutide Treatment in North Miami Beach, FL

Many individuals turn to peptide therapy to enhance their overall wellbeing by boosting hormones. Different types of peptides can target different areas of health, such as collagen peptides that can help improve skin, hair, and gut health.

Other peptides, such as AOD 9604, CJC 1295, and Semaglutide in North Miami Beach, FL, are incredibly beneficial for losing weight. Compared to vitamin supplements, peptide therapy works differently as peptides are already part of the proteins in our bodies, making them easier to absorb and benefit from. Conversely, our bodies can sometimes fail to absorb all the nutrients present in multivitamins, leading to their excretion through urine.

However, it's important to note that weight loss is a complex process that involves various factors like age, genetics, lifestyle, exercise, and diet. While peptides like Semaglutide can provide much-needed assistance in achieving your weight loss goals, they are most effective when combined with healthy dietary choices, regular exercise routines, and overall healthier lifestyle choices.

If you've already tried different weight loss plans and diets but haven't had any success, medical weight loss with peptide therapy may provide that extra boost you need to realize your goals.

What is Semaglutide Treatment in North Miami Beach, FL?

If you're looking to lose weight and keep it off, diet and exercise are important, but it can be difficult to stick to a routine. For busy adults and parents, Semaglutide can be a helpful tool for weight loss. This injection, approved by the FDA for diabetes and obesity, works by stimulating GLP-1 receptors in the brain to aid in weight loss and improve long-term health.

You may be wondering to yourself, "That sounds great, but how does this type of peptide work?" Semaglutide acts like glucagon in your body, which signals to your brain that you're full and don't need to eat anymore. When you take Semaglutide, and you try to overeat, your body waves a proverbial red flag as if to say, "That's enough."

Semaglutide also slows down digestion, reducing unnecessary snacking throughout the day. By reducing glucose spikes after meals, it reduces inflammation, which is important for overall health. Additionally, Semaglutide helps your pancreas secrete insulin, regulates the glucose levels in your body, and even has anti-aging and longevity properties. If you're struggling to lose weight, peptide therapies for weight loss like Semaglutide can be an invaluable addition to your weight loss plan from Global Life Rejuvenation.

What is Semaglutide Treatment in North Miami Beach, FL?

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, Semaglutide can help provide:

  • Long-Term Weight Loss
  • Control of Insulin
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Reduced Inflammation
Semaglutide can help

Who Should Consider Semaglutide Therapy in North Miami Beach, FL?

There are multiple medications available to combat obesity by suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss. However, Semaglutide stands out as an exceptional option.

A recent study of 2,000 obese adults examined the effects of Semaglutide when combined with a diet and exercise program. The results were compared to those who only made lifestyle changes without taking Semaglutide. After 68 weeks, it was found that half of the participants using Semaglutide lost 15% of their body weight, with nearly a third losing 20%. In contrast, those who only made lifestyle changes lost an average of 2.4% of their weight.

It's obvious, then, that Semaglutide is a safe and effective supplement for your weight loss journey with Global Life Rejuvenation. But who is the ideal patient who should be taking it?

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 27kg/m2 or higher and at least one weight-related condition, such as high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol, or if your BMI is 30kg/m2 or higher, the FDA recommends Semaglutide for weight loss.

Semaglutide Therapy

Healthy Eating Tips While Taking Semaglutide

As medical weight loss experts, one thing our doctors and practitioners know at Global Life Rejuvenation is that true weight loss isn't dictated by medicines. It's achieved by sticking to a combo of exercise, healthy life choices, and healthy eating habits. From there, peptides like Semaglutide in North Miami Beach, FL are great for taking your weight loss efforts to the next level of success.

One area where many patients fail in this process is with their diet. If you're considering Semaglutide treatment, keep these diet tips in mind.

Eat Whole Foods

Eat Whole Foods

To enhance your dietary habits, a practical approach is to concentrate on consuming whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. These food items are rich in nutrients and can provide a feeling of fullness and satisfaction while also promoting your overall wellbeing.

