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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men and plays an important role throughout the male lifespan. Most of a male's testosterone is produced through the testicles. Also called the male sex hormone, testosterone starts playing its part during puberty.

When a male goes through puberty, testosterone helps males develop:

  • Facial Hair
  • Body Hair
  • Deeper Voice
  • Muscle Strength
  • Increased Libido
  • Muscle Density

As boys turn to men and men grow older, testosterone levels deplete naturally. Sometimes, events like injuries and chronic health conditions like diabetes can lower testosterone levels. Unfortunately, when a man loses too much T, it results in hypogonadism. When this happens, the testosterone must be replaced, or the male will suffer from symptoms like muscle loss, low libido, and even depression.

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How Does TRT Work?

TRT is exactly what it sounds like: a treatment option for men that replaces testosterone so that your body regulates hormones properly and restores balance to your life. Also called androgen replacement therapy, TRT alleviates the symptoms that men experience with low T.

Originally lab-synthesized in 1935, testosterone has grown in popularity since it was produced. Today, TRT and other testosterone treatments are among the most popular prescriptions in the U.S.

Without getting too deep into the science, TRT works by giving your body the essential testosterone it needs to function correctly. As the primary androgen for both males and females, testosterone impacts many of the body's natural processes – especially those needed for overall health. For example, men with low T are more prone to serious problems like cardiovascular disease and even type-2 diabetes.

When your body quits making enough testosterone, it causes your health to suffer until a solution is presented. That's where TRT and anti-aging medicine for men can help. TRT helps balance your hormones and replenish your depleted testosterone. With time, your body will begin to heal, and many symptoms like low libido and irritability begin to diminish.

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What Causes Low T?

For men, aging is the biggest contributor to lower testosterone levels, though there are other causes like obesity, drug abuse, testicular injuries, and certain prescribed medications. Sometimes, long-term health conditions like AIDS, cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney disease can lower testosterone levels.

When a man's testosterone levels drop significantly, it alters his body's ratio of estrogen and testosterone. Lower testosterone levels cause more abdominal fat, which in turn results in increased aromatase, which converts even more testosterone into estrogen.

If you're concerned that you might have low T, you're not alone. Millions of men in the U.S. feel the same way. The best way to find out if your testosterone is low is to get your levels tested.

For sustainable testosterone replacement therapy benefits, you must consult with hormone doctors and experts like those you can find at Global Life Rejuvenation. That way, you can find the root cause of your hormone problems, and our team can craft a personalized HRT plan tailored to your needs.

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Low Sex Drive

One of the most common reasons that men choose TRT is because they have lost that "spark" with their partner. It's not easy for a man to hear that they're not performing like they used to. Intimacy is a powerful part of any relationship. When a once-healthy sex life dwindles, it can cause serious relationship issues.

The good news is that low libido doesn't have to be a permanent problem. TRT and anti-aging medicines help revert hormone levels back into their normal range. When this happens, many men have a more enjoyable life full of intimacy and sex drive.

 TRT Juno Beach, FL

Inability to Achieve and Maintain an Erection

Weak erections – it's an uncomfortable subject for many men in the U.S. to talk about. It's even worse to experience first-hand. You're in the midst of an intimate moment, and you can't do your part. Despite being perfectly normal, many men put blame and shame upon themselves when they can't achieve an erection. And while the inability to perform sexually can be caused by poor diet, obesity, and chronic health conditions, low testosterone is often a contributing factor.

Fortunately, weak erections are a treatable condition. The best way to regain your confidence and ability in bed is to speak with your doctor. Once any underlying conditions are discovered, options like TRT may be the best course of treatment.

Hair Loss

 Hormone Replacement  Juno Beach, FL

Loss of Strength and Muscle Mass

Do you find it harder and harder to work out and lift weights in the gym? Are you having problems lifting heavy items that you once had no problem lifting?

Recent studies show that when men are inactive, they lose .5% of muscle strength every year, from ages 25 to 60. After 60, muscle loss doubles every decade. While some muscle loss is common as men age, a significant portion can be tied to low testosterone levels. When a man's T levels drop, so does his muscle mass.

Testosterone is a much-needed component used in gaining and retaining muscle mass. That's why many doctors prescribe TRT Juno Beach, FL, for men having problems with strength. One recent study found that men who increased their testosterone levels using TRT gained as much as 2.5 pounds of muscle mass.

