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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men and plays an important role throughout the male lifespan. Most of a male's testosterone is produced through the testicles. Also called the male sex hormone, testosterone starts playing its part during puberty.

When a male goes through puberty, testosterone helps males develop:

  • Facial Hair
  • Body Hair
  • Deeper Voice
  • Muscle Strength
  • Increased Libido
  • Muscle Density

As boys turn to men and men grow older, testosterone levels deplete naturally. Sometimes, events like injuries and chronic health conditions like diabetes can lower testosterone levels. Unfortunately, when a man loses too much T, it results in hypogonadism. When this happens, the testosterone must be replaced, or the male will suffer from symptoms like muscle loss, low libido, and even depression.

 Human Growth Hormone North Sarasota, FL

How Does TRT Work?

TRT is exactly what it sounds like: a treatment option for men that replaces testosterone so that your body regulates hormones properly and restores balance to your life. Also called androgen replacement therapy, TRT alleviates the symptoms that men experience with low T.

Originally lab-synthesized in 1935, testosterone has grown in popularity since it was produced. Today, TRT and other testosterone treatments are among the most popular prescriptions in the U.S.

Without getting too deep into the science, TRT works by giving your body the essential testosterone it needs to function correctly. As the primary androgen for both males and females, testosterone impacts many of the body's natural processes – especially those needed for overall health. For example, men with low T are more prone to serious problems like cardiovascular disease and even type-2 diabetes.

When your body quits making enough testosterone, it causes your health to suffer until a solution is presented. That's where TRT and anti-aging medicine for men can help. TRT helps balance your hormones and replenish your depleted testosterone. With time, your body will begin to heal, and many symptoms like low libido and irritability begin to diminish.

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What Causes Low T?

For men, aging is the biggest contributor to lower testosterone levels, though there are other causes like obesity, drug abuse, testicular injuries, and certain prescribed medications. Sometimes, long-term health conditions like AIDS, cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney disease can lower testosterone levels.

When a man's testosterone levels drop significantly, it alters his body's ratio of estrogen and testosterone. Lower testosterone levels cause more abdominal fat, which in turn results in increased aromatase, which converts even more testosterone into estrogen.

If you're concerned that you might have low T, you're not alone. Millions of men in the U.S. feel the same way. The best way to find out if your testosterone is low is to get your levels tested.

For sustainable testosterone replacement therapy benefits, you must consult with hormone doctors and experts like those you can find at Global Life Rejuvenation. That way, you can find the root cause of your hormone problems, and our team can craft a personalized HRT plan tailored to your needs.

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Low Sex Drive

One of the most common reasons that men choose TRT is because they have lost that "spark" with their partner. It's not easy for a man to hear that they're not performing like they used to. Intimacy is a powerful part of any relationship. When a once-healthy sex life dwindles, it can cause serious relationship issues.

The good news is that low libido doesn't have to be a permanent problem. TRT and anti-aging medicines help revert hormone levels back into their normal range. When this happens, many men have a more enjoyable life full of intimacy and sex drive.

 TRT North Sarasota, FL

Inability to Achieve and Maintain an Erection

Weak erections – it's an uncomfortable subject for many men in the U.S. to talk about. It's even worse to experience first-hand. You're in the midst of an intimate moment, and you can't do your part. Despite being perfectly normal, many men put blame and shame upon themselves when they can't achieve an erection. And while the inability to perform sexually can be caused by poor diet, obesity, and chronic health conditions, low testosterone is often a contributing factor.

Fortunately, weak erections are a treatable condition. The best way to regain your confidence and ability in bed is to speak with your doctor. Once any underlying conditions are discovered, options like TRT may be the best course of treatment.

Hair Loss

 Hormone Replacement  North Sarasota, FL

Loss of Strength and Muscle Mass

Do you find it harder and harder to work out and lift weights in the gym? Are you having problems lifting heavy items that you once had no problem lifting?

Recent studies show that when men are inactive, they lose .5% of muscle strength every year, from ages 25 to 60. After 60, muscle loss doubles every decade. While some muscle loss is common as men age, a significant portion can be tied to low testosterone levels. When a man's T levels drop, so does his muscle mass.

Testosterone is a much-needed component used in gaining and retaining muscle mass. That's why many doctors prescribe TRT North Sarasota, FL, for men having problems with strength. One recent study found that men who increased their testosterone levels using TRT gained as much as 2.5 pounds of muscle mass.

Whether your gym performance is lacking, or you can't lift heavy items like you used to, don't blame it all on age. You could be suffering from hypogonadism.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy North Sarasota, FL

Hair Loss

If you're like millions of other men in their late 20s and 30s, dealing with hair loss is a reality you don't want to face. Closely related to testosterone decline and hormone imbalances, hair loss is distressing for many men. This common symptom is often related to a derivative of testosterone called DHT. Excess amounts of DHT cause hair follicles to halt their production, causing follicles to die.