Be Mindful When You Eat

Be Mindful When You Eat

Eating mindfully involves being fully present and engaged during meals. This entails taking the time to enjoy the flavor of your food, being aware of your body's hunger and fullness signals, and avoiding distractions like electronics or television.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Keep Your Body Hydrated

To maintain good health and support weight loss, it's crucial to drink plenty of water. It's recommended to drink at least 8-10 cups of water daily. You may also try adding low-calorie drinks like herbal tea or infused water to keep things interesting.


Use Meal Prepping to Your Advantage

Planning your meals in advance is an effective approach to maintaining a healthy diet. Set aside some time each week to plan your meals and snacks, keeping in mind to incorporate a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This will prevent impulsive food choices and guarantee that you have nutritious options available when hunger strikes.

Other Peptide Therapies and Medicines for Medical Weight Loss in North Miami Beach, FL

Unlike many medical weight loss clinics, which only offer cookie-cutter weight loss plans and one or two additional fat-busting solutions, Global Life Rejuvenation provides access to new, innovative supplements and medicines. If you're used to fad diets and "quick" weight loss plans, peptides like AOD 9604 and others may be new to you. To help build your foundation of healthy living knowledge, let's take a look at a few of the most popular weight-loss peptides and medicines available at Global Life Rejuvenation.

AOD 9604 for Weight Loss

AOD 9604 for Weight Loss

Often combined with Semaglutide regimens, AOD 9604 is known to promote fat breakdown, inhibit lipogenesis, and support tendons and cartilage. However, most recently, it has gained popularity due to its ability to boost metabolism and aid in burning fat.

What sets AOD 9604 apart is that it stimulates the pituitary gland without affecting tissue growth or blood sugar levels. Additionally, it can burn fat without causing overeating, making it a viable option for obese men and women who are trying to implement better eating habits.

Interestingly, AOD 9604 activates your body's fat-burning processes without requiring an HGH receptor. It also releases obese fat cells and reduces the accumulation of new fat cells. By helping to regulate blood sugar and manage insulin levels, AOD 9604 is excellent for weight loss but also for other maladies like inflammation.

Some conditions that this powerful peptide can help address include the following:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Damaged Cartilage
  • Arthritis
CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for Weight Loss

CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for Weight Loss

This medical weight loss supplement Is technically a combo of two peptides. These substances work by stimulating your pituitary gland to produce more of your body's natural human growth hormone, which is secreted during both waking and sleeping periods.

This results in increased protein synthesis and levels of insulin-like growth factors. As hormone secretagogues, they help release hormones into circulation while mimicking the pituitary gland's production. Extensive research has been conducted on the effects of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin. As a tool for medical weight loss, it has shown very promising results.

That's because when growth hormone levels increase, nutrients are transported through the body faster, more fat is burned, and weight management becomes simpler. Additionally, because CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin increase the amount of growth hormone in your body, it stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides in adipocytes, leading to improved fat metabolism and reduced abdominal fat.

Benefits of CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin for weight loss include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Body Fat
  • Boosted Metabolism
  • More Energy
  • Enhanced Immune System
  • More
MIC Injections for Weight Loss

MIC Injections for Weight Loss

A Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection is a mixture of lipotropics that aid in fat breakdown. The key components - methionine, inositol, and choline - work together to metabolize fat cells and eliminate stored fat deposits in the liver and body. Methionine is an important amino acid, inositol contributes to proper cell formation, and choline is a water-soluble nutrient that promotes healthy liver function. When combined, these compounds may help reduce body fat.

When used in conjunction with a medical weight loss plan from Global Life Rejuvenation, MIC injections can be a powerful addition to reclaiming your health and wellbeing.

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Phentermine for Weight Loss

Like other weight loss peptides and medicines on this page, Phentermine can help you lose weight when you stick to a medical weight loss plan that includes dieting, exercise, and smart life choices. It does so by reducing your appetite, which limits the number of calories you eat every day.

As is the case with Semaglutide, Phentermine has been approved by the FDA and is supported by clinical studies that show it can support weight loss. With time, patience, and healthy living, this supplement may help you reach your wellness goals sooner than you thought possible.