Whether your gym performance is lacking, or you can't lift heavy items like you used to, don't blame it all on age. You could be suffering from hypogonadism.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Juno Beach, FL

Hair Loss

If you're like millions of other men in their late 20s and 30s, dealing with hair loss is a reality you don't want to face. Closely related to testosterone decline and hormone imbalances, hair loss is distressing for many men. This common symptom is often related to a derivative of testosterone called DHT. Excess amounts of DHT cause hair follicles to halt their production, causing follicles to die.

Because hair located at the front and crown is more sensitive to DHT, it grows slower than other follicles and eventually stops growing permanently. Thankfully, TRT and anti-aging treatments for men in Juno Beach, FL, is now available to address hair loss for good.

While it's true that you can't change your genes, you can change the effects of low testosterone on your body. Whether you're suffering from thinning hair or hair loss across your entire head, TRT and other hormone therapies can stop hair loss and even reverse the process.

 TRT For Men Juno Beach, FL


Also called "man boobs," gynecomastia is essentially the enlargement of male breast tissue. This increase in fatty tissue is often caused by hormonal imbalances and an increase in estrogen. For men, estrogen levels are elevated during andropause. Also called male menopause, andropause usually happens because of a lack of testosterone.

If you're a man between the ages of 40 and 55, and you're embarrassed by having large breasts, don't lose hope. TRT is a safe, effective way to eliminate the underlying cause of gynecomastia without invasive surgery. With a custom HRT and fitness program, you can bring your testosterone and estrogen levels back to normal before you know it.

 HRT For Men Juno Beach, FL

Decreased Energy

Decreased energy was once considered a normal part of aging. Today, many doctors know better. Advances in technology and our understanding of testosterone show that low T and lack of energy often go hand-in-hand.

If you're struggling to enjoy activities like playing with your kids or hiking in a park due to lack of energy, it could be a sign of low T. Of course, getting tired is perfectly normal for any man. But if you're suffering from continual fatigue, a lack of enjoyment, or a decrease in energy, it might be time to speak with a doctor.

Whether you're having a tough time getting through your day or can't finish activities you used to love, TRT could help.

 Human Growth Hormone Juno Beach, FL

Lack of Sleep

A study from 2011 showed that men who lose a week's worth of sleep can experience lowered testosterone levels – as much as 15%, according to experts. Additional research into the topic found almost 15% of workers only get five hours of sleep (or less) per night. These findings suggest that sleep loss negatively impacts T levels and wellbeing.

The bottom line is that men who have trouble sleeping often suffer from lower testosterone levels as a result. If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day but toss and turn all night long, you might have low T.

TRT and anti-aging medicines can restore your T levels back to normal, which can help you sleep better with proper diet and exercise.

 Ipamorelin Juno Beach, FL


You're feeling down about everything, and there's no solid explanation for why you're in such a crummy mood. Your daily life is great and full of success, but you can't help but feel unexcited and unmotivated. If you're experiencing symptoms like these, you may be depressed – and it may stem from low testosterone.

A research study from Munich found that men with depression also commonly had low testosterone levels. This same study also found that depressed men had cortisol levels that were 67% higher than other men. Because higher cortisol levels lead to lower levels of testosterone, the chances of severe depression increase.

Depression is a very real disorder and should always be diagnosed and treated by your doctor. One treatment option gaining in popularity is TRT for depression. Studies show that when TRT is used to restore hormone levels, men enjoy a lighter, more improved mood. That's great news for men who are depressed and have not had success with other treatments like anti-depression medicines, which alter the brain's chemistry.

 Sermorelin Juno Beach, FL

Inability to Concentrate

Ask anyone over the age of 50 how their memory is, and they'll tell you it wasn't what it used to be. Memory loss and lack of concentration occur naturally as we age – these aren't always signs of dementia or Alzheimer's.

However, what many men consider a symptom of age may be caused by low testosterone. A 2006 study found that males with low T levels performed poorly on cognitive skill tests. These results suggest that low testosterone may play a part in reducing cognitive ability. If you're having trouble staying on task or remembering what your schedule is for the day, it might not be due to your age. It might be because your testosterone levels are too low. If you're having trouble concentrating or remembering daily tasks, it could be time to talk to your doctor.

Why? The aforementioned study found that participating men experienced improved cognitive skills when using TRT.