Because hair located at the front and crown is more sensitive to DHT, it grows slower than other follicles and eventually stops growing permanently. Thankfully, TRT and anti-aging treatments for men in North Sarasota, FL, is now available to address hair loss for good.

While it's true that you can't change your genes, you can change the effects of low testosterone on your body. Whether you're suffering from thinning hair or hair loss across your entire head, TRT and other hormone therapies can stop hair loss and even reverse the process.

 TRT For Men North Sarasota, FL


Also called "man boobs," gynecomastia is essentially the enlargement of male breast tissue. This increase in fatty tissue is often caused by hormonal imbalances and an increase in estrogen. For men, estrogen levels are elevated during andropause. Also called male menopause, andropause usually happens because of a lack of testosterone.

If you're a man between the ages of 40 and 55, and you're embarrassed by having large breasts, don't lose hope. TRT is a safe, effective way to eliminate the underlying cause of gynecomastia without invasive surgery. With a custom HRT and fitness program, you can bring your testosterone and estrogen levels back to normal before you know it.

 HRT For Men North Sarasota, FL

Decreased Energy

Decreased energy was once considered a normal part of aging. Today, many doctors know better. Advances in technology and our understanding of testosterone show that low T and lack of energy often go hand-in-hand.

If you're struggling to enjoy activities like playing with your kids or hiking in a park due to lack of energy, it could be a sign of low T. Of course, getting tired is perfectly normal for any man. But if you're suffering from continual fatigue, a lack of enjoyment, or a decrease in energy, it might be time to speak with a doctor.

Whether you're having a tough time getting through your day or can't finish activities you used to love, TRT could help.

 Human Growth Hormone North Sarasota, FL

Lack of Sleep

A study from 2011 showed that men who lose a week's worth of sleep can experience lowered testosterone levels – as much as 15%, according to experts. Additional research into the topic found almost 15% of workers only get five hours of sleep (or less) per night. These findings suggest that sleep loss negatively impacts T levels and wellbeing.

The bottom line is that men who have trouble sleeping often suffer from lower testosterone levels as a result. If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day but toss and turn all night long, you might have low T.

TRT and anti-aging medicines can restore your T levels back to normal, which can help you sleep better with proper diet and exercise.

 Ipamorelin North Sarasota, FL


You're feeling down about everything, and there's no solid explanation for why you're in such a crummy mood. Your daily life is great and full of success, but you can't help but feel unexcited and unmotivated. If you're experiencing symptoms like these, you may be depressed – and it may stem from low testosterone.

A research study from Munich found that men with depression also commonly had low testosterone levels. This same study also found that depressed men had cortisol levels that were 67% higher than other men. Because higher cortisol levels lead to lower levels of testosterone, the chances of severe depression increase.

Depression is a very real disorder and should always be diagnosed and treated by your doctor. One treatment option gaining in popularity is TRT for depression. Studies show that when TRT is used to restore hormone levels, men enjoy a lighter, more improved mood. That's great news for men who are depressed and have not had success with other treatments like anti-depression medicines, which alter the brain's chemistry.

 Sermorelin North Sarasota, FL

Inability to Concentrate

Ask anyone over the age of 50 how their memory is, and they'll tell you it wasn't what it used to be. Memory loss and lack of concentration occur naturally as we age – these aren't always signs of dementia or Alzheimer's.

However, what many men consider a symptom of age may be caused by low testosterone. A 2006 study found that males with low T levels performed poorly on cognitive skill tests. These results suggest that low testosterone may play a part in reducing cognitive ability. If you're having trouble staying on task or remembering what your schedule is for the day, it might not be due to your age. It might be because your testosterone levels are too low. If you're having trouble concentrating or remembering daily tasks, it could be time to talk to your doctor.

Why? The aforementioned study found that participating men experienced improved cognitive skills when using TRT.

 TRT North Sarasota, FL

Weight Gain

Even though today's society is more inclusive of large people, few adults enjoy gaining weight as they age. Despite their best efforts, many men just can't shed the extra pounds around their midsections, increasing their risk of heart disease and cancer.

Often, male weight gain is caused by hormone imbalances that slow the metabolism and cause weight to pile on. This phase of life is called andropause and happens when there is a lack of testosterone in the body. Couple that with high cortisol levels, and you've got a recipe for flabby guts and double chins.

Fortunately, TRT treatments and physician-led weight loss programs can correct hormone imbalances and lead to healthy weight loss for men.