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Phentermine for Weight Loss

7-Keto DHEA for Weight Loss

In the body, 7-keto-DHEA is produced from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which is a hormone made by glands near your kidneys. However, unlike DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA is not converted into androgen and estrogen in your body. Instead, 7-keto-DHEA is used orally or topically to boost your body's metabolism. It also helps convert more of your energy into heat, instead of storing it in your body as fat, which can accumulate with time and lifestyle choices.

Much like Semaglutide treatment in North Miami Beach, FL, 7-keto-DHEA has been shown to be very effective for weight loss as well as a host of other issues. Additional benefits of taking 7-keto-DHEA may include the following:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improvement to Lean Muscle Mass
  • Boosted Thyroid Activity
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Better Memory

Lipo Scuplt Cream

Have you tried everything under the sun to try and eliminate the cellulite on your legs, arms, and other areas of your body? If you're like most people, getting rid of cellulite isn't just difficult - it's nearly impossible. Fortunately, those days are over. Lipo Sculpt Cream from Global Life Rejuvenation can help reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite while also refining your figure and firming up your skin.

The active ingredients in this product have the ability to reduce and prevent the growth of fatty tissue while also improving microcirculation. They work together to treat both adipose and aqueous cellulite, and aid in the elimination of fatty deposits and excess water stored in the tissues. This results in a reduction of dimples and an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin.

If you have experienced success with a medical weight loss plan and reached your target weight but still suffer from cellulite, Lipo Sculpt Cream is a fantastic choice to consider. A few of the most common benefits include:

  • Anti-Cellulite Properties Reduce Cellulite and Smooth Skin Dimples
  • Slimming Effect for Reducing Thigh and Waist Circumference
  • Leaves Your Skin Feeling Firm and Healthy
Lipo Scuplt Cream

Health and Wellness Begin with Medical Weight Loss from Global Life Rejuvenation

Are you craving a productive life at a healthy weight? Are you ready to make a meaningful difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones? The pathway to wellbeing starts by contacting our office for an in-depth consultation, where we'll learn more about your weight-loss goals and needs.

From there, we'll create a custom weight-loss plan tailored to your body. This plan will map out the steps of your weight-loss journey, including peptide therapies like Semaglutide in North Miami Beach, FL. Though every person's weight management goals are different, when you're a patient at Global Life Rejuvenation, you benefit from dedicated doctors and practitioners committed to improving your weight and, in turn, your health.

Whether your health is on the line, or you don't like how being overweight makes you look and feel, our team is ready to guide you toward long-term health and happiness. This way, you can get healthy, stay in shape, and fall in love with your newfound body.

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Latest News in North Miami Beach, FL

North Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Joseph gets his seat back

MIAMI - CBS News Miami speaks exclusively with the formerly ousted North Miami Beach commissioner after a judge reversed his removal by fellow commissioners from office last month."It was good news for me, as well as my family," said Joseph. "You know, this entire process has been draining on me, on my health as well as on an emotional level."The court order issued Tuesday explains the decision. In part, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Peter Lopez wrote that Joseph did not violate the city charter ...

MIAMI - CBS News Miami speaks exclusively with the formerly ousted North Miami Beach commissioner after a judge reversed his removal by fellow commissioners from office last month.

"It was good news for me, as well as my family," said Joseph. "You know, this entire process has been draining on me, on my health as well as on an emotional level."

The court order issued Tuesday explains the decision. In part, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Peter Lopez wrote that Joseph did not violate the city charter for automatic removal with his absences. Some city commissioners believed Joseph vacated his seat by not appearing at commission meetings for months.

CBS News Miami reporter Joe Gorchow asked Joseph, "Can the bridges be mended between yourself and the other commissioners that voted you off the dais?"

"My door has always been open to doing the right thing the right way," answered Joseph. "If they're open to doing that, I have no problem moving forward. But as a community and as an elected official, I have a duty to do things the right way and the lawful way."

Judge Lopez also noted the city failed to hold the required five-member quorum for the vote to remove Joseph.

Joseph said he took a stand earlier in the year against the mayor. He believes the now-suspended mayor of North Miami Beach failed to maintain residency within the city, which would violate the city charter to hold office. Anthony DeFillipo was arrested last month on illegal voting charges.