 TRT Juno Beach, FL

Weight Gain

Even though today's society is more inclusive of large people, few adults enjoy gaining weight as they age. Despite their best efforts, many men just can't shed the extra pounds around their midsections, increasing their risk of heart disease and cancer.

Often, male weight gain is caused by hormone imbalances that slow the metabolism and cause weight to pile on. This phase of life is called andropause and happens when there is a lack of testosterone in the body. Couple that with high cortisol levels, and you've got a recipe for flabby guts and double chins.

Fortunately, TRT treatments and physician-led weight loss programs can correct hormone imbalances and lead to healthy weight loss for men.

 TRT For Men Juno Beach, FL

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone peptide, like GHRH, which triggers the release of growth hormones. When used under the care of a qualified physician, Sermorelin can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and help you feel much younger.

 HRT For Men Juno Beach, FL

Benefits of Sermorelin

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been used for years to treat hormone deficiencies. Unlike HGH, which directly replaces declining human growth hormone levels, Sermorelin addresses the underlying cause of decreased HGH, stimulating the pituitary gland naturally. This approach keeps the mechanisms of growth hormone production active.

Benefits of Sermorelin include:

  • Better Immune Function
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • More Growth Hormone Production
  • Less Body Fat
  • Build More Lean Muscle
  • Better Sleep
 Human Growth Hormone Juno Beach, FL

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin helps to release growth hormones in a person's body by mimicking a peptide called ghrelin. Ghrelin is one of three hormones which work together to regulate the growth hormone levels released by the pituitary gland. Because Ipamorelin stimulates the body to produce growth hormone, your body won't stop its natural growth hormone production, which occurs with synthetic HGH.

Ipamorelin causes growth hormone secretion that resembles natural release patterns rather than being constantly elevated from HGH. Because ipamorelin stimulates the natural production of growth hormone, our patients can use this treatment long-term with fewer health risks.

 Ipamorelin Juno Beach, FL

Benefits of Ipamorelin

One of the biggest benefits of Ipamorelin is that it is suitable for both men and women. It provides significant short and long-term benefits in age management therapies, boosting patients' overall health, wellbeing, and outlook on life. When growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland using Ipamorelin, clients report amazing benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Less Unsightly Body Fat
  • Deep, Restful Sleep
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • More Energy
  • Less Recovery Time for Training Sessions and Injuries
  • Enhanced Overall Wellness and Health
  • No Significant Increase in Cortisol

Your New, Youthful Lease on Life Starts Here

Whether you are considering our TRT services, HRT for women, or our growth hormone peptide services, we are here to help. The first step to turning back the hand of time starts by contacting Global Life Rejuvenation.

Our friendly, knowledgeable TRT and HRT experts can help answer your questions and walk you through our procedures. From there, we'll figure out which treatments are right for you. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in years!


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Latest News in Juno Beach, FL

Clean up continues in Palm Beach Gardens after EF2 tornado tore through with 130 mph winds

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. —Clean up continues in Palm Beach Gardens Monday after an EF2 tornado touched down on Saturday.After further assessment, the National Weather Service Miami confirmed its intensity Sunday. Officials say winds from the tornado peaked at 130 mph. NWS estimates the tornado was on the ground from 5:10 pm to 5:21 pm.This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site....


Clean up continues in Palm Beach Gardens Monday after an EF2 tornado touched down on Saturday.

After further assessment, the National Weather Service Miami confirmed its intensity Sunday. Officials say winds from the tornado peaked at 130 mph. NWS estimates the tornado was on the ground from 5:10 pm to 5:21 pm.

This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

NWS Miami can confirm an EF-2 tornado occurred yesterday April 29, 2023 in Palm Beach Gardens. Multiple reports of damage to trees, homes, buildings, power poles and cars. For more information visit the latest Public information Statement:

— NWS Miami (@NWSMiami) April 30, 2023

Officials say the tornado was about a quarter of a mile wide, and the path of destruction spanned more than 2 miles.

Hearst Owned

Gallery: Tornado damage in Palm Beach Gardens

The tornado caused damage at the Point at Palm Beach Gardens apartments next to U.S. 1 and PGA Boulevard. Cars were also damaged in that parking lot, and nearby trees were destroyed.

"I watched it for about 20 seconds to see which way it was going to move, and then obviously, when I saw it kind of closing in toward us, I immediately shut the slider, went back in, huddled in the bathroom, the building started to shake, there was a lot of noise for 20 to 25 seconds,” said Andrew Laybourne, who lives in the Point at Palm Beach Gardens apartments.