 TRT For Men North Sarasota, FL

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone peptide, like GHRH, which triggers the release of growth hormones. When used under the care of a qualified physician, Sermorelin can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and help you feel much younger.

 HRT For Men North Sarasota, FL

Benefits of Sermorelin

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been used for years to treat hormone deficiencies. Unlike HGH, which directly replaces declining human growth hormone levels, Sermorelin addresses the underlying cause of decreased HGH, stimulating the pituitary gland naturally. This approach keeps the mechanisms of growth hormone production active.

Benefits of Sermorelin include:

  • Better Immune Function
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • More Growth Hormone Production
  • Less Body Fat
  • Build More Lean Muscle
  • Better Sleep
 Human Growth Hormone North Sarasota, FL

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin helps to release growth hormones in a person's body by mimicking a peptide called ghrelin. Ghrelin is one of three hormones which work together to regulate the growth hormone levels released by the pituitary gland. Because Ipamorelin stimulates the body to produce growth hormone, your body won't stop its natural growth hormone production, which occurs with synthetic HGH.

Ipamorelin causes growth hormone secretion that resembles natural release patterns rather than being constantly elevated from HGH. Because ipamorelin stimulates the natural production of growth hormone, our patients can use this treatment long-term with fewer health risks.

 Ipamorelin North Sarasota, FL

Benefits of Ipamorelin

One of the biggest benefits of Ipamorelin is that it is suitable for both men and women. It provides significant short and long-term benefits in age management therapies, boosting patients' overall health, wellbeing, and outlook on life. When growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland using Ipamorelin, clients report amazing benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Less Unsightly Body Fat
  • Deep, Restful Sleep
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • More Energy
  • Less Recovery Time for Training Sessions and Injuries
  • Enhanced Overall Wellness and Health
  • No Significant Increase in Cortisol

Your New, Youthful Lease on Life Starts Here

Whether you are considering our TRT services, HRT for women, or our growth hormone peptide services, we are here to help. The first step to turning back the hand of time starts by contacting Global Life Rejuvenation.

Our friendly, knowledgeable TRT and HRT experts can help answer your questions and walk you through our procedures. From there, we'll figure out which treatments are right for you. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in years!


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Latest News in North Sarasota, FL

Shelters Close; Ringling and North Siesta Bridge Open With Limited Access

Sarasota County has moved to a red, yellow and green-level system to inform the public about risks associated with venturing out.Both Manatee County and Sarasota counties have lifted evacuation orders for residents in the wake of ...

Sarasota County has moved to a red, yellow and green-level system to inform the public about risks associated with venturing out.

Both Manatee County and Sarasota counties have lifted evacuation orders for residents in the wake of Hurricane Ian. Manatee County shelters and north Sarasota County shelters shelters are closing—with the exception of Phillippi Shores Elementary in Sarasota County—and residents are now allowed to return to their homes. But county officials are pleading that people use extreme caution, as there are widespread reports of fallen trees and branches and snapped power lines. The flood risk also remains high, thanks to Ian’s heavy rain and previous weeks’ rainfall, which saturated the ground ahead of the storm.

Motorists are reminded to not drive through water of unknown depth. If you can’t see the road striping under the water, turn around. If power is out, drivers should treat each intersection as a four way stop and remain alert for unexpected road hazards and washouts.

In Sarasota County, officials are using a red, yellow and green-level system to inform the public about risks associated with leaving where they’ve sheltered.

Red areas are considered unsafe, and emergency services may not be available. There is extensive damage limiting travel, and access is limited to residents and business owners.

Yellow means power is out and trees and power lines are down. Traffic lights may be out and there is potential damage to drinking and wastewater. Safety precautions are required, and travel should be limited to essential needs.

In green areas, there are no limiting factors, and it is safe for the general public. All of Sarasota County is either in a red or yellow zone.

County officials ask that all residents continue to reduce water use to lessen strain on the county’s water systems as they go back online.

BRIDGES = OPEN - The John Ringling Causeway & Siesta bridges are now open. Ringling Bridge access is limited to residents & business owners w/ID.??IMPORTANT?? - Water & sewer services have NOT been restored yet. Please be aware and plan accordingly.

— City of Sarasota (@CityofSarasota) September 29, 2022

In the City of Sarasota, Siesta Key’s North Bridge and the Ringling Bridge are open again; however, access is limited. City of Sarasota administrative offices will remain closed through Friday and will reopen on Monday, Oct. 3. Garbage pickup in the city will resume tomorrow.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital urgent care Centers at Heritage Harbour, University Parkway, Bee Ridge and Venice will also reopen at 1 p.m. today for regular hours.