"I always knew I was doing the right thing, and this was never personal for me," said Joseph. "This was just democracy at work."

Gorchow asked Joseph, "Do you need an explanation from your peers as to why they took the action they did or no?"

"I think the community needs one," shared Joseph. "A lot of people saw what was happening from what it was. Me being vilified,my colleagues that stood with me were vilified, sacrificed. I think the community deserves an answer to those questions of why they did what they did because the evidence was pretty glaring."

The next city of North Miami Beach commission meeting is set for June 20th.

Read the court order:

Court order by Mauricio Maldonado on Scribd

Joe Gorchow

Joe Gorchow joins CBS4 News as a seasoned reporter and anchor with extensive live and breaking news experience. Joe's competitive nature and passion for connecting with the community blend perfectly into his role at WFOR. He strives to provide the coverage our viewers deserve.


DeSantis suspends North Miami Beach mayor arrested on voting fraud charges

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has suspended North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony DeFillipo less than a week after DeFillipo's arrest on illegal voting charges.DeSantis on Monday signed an executive order immediately sus...

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has suspended North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony DeFillipo less than a week after DeFillipo's arrest on illegal voting charges.

DeSantis on Monday signed an executive order immediately suspending DeFillipo, who was arrested Wednesday in Miami-Dade on three counts of an unqualified elector willfully voting, a third-degree felony.

“It is in the best interests of the residents of the City of North Miami Beach, and the citizens of the State of Florida, that Anthony F. DeFillipo II be immediately suspended from the public office which he now holds,” DeSantis wrote in the executive order.

Under the Florida constitution, the governor has the authority to suspend local elected officials from office for malfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, inability to perform official duties, or commission of a felony. The Florida Senate will later judge whether DeFillipo will be reinstated or removed from office.

“The Mayor expects to be fully exonerated from these politically motivated false charges and is anxious to get his day in court. The Mayor has always fought corruption in his City and has never been charged with abusing his office. The sole allegation that he voted in the wrong district is misguided and it is shameful that the State attorney is using her office to intercede in politics,” the Mayor’s attorney Mike Pizzi wrote NBC 6.

In the meantime, DeFillipo is banned from performing any official act, duty, or function of public office, or getting paid from the city.

The mayor, in an exclusive interview with NBC6 earlier this year, admitted to using an old address within city limits to vote, calling it an honest mistake.

“It was an oversight and I had it fixed immediately when I noticed,” DeFillipo told NBC6.

"We are aware of how concerning this may be to the many residents, stakeholders, and employees of the City of North Miami Beach. The circumstances surrounding the former Mayor is not a reflection of the City staff or the rest of the City Commission who work tirelessly, day in and day out to make NMB a wonderful place to live, work, and play," the city said in a statement Monday. "Our community is resilient, the business of the city will continue, and with your patience, we will get through this chapter of the city together and prevail."

A complaint filed six months ago with the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics & Public Trust accused DeFillipo of living in Davie. The North Miami Beach city charter requires elected officials to reside in the city.

Prosecutors in Miami-Dade County began to investigate. DeFillipo admitted during a March deposition to purchasing a home in Davie, but he said it was for his family to live in while dealing with marital issues.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said during a news conference Wednesday afternoon that DeFillipo was living primarily at his Davie home when he voted in August, October and November 2022 for a district he was no longer legally qualified to vote in.

Location data tracking DeFillipo’s cellphone showed how he woke up on election day at his Davie property, traveled to vote in North Miami Beach, and then returned at night to his Davie property. The cellphone data showed DeFillipo slept most nights since in Davie after selling his longtime family home in North Miami Beach in 2021.

DeFillipo maintains he’s lived in the city since taking office.

County documents show DeFillipo continued to use his old address while voting in the primary, general, and runoff election the following year despite no longer owning that home.

This is the latest act in an intense and long political battle over the small city of North Miami Beach. After the November 2022 election, a campaign worker filed an ethics complaint with the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust, accusing the Mayor of no longer living in the city as required by the charter.