WATCH: Residents recall the moment the tornado touched down in their neighborhood

Share with us: Upload your weather photos and videos via uLocal

Laybourne says he's lucky his apartment only had a little damage. But other people's apartments had more significant damage, and several cars were thrown around during the tornado.

"I got chill bumps on my arm," said Jason Rash, who lives in the Point at Palm Beach Gardens apartments. "I’m lucky to be alive. I had my back against the concrete wall. I’m in an open-air parking deck, and I’m like, ‘I’m going to get blown away. If I stand here, I’m going to get slammed against the wall.'"

Rash was on the phone with his son, who was across the parking lot at a gym. They’re both doing OK.

"The whole time when you’re thinking about your child trapped in a building over here, and he can’t get out and you can’t get to him and I was like, ‘Oh my God, my life is in danger’ and that’s when I ran to get to the stairwell,” Rash said.

"(My son) started crying, and he was like, ‘Dad, what can I do?’ and I was like, ‘Get down! Get down! Get down!’" Rash said.

The latest: Weather coverage from WPBF 25 News

Power lines in the area exploded after the storm passed. Many trees along U.S. 1 in Palm Beach Gardens fell down due to the storm. At least one boat that was docked capsized. Firefighters say two cars driving southbound on U.S. 1 rolled over due to the storm. First responders say one of those drivers had minor injuries.

In Juno Beach, several power lines are now slanted due to the storm.

"It's got to be a tornado because I've never seen anything like this in all the hurricanes I've seen. This was powerful,” said Norman Hirsch, who lives in Juno Beach.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews say they’re still assessing the damage.

After partial flipper amputation, 220-pound loggerhead turtle released at Juno Beach

JUNO BEACH, Fla. —The Loggerhead Marinelife Center released a 220-pound loggerhead turtle at Juno Beach Thursday morning.Nemo had come to the facility in mid-December with an injured front flipper. It was partially amputated a few days after he arrived. Since then, volunteer Scott Vogel said he has been very active in his tank and antsy to get back to the ocean - one of Vogel's favorite parts of working with the animals....


The Loggerhead Marinelife Center released a 220-pound loggerhead turtle at Juno Beach Thursday morning.

Nemo had come to the facility in mid-December with an injured front flipper. It was partially amputated a few days after he arrived. Since then, volunteer Scott Vogel said he has been very active in his tank and antsy to get back to the ocean - one of Vogel's favorite parts of working with the animals.

“This is the culmination of basically what we are here for," Vogel said. "To rescue them, rehab them, and get them home. For us, it’s the greatest thing we do here is get a turtle home again.”

A moment of joy: News We Love

Chief Science Office Heather Barron, who was the lead veterinarian for Nemo, has been working with sea turtles for more than 30 years, and her passion could still be felt during the release.

“It’s always amazing to be such an integral part of saving imperiled species like sea turtles," Barron said. "They’re a really important indicator of the health of the environment of the health of our oceans, and to be able to return a mature male who will be able to immediately go out there and contribute to having more sea turtles is especially exciting.”

Turtle team: Human and animal doctors work together to help marine life

While the surf was a bit rough because of a strong breeze, volunteers raked the sand as a crowd of hundreds of people gathered to watch Nemo swim home.

As people walked to get to their spots, multiple nests were marked, with nesting season only having just begun at the beginning of this month.

“This is just about the most densely nested beach for loggerheads, in the state -sure, but one of the most densely nested beaches in the world," Vogel said. "So, those of us who work here and a lot of people who just live here feel very privileged to be sharing this beach with these magnificent creatures.”

The team brought Nemo closer to the surf so he wouldn't use up all of his energy moving through the sand.

He didn't hesitate.

Nemo booked it straight into the waves, and before the crowd could even start cheering, he was gone into the surf, just like he had never left.

Video below: Nemo's full release

And as he goes out to look for a female during mating season, Barron said it's important that people remember to keep an eye out for wildlife while on the water.

“If you’re within a mile or two of shore, it’s probably a good time to slow down, because sea turtles mate at the surface of the ocean and so boat strikes are very common this time of year," Barron said. "So if you can just kind of slow down, and try to think about trying to protect sea turtles in those areas just of shore, that would be tremendously helpful.”