Hurricane Ian: What cell service and internet providers are doing to reconnect people

Cellular and internet carriers are making progress in fully restoring communications and services for residents of Hurricane Ian-affected counties in the aftermath of the storm that ravaged much of Southwest Florida on Sept. 28.Major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Frontier say their compan...

Cellular and internet carriers are making progress in fully restoring communications and services for residents of Hurricane Ian-affected counties in the aftermath of the storm that ravaged much of Southwest Florida on Sept. 28.

Major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Frontier say their companies' employees are working as fast as possible to restore connections to residents eager to reach family members and friends or get back to business.

Ian damage:Home damage from Ian exceeds $33M in unincorporated Sarasota County, according to initial report

Two dead:2 elderly Sarasota County residents on oxygen die after power goes out during Hurricane Ian

AT&T restores nearly 80% of its service

According to spokesperson Rosie Montalvo, AT&T continues to open its network to other cellular carriers at no cost as they restore service to customers.

"Our priority continues to be keeping our customers connected, and we know this need is even greater before, during, and after any major storm event," Montalvo said. "There are no known impacts to wireline service in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties at this time,"

As of Tuesday, nearly 80% of AT&T's wireline customers in impacted Florida counties have had their service restored Montalvo stated.

AT&T has notified its wireless customers in affected areas across the state that all cellular services – including talk, text, and data overage charges – have been waived through Oct. 28, 2022.

AT&T released a statement via email Tuesday morning describing the continued efforts of its crews and overall support during and post-Ian:

"Our crews are working as quickly as possible to restore service in the hardest hit areas, including Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties... We have one of the industry’s largest and most advanced disaster response programs and we are deploying generators and other network recovery equipment in affected areas, as conditions allow," the statement read.

On Oct. 1, AT&T and FirstNet loaded a portable cell site onto a helicopter to assist with communications on Pine Island, near the devastated Sanibel community, where residents were stranded. The device, known as a compact rapid deployable, or CRD, is providing wireless service for first responders and Wi-Fi for the residents in the affected Lee County area.

Verizon communication centers open in Southwest Florida

Verizon's Wireless Emergency Communication Centers are providing free charging, Wi-Fi, and portable power packs to the community most affected by Hurricane Ian.

The centers, which have opened up this week in Lee and Charlotte counties, are providing charging, free Wi-Fi, and free portable power packs for any member of the community on any carrier Verizon officials said Tuesday morning.

Residents seeking cellular and internet service can get both at two of Verizon's centers at the Port Charlotte Town Center Mall, located at 1441 Tamiami Trail. Customers in need can visit the communication center daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A second communication center has been opened for residents in Fort Myers Beach, located at 2525 Estero Blvd. Residents and customers can access the communications center daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Our hearts go out to all who are impacted by Hurricane Ian,” said Shawn Alexander, consumer vice president for Verizon. “Our hope is this offer gives our customers one less thing to worry about so they can focus on staying safe.”

Consumer and small business customers in the Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Hardee, Sarasota and Lee counties will continue to receive unlimited calling, texting, and data through Oct. 11, 2022, Verizon officials said Tuesday.

On Tuesday in Sarasota and Desoto counties, Verizon engineers are continuing to move communication sites from temporary satellite connections to more permanent connections by restoring fiber cables. According to Verizon, engineers have restored one cell site on Sanibel Island using satellite connections and portable generators.

Verizon did not provide a timeline for full restoration Tuesday morning.

Frontier continues service restoration

Frontier's vice president of communications Chrissy Murray stated the company's emergency center was launched to help residents and consumers stay connected in the wake of the hurricane. According to Frontier, a "robust damage assessment" is underway in affected areas where Frontier employees have been authorized to enter.

"While power outages and damage to some of our aerial lines have caused what is expected to be short-term service disruption for our customers, as power is restored we anticipate a significant reduction in troubles," Murray said. "We are reviewing and augmenting our strategy in real time based on these assessments and have a workforce to support and repair once conditions are safe to do so."

Frontier's underground fiber optic system, Murray said, was essential to keeping many customers connected and helped reduce the impact and damage to Frontier's network.

A percentage of restoration or expected timeline for the full restoration of Frontier's services could not be provided by the company's spokesperson.

Comcast faces 'extensive' restoration in SWFL

Extensive restoration work continues daily throughout Florida with over 1,100 technicians removing the damaged network and placing state-of-the-art fiber optic cable and new electronics to re-activate and restore Xfinity services for customers.

Xfinity WiFi Vans can be found at the following locations daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.:

Collier County residents can receive free cell and Wi-Fi service at Veteran’s Community Park located at 1895 Veteran’s Park Drive in Naples. In Lee County, Xfinity WiFi Vans can be found at Hertz Arena (11000 Everblades Parkway) in Estero and at the Fleamasters Flea Market (4135 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive) in