Over the residency accusation, the former city attorney advised three city commissioners to boycott commission meetings over the issue, arguing the mayor did not have the authority to preside over the city. Commissioner Daniela Jean, Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond, and Vice Mayor Michael Joseph boycotted meetings until a Miami-Dade judge ordered all commissioners to attend.

After the court order, the new governing majority voted to fire the city manager. The former city attorney resigned a few days earlier. The commission then voted to remove Commissioner Joseph, accusing him of violating the city charter as well by missing 120 days of commission meetings. Joseph and his attorneys argued in court he still had time left. A lawsuit over Joseph’s attendance is still pending.

"It's a sad day in North Miami Beach!" Commissioner Jay Chernoff said in a brief statement.

NBC6 contacted all other city commissioners for comment. We have not received a response.

DeFillipo, 51, was first elected mayor in 2018. Before that, he served as a city commissioner since 2013.

If convicted on all three charges, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

North Miami Beach fires city manager. All commissioners attend meeting after judge order

North Miami Beach commissioners voted to fire City Manager Arthur H. Sorey III Tuesday evening, days after the city attorney resigned amid ongoing tension over questions about Mayor Anthony DeFillipo&rsquo...

North Miami Beach commissioners voted to fire City Manager Arthur H. Sorey III Tuesday evening, days after the city attorney resigned amid ongoing tension over questions about Mayor Anthony DeFillipo’s residency.

Commissioners voted 6-1 to fire Sorey without cause, with DeFillipo being the lone no vote. On a previous vote that evening, the mayor voted to fire Sorey with cause, which would have prevented him from receiving 20 weeks severance pay. It was the first meeting in five months with a quorum with all commissioners attending in compliance with a judge’s order.

Sorey fielded questions from commissioners about spending and was criticized for purported unprofessional behavior toward staff, a claim he denied, before he was fired and asked to leave.

“This is all about competency and nothing but that,” DeFillipo said before the commission made its decision. “It is time that the water settles in North Miami Beach and I hope that today is that day.”

READ MORE: North Miami Beach city attorney resigns amid tensions over mayor’s residency

Calls to fire Sorey and former city attorney Hans Ottinot were initially made during a December commission meeting, in which Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond walked off the dais before a vote could be taken.

Since then, the city has been operating without a full commission after three commissioners — Fleurimond, Daniela Jean and Michael Joseph — declined to attend the meetings over allegations that DeFillipo lives elsewhere and should not be mayor. Earlier this month, a Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge ordered all of the commissioners to attend the March meeting.

READ MORE: North Miami Beach mayor says he lives in city, but his family moved to another town

Commissioner Phyllis Smith raised concerns about spending in the procurement and finance department, allegations that Sorey interfered in the last city election, and what she described as “filthy language” and “bullying” of employees.

She also called for a forensic audit of every department to see how the city spent money. “I need to see how your tax dollars are spent,” she said.

Sorey denied claims of unprofessionalism and called some of the comments about him “mudslinging.”

“To call into question my character, some of the comments made were very sickening,” he said before thanking residents and a few of the commissioners for their professionalism.

READ MORE: Disturbed by behavior, judge orders North Miami Beach commissioners to attend meeting

Commissioners unanimously appointed Mark Antonio as city manager. Antonio previously had served as city manager for Hallandale Beach for two-and-a-half years and worked for that city for 25 years.

“I’m honored and humbled by this opportunity,” Antonio said. Antonio was set to have a quasi-judicial hearing regarding an awning added to his home.

Antonio said he wants to carry out the city’s vision and assess its financial health.

“I love our city. I’m blessed to be here at this point in time,” he said, with a crack in his voice. “I’m sorry to get a little emotional, but it’s a difficult time for our city. It really is.”

The commission also voted unanimously to hire John R. Herin Jr. as interim city attorney. Herin is a partner at Fox Rothschild LLP and previously served as city attorney for several South Florida cities including Marathon, Doral and Tamarac. Commissioner Jay Chernoff was also voted vice mayor at the meeting.

The ongoing feud between the mayor and commissioners was on full display Tuesday evening over allegations that DeFillipo does not meet residency requirements and that Joseph has not attended meetings for 120 days in violation of the city charter.