Nemo doesn't have a tracking device on him, but the center released Rocky a couple weeks ago, and she can be tracked here.

Endless Family Fun: Kid-Friendly Activities in The Palm Beaches

No matter what time of year you visit, fun for the entire family abounds in Palm Beach County.From animal sanctuaries and museums to small-scale theme parks and outdoor adventures, you’ll find plenty in The Palm Beaches to keep the whole family entertained whether you’re planning a short staycation or a weeks-long getaway.Animal Sanctuaries & AttractionsView furry, feathered, and scaly creatures at this local family favorite dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida’s wildli...

No matter what time of year you visit, fun for the entire family abounds in Palm Beach County.

From animal sanctuaries and museums to small-scale theme parks and outdoor adventures, you’ll find plenty in The Palm Beaches to keep the whole family entertained whether you’re planning a short staycation or a weeks-long getaway.

Animal Sanctuaries & Attractions

View furry, feathered, and scaly creatures at this local family favorite dedicated to the protection and conservation of Florida’s wildlife and natural resources. See Florida panthers, bobcats, black bears, and other native wildlife, and walk through various Florida habitats such as pine flat-woods, oak hammocks and cypress wetlands.

Fans of the ocean can’t miss this stop, which houses rescued sea turtles, as well as engaging exhibits on the marine environment. LMC promotes the conservation of ocean ecosystems with a special focus on rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing sea turtles back to the wild. It’s steps away from some of the most densely nested loggerhead sea turtle beaches in the world, so plan to enjoy the beach pre- or post-visit.

Roam in the comfort of your own vehicle through Florida’s largest drive-through Safari Park and view hundreds of animals. There is also a walk-through safari area with a petting zoo, giraffe feeding experience, amusement rides, gift shops and food and beverage options.


Home to hundreds of animals and several different species, many of which are endangered, this zoo likely has at least one animal you’ve never seen before. Popular animal exhibits include the tigers exhibit and the Aldabra tortoise exhibit. The Fountain Plaza splash pad is also a super-fun activity for small children.

Here, you can learn about Florida’s fragile marine and freshwater environments through educational outdoor and indoor animal encounters. Open since 1998, the center is most recognized for its shark, stingray and alligator feedings, as well as Southeast Florida’s largest private shell collection.

Go see the famous Florida's manatees at Manatee Lagoon – An FPL Eco-Discovery Center. This wonderful facility is a free educational attraction dedicated to educating kids and grownups about manatees and Lake Worth Lagoon, and inspiring communities to preserve and protect Florida's environment and wildlife for future generations.


This joint project between the City of Boca Raton, Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Friends of Gumbo Limbo hosts environmental programs for all ages, as well as sea turtle-themed activities and events: sea turtle summer camps, turtle walks, hatchling release observations and free outdoor marine feedings, to name a few. *The Sea Turtle Rehab Program and its related facility areas are temporarily closed.


Museums & Historic Sites

Explore the grounds and take in the view from atop of the landmark lighthouse, a guiding light in The Palm Beaches since 1860. Listen to audio tours from your phone via the Jupiter Lighthouse Tours smartphone app in English, French or Spanish. Wear comfortable shoes for the 105-step climb to the top, and marvel at one of best vistas in The Palm Beaches. The lighthouse museum also offers several educational programs for kids and families, such as the Lighthouse Explorers’ Club, or Lighthouse Story Time & Crafts for Kids. Children must be a minimum of 48″ tall to climb the Lighthouse.

This is not your typical science museum. This highly educational but fully fun attraction features over 50 hands-on educational exhibits, an 8,000-gallon fresh- and saltwater aquarium, a digital planetarium, Conservation Research Station, Florida Exhibit Hall and an interactive Everglades Exhibit. Weekend programs, concerts and mini galaxy golf are also available for visitors of all ages.

This retro museum features a collection of nearly 200 classic pinball machines and arcade games. Not only are the machines on display available for play, but each includes an informational card noting the year it was made and quantity produced. The museum also has a bar and restaurant as well as live music on select nights.


Thrill Rides & Fun Games

This mini amusement park may be small, but it’s big on excitement and outdoor attractions. Go for a spin in the disco-themed bumper cars, race go-karts, tackle the climbing wall, play mini golf, float around in the bumper boats and take a swing in the batting cages.

The whole family can enjoy golf in a new way at Drive Shack. From your open-air, temperature-controlled bay, you can virtually play courses from all over the globe as well as interactive games, while enjoying delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Feel the breeze through your hair as you enjoy the half-mile go-kart track, or opt for a fog-filled, black-lit laser tag adventure. Play an abundance of arcade games, ranging from old classics to new favorites. If you work up an appetite, grab a bite at the on-site café.

Founded in 1979, this local staple offers dozens o water attractions, including a variety of slides, a FlowRider wave machine and lazy river. Tickets and parking passes are available for purchase online to make it even easier for your whole family to stay cool this summer.

This “cool” place in Boca Raton features twin NHL-size Hockey rinks, elite figure skating, NHL coaches and best in class Hockey Programs, professional ice shows, real snow, and performing arts dance, music, ballet). You can even organize your kid’s birthday party here!

Outdoor Wonderlands

This lush, green paradise has nearly 10 miles of hiking and biking trails, 7 miles of equestrian trails and 5 miles of canoeing and kayaking trails. This site is also home to the Loxahatchee Battlefield, a site of two battles during the Second Seminole War, and the Loxahatchee River, one of only two nationally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers in Florida. Learn more on Wild & Scenic Loxahatchee River Tour offered at the park through Jupiter Outdoor Center. Canoe, kayak, and bicycle rentals are available.

At Palm Beach County’s only state park, nearly 2 miles of pristine beaches and warm waters beckon for swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. Keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees, mullet and bird species as you paddle the park’s estuary waters. Prefer dry land? Hike nature trails through this preserved subtropical coastal habitat. Kayak and paddleboard rentals are available.

Snorkelers may spot a unique variety of marine life, including sea turtles, tropical fish, sailfish, goliath grouper and dolphin, along this 800-foot stretch of limestone boulders and artificial reef. Manatee sightings are frequent, especially in the winter months. Sea turtle sightings are common year-round.

*Due to a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project, from March 20 - October 29, 2023, the portion of the beach located underneath the bridge will be closed to the public. The southeast portion of the beach will remain open, access to the beach will be across Blue Heron Blvd.

Days of outdoor recreation await at Palm Beach County’s park facilities. At more than 80 parks, you’ll find ample space and outdoor activities including kayak and canoe rentals, disc golf, basketball, volleyball, racquetball, tennis, water skiing, dog parks and equestrian trails. Some favorite spots include John Prince Golf Learning Center, Okeeheelee Golf Course, Osprey Point Golf Course, and Shark Wake Park.


Best Beaches in South Florida

The Palm Beaches are home to top beach towns, top beach resorts, and top rated beaches in Florida. With 47 miles of pristine Atlantic coastline and stretches of golden sand to pick from, naming the best Florida beach in The Palm Beaches is impossible. Instead, here's a list of some of our favorite white sand beaches for sun and fun so you can decide which strand of oceanfront gets your top spot. Canopy-covered walkways, a hardwood...

The Palm Beaches are home to top beach towns, top beach resorts, and top rated beaches in Florida. With 47 miles of pristine Atlantic coastline and stretches of golden sand to pick from, naming the best Florida beach in The Palm Beaches is impossible. Instead, here's a list of some of our favorite white sand beaches for sun and fun so you can decide which strand of oceanfront gets your top spot.

Canopy-covered walkways, a hardwood boardwalk and a café welcome families to Boynton Beach Oceanfront Park. Umbrella and lounge chair rentals, a playground and a concession stand are available for the ultimate in relaxation and fun. Oceanfront Park Beach is open 365 days a year from sunrise to 9 pm. Lifeguards are on duty every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Designated surfing and skim board areas are located at the north and south end of the beach. Places to stay nearby: Hampton Inn & Suites Boynton Beach.

Address: 6415 N Ocean Blvd, Ocean Ridge, FL 33435

One of our more northern beaches in the county and one that cannot be missed. Known as a beach with a quiet personality, Coral Cove Park offers unparalleled snorkeling conditions. Just a few feet offshore and in just a few inches of water are water-carved rock formations, shaped by countless seasons of wave action. A waterproof camera will come in handy when capturing the beauty of sea turtles, eels, fish, and sharks swimming between the reefs and rocks of the cove. The park is conveniently located close to the Intracoastal Waterway, offering additional areas to explore in and out of the water. Families will be delighted to discover picnic benches, grills, and a small playscape. Places to stay nearby: Jupiter Waterfront Inn.

Address: 1600 S Beach Rd, Tequesta, FL 33469.