“I don’t feel comfortable sitting up here with someone who has violated the charter over 120 days,” DeFillipo said.

Commissioner Jay Chernoff has filed a lawsuit saying his colleagues Joseph and Fleurimond violated the city charter because they missed meetings when they were protesting the mayor’s residency.

READ MORE: ‘Go to work’: Judge holds off on deciding if North Miami Beach commissioner can keep seat

Fleurimond criticized DeFillipo for turning the meeting into a political show and said the issues should be handled by the courts. “I believe this is not the appropriate venue to hear this issue,” Fleurimond said, adding that the mayor insisted on having concerns about his residency be handled in court. “If it’s good for you, it should be good for everyone else.”

Fleurimond and Joseph refused to leave the dais while their colleagues discussed the litigation involving them, a potential violation of Florida’s conflict of interest statute. No vote was taken on whether to remove Joseph from the commission.

The commission briefly discussed DeFillipo’s residency without the mayor present. Fleurimond again said it should be handled by the court. “I believe that we have a responsibility to allow a judge to do that,” he said.

A hearing on the vacancy issue will be held March 28. The next hearing on the matter of DeFillipo’s residency will be held April 27.

This story was originally published March 21, 2023, 10:27 PM.

Judge reinstates North Miami Beach commissioner weeks after mayor's arrest

A Miami-Dade County judge ordered the city of North Miami Beach Commission to reinstate Commissioner Michael Joseph Tuesday.Earlier this Spring, the commission voted 3 to 1 to remove Joseph after a very public political grudge match with suspended Mayor Anthony DeFillipo.Circuit Court Judge Peter Lopez wrote "Commissioner Joseph shall be obligated and entitled to all the duties and obligations of the office until further notice," along with stopping city efforts to hold a special election to replace Joseph.&quo...

A Miami-Dade County judge ordered the city of North Miami Beach Commission to reinstate Commissioner Michael Joseph Tuesday.

Earlier this Spring, the commission voted 3 to 1 to remove Joseph after a very public political grudge match with suspended Mayor Anthony DeFillipo.

Circuit Court Judge Peter Lopez wrote "Commissioner Joseph shall be obligated and entitled to all the duties and obligations of the office until further notice," along with stopping city efforts to hold a special election to replace Joseph.

"Commissioner Joseph looks forward to resuming his service on behalf of the citizens of the city of North Miami Beach and is grateful to the court for its time and attention to this matter of significant concern,” Joseph’s attorney Max Eichenblatt wrote NBC6.

In a statement, Joseph called the judge's ruling "vindication."

“Judge Lopez’s ruling, as well as the arrest of Mr. DeFillipo based on evidence that he had moved out of the city, is vindication despite months of lies and manipulation of people’s fears and prejudice to support continued corruption in our city,” Joseph said. “The mayor’s supporters, who went out of their way to block investigations, fire staff, and prevent the courts and law enforcement from reviewing allegations, have a lot of explaining to do."

A fellow commissioner and now acting mayor Jay Chernoff filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Joseph, accusing him of missing 120 days of meetings in a row in violation of the city charter. Judge Lopez ruled Joseph did not miss 120 days in a row and the city charter does not give the commission the power to remove its own members.

“There is a substantial likelihood of success on the merits by Commissioner Joseph,” Judge Lopez wrote.

Commissioner Chernoff has not yet provided a comment to NBC6, writing he was waiting for more information from his attorney.

Judge Lopez reinstated Joseph for several reasons, according to his order. First, the commission did not have a quorum on May 16th when they removed him, only having four voting members after one did not attend and two others were had conflicts of interest. Five members are needed for commission votes according to the city charter.

Joseph is a key figure in a political battle engulfing the small city of North Miami Beach for months. In late May, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office arrested then-Mayor Anthony DeFillipo and charged him with three felonies for voting three times in 2022 from a house he sold in 2021. DeFillipo pleaded not guilty to the charges and is awaiting trial. He was later suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis and is waiting for the Florida Senate to remove or reinstate him.

Commissioner Joseph was one of three city commissioners boycotting commission meetings, arguing DeFillipo lived in Davie with his family and not in North Miami Beach as required by the city charter.