The two-mile-long stretch of Delray Beach sits comfortably between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. It offers easy accessibility and a tranquil experience, thanks to the beach’s calm waves and warm waters. Its boundaries are marked by sand dunes, which act as natural barriers. After your beach trip, explore one of the many Atlantic Avenue restaurants just a short walk from the sand. Places to stay nearby: Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa.

Address: 400 S Ocean Blvd, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Take in panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean from the Juno Beach pier while enjoying 990 feet of excellent saltwater fishing. Enjoy a variety of fishing tackle for sale at the bait shop, as well as poles for rent. After a day of swimming, grab a snack at the concession stand or prepare dinner on the park’s barbecue grills. Additional amenities include free parking, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. Places to stay nearby: Hampton Inn Jupiter/Juno Beach.

Address: 14775 US-1, Juno Beach, FL 33408.

Take a dip in the family-friendly small lagoon, or drop a line from the jetty. Make a big catch or buy seafood from Pinders Seafood & Marketplace–either is good for a bit of afternoon grilling. Surf with the locals or play some volleyball. Best of all, bring a furry friend to cool off, as a portion of Jupiter Beach (Ocean Cay Park) allows dogs to be off their leash. Additional amenities include pavilion access, picnic tables, and restrooms. Places to stay nearby: Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa.

Address: 1375 Jupiter Beach Rd, Jupiter, FL 33477.

This beach is ideal for soaking up the sun and taking in scenic views. Lake Worth Beach is noted for its cleanliness and relaxed atmosphere. Take a stroll along its golden sand, or find your way up and along its pier. There, you’ll find Benny’s On The Beach, an oceanfront restaurant with diverse cuisine from breakfast to dinner. Places to stay nearby: Sabal Palm House Bed & Breakfast Inn.

Address: 10 S Ocean Blvd, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460.

Perfect for a sunrise walk or run, the boardwalk at Ocean Reef Park stretches along the dune ecosystem. There's plenty of sand on the wide beach to relax and take in this quintessential South Florida experience. Rock piles just off the shoreline provide plenty of sea life to entertain adventurous snorkelers. Up in the park area, there's a picnic pavilion, as well as grills and single picnic tables. Additional amenities include a playground and showers. Places to stay nearby: Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa.

Address: 3860 N Ocean Dr, Riviera Beach, FL 33404.

Peanut island is a family sanctuary which features snorkeling, overnight camping, and swimming. This 79-acre beauty in the heart of the Lake Worth inlet was actually a dredging project dating back to 1918 and is a fan favorite of many! With a rich history, nooks, and crannies to snorkel, sunbathe and even camp, the island vibes are here and loaded with activities. Peanut Island is only accessible by boat, paddleboard, or canoe. Best ways to visit are to take a water taxi from nearby Sailfish Marina or Riviera Beach Marina–or anchor your boat right along the shoreline. Places to stay nearby: Peanut Island Park & Tent Campground.

Address: 6500 Peanut Island Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33404.

This 14.7-acre beach park is a gateway to discover the islands of The Palm Beaches: Singer Island, Peanut Island, and Munyon Island. The park is a great fishing spot and has a nice playground. But what Phil Foster is best known for is a man-made snorkeling trail that winds around the south end of the island and near the pilings of the Blue Heron Bridge. While the full trail is intended for stronger swimmers, the beach access is great for kids wanting to wade around closer to shore. Families can play on the sandy beach, while enjoying the fully protected water of the lagoon (also known as the Intracoastal Waterway). Places to stay nearby: Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront/Palm Beaches Resort.

Address: 900 Blue Heron Blvd, Riviera Beach, FL 33404.

Red Reef Park is a secluded, heavily foliated area that’s a favorite haunt for a variety of small birds. Bring your camera and see if you can capture images of larger and more spectacular birds on the ocean side of the park. Snorkeling at the park’s south end and surf fishing are popular leisure activities, and access to the beach is available with many parking options. The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is part of the 67-acre park. Gumbo Limbo will delight nature lovers of every age, with educational programs about sea turtles, nature, conservation, and the area’s ecology. Programs are tailored for children as well as adults, so children can enjoy learning about endangered sea turtles. Additional amenities include showering stations, walking paths, and a picnic area equipped with grills, tables, and restrooms. There’s even a 9 hole golf course with views of the ocean! Places to stay nearby: The Boca Raton.

Address: 1400 N Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432.

Lined with palm trees and protected waters, Dubois Park is located on the southern edge of Jupiter Inlet. Pull into the ample parking lot and you’ll notice the park doesn’t face the ocean, but rather the beautiful and historic Jupiter Inlet. Look west and you’ll see the Jupiter Lighthouse. Look east and you’ll see the mouth of the inlet leading into the shimmering ocean. A man-made barrier of natural rock and concrete shelters a pool of water, perfect for bathers of all ages. The water is replenished and cleaned by the natural currents of the inlet, and access to the swimming area is easy and well-marked. There are public bathrooms available, as well as small grills for cooking. Best of all, the calm swimming area is great for kids, and parents will appreciate how easy it is to keep track of little ones. Places to stay nearby: Wyndham Grand Jupiter At Harbourside Place.

Address: 19075 Dubois Rd, Jupiter, FL 33477.

Located in North Palm Beach and nestled on a barrier island, John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is the only state park in Palm Beach County, as well as one of the most family friendly parks among Florida's State Parks. This nearly-two-mile picturesque beach allows you to explore with a number of water activities. Swim, snorkel, and refresh yourself in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The flip side of the park sits in the urban estuary of the Intracoastal Waterway. Kayak, canoe, hike short trails, and visit the Nature Center. Top amenities include picnic tables, barbecue grills, children’s playground, and gift shop. Places to stay nearby: Hilton Garden Inn Palm Beach Gardens.

Address: 10900 Jack Nicklaus Dr, North Palm Beach, FL 3340.

This was our selection of top rated beaches in Florida. Check out our beachfront and waterfront hotels, book your stay in one of our beach towns, and enjoy our pristine beaches!

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Municipal Elections Tuesday, March 14, in Palm Beach County

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. —Elections are being held for 17 of the 39 municipalities in Palm Beach County on Tuesday, March 14.The latest: WPBF 25 News coverage on PoliticsBoynton Beach and Delray Beach are among the biggest cities that will hold elections this year.Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.To find your election polling place click ...


Elections are being held for 17 of the 39 municipalities in Palm Beach County on Tuesday, March 14.

The latest: WPBF 25 News coverage on Politics

Boynton Beach and Delray Beach are among the biggest cities that will hold elections this year.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

To find your election polling place click here.

Residents in Boca Raton should expect to see a question on Tuesday's ballot in regard to the length of a term served.

Mayor Scott Singer is optimistic a charter amendment, which increases the number of years a councilmember or mayor could serve, will pass.


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"It would allow us to have better long-term planning, with less off-sequenced elections that will cause taxpayers more money in the long run. This measure should save taxpayers close to a million dollars over the next 10 years," Singer told WPBF 25 News.

If adopted, terms that begin at the end of March would expire in March of 2027. Terms that expire in March of 2024 would be extended for another year.

"This measure preserves the important two-term limit but gives more of an enough of a timeline for long-term projects to get done," the mayor said.

Boca Raton officials said the last time the city had passed an amendment of this kind was in 2006 when voters approved increasing the length of a term from two to three years.

"This sensible election reform effort keeps two-term limits but makes our terms more the standard four years, which every other city in the Top 25 in Florida has," Singer said.

And in Juno Beach, many residents have fought to put a petition on Tuesday's ballot that, if passed, would provide voters with a greater voice to elect their local government officials.

"The citizens felt strongly that if we have over 3,500 people in this town, then it should be their decision. And they also felt that there’s favoritism when you allow three council members to vote for mayor. And also, favoritism when comes to voting for critical issues in our town," Juno Beach Vice Mayor Pro Tem Peggy Wheeler told WPBF 25 News.

"It’s democracy at a grassroots level," Red Dunn, a resident who helped gather signatures for the petition, said.

Currently, three council members vote for the mayor of the town of Juno Beach. Officials said the process has been this way since the inception of the town, which has been for nearly 70 years.

"Just talking to the people that signed it-- we didn’t have to persuade them or anything. They were very happy to sign it, and all for it," Dunn said.

He said they gathered more than 600 signatures for the petition. If passed, it would also increase the term for mayor to two years in office. Currently, a mayor is elected annually.

"We would have someone there that understands and is in there for a longer period of time and knows the issues, has more historical and institutional knowledge about our town. And would be a better leader for our town," Wheeler said.

Follow WPBF 25 on air and online for live election results.


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