Joseph and his legal team have argued he did not miss 120 days because the first meeting he missed was in December. His opponents argue the clock started after the last meeting he attended in October. Joseph did attend the March meeting after a Miami-Dade County court ordered all the commissioners to attend.

The fight among the seven-members of the city commission has consumed the city for more than half a year and at times delayed crucial city business. The next meeting is scheduled for June 20th and commissioners need to set the date for a special election for the seat recently held by DeFillipo.

Ousted North Miami Beach commissioner in limbo

Michael Joseph, recently ousted from the North Miami Beach commission by his peers for repeated absences, is now looking to the court for help.Just two days after the 3-1 commission decision to remove him from office on May 16 for missing three consecutive meetings, Joseph’s attorneys filed a motion for injunctive relief that would have him reinstated and prohibit a special election to fill his seat.A hearing for that motion took place last Friday, where Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Peter Lopez heard testimony from either sid...

Michael Joseph, recently ousted from the North Miami Beach commission by his peers for repeated absences, is now looking to the court for help.

Just two days after the 3-1 commission decision to remove him from office on May 16 for missing three consecutive meetings, Joseph’s attorneys filed a motion for injunctive relief that would have him reinstated and prohibit a special election to fill his seat.

A hearing for that motion took place last Friday, where Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Peter Lopez heard testimony from either side representing Joseph and the encompassing lawsuit’s plaintiff, Vice Mayor Jay Chernoff.

Dominating the May 26 hearing was again the section of the city charter which states that the seat of any commissioner who has failed to attend a meeting for 120 days will automatically be deemed vacant. Arguments showed differing interpretations of when the charter intends for that 120-day clock to begin. Joseph’s attorneys also raised concern about whether the commission failed to fulfill quorum requirements by voting to remove Joseph with just four members present.

The North Miami Beach city charter states that a quorum shall consist of five members. City attorney John Herin, however, said that the city did not break quorum requirements because Chernoff and Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond were present at the May 16 meeting, although they had to recuse themselves from the hearing and the vote due to their involvement in the lawsuit.

Fleurimond, who was absent for the January and February commission meetings, has since been dropped as a defendant from that lawsuit.

Joseph and Fleurimond, as well as Hans Ottinot, former city attorney for North Miami Beach, testified on the matter last week for the first time since Chernoff initially sought litigation against the two commissioners in February. Joseph had not shown up at this month’s commission hearing due to a reported heart attack but was present for Friday’s hearing.

Both commissioners have stated that they did not attend commission meetings due to legal concerns that Mayor Anthony DeFillipo’s seat was illegitimate amid a questionable residency status. Just as the charter states that commissioners in violation of the 120-day rule will automatically vacate their seat, so it states that any mayor found to live outside the city shall automatically vacate their seat.

“[My absences weren’t] for whatever reason, no. It was because of the advice of counsel. No,” said Joseph to Chernoff’s attorney, Michael Pizzi, who asked Joseph to confirm his absences regardless of the reasoning behind them. “When you say that, you’re making it seem like it was an arbitrary thing, like I just decided not to go.”

Ottinot, who had advised commissioners of DeFillipo’s potential malfeasance, denied any accusations that he had ulterior motives.

“You told commissioners or suggested that they not go to meetings in order to continue getting paid as city attorney, right?” Pizzi asked Ottinot, who was at risk of being fired by the commission before he ultimately resigned in March.

“That’s absolutely false,” Ottinot replied.

Motives aside, Lopez also has another North Miami Beach precedent to consider – that of former Commissioner Frantz Pierre, whose seat was deemed vacant in 2018 after he failed to attend meetings for several months. In that case, Jean Olin, a board-certified attorney in government law who helped write the existing charter, and Jose Smith, the city attorney at the time, both concurred on the legal opinion that began counting Pierre’s absences after his first missed meeting.

The judge has yet to make a ruling on Joseph’s request for injunction but is expected to issue a written order in coming days. If he denies the injunctive relief, the city charter states that there must be a special election held within 35-90 days after Joseph’s seat became vacated. Herin, however, revealed last week that the Miami-Dade County Elections Department is unable to accommodate that election with such short notice.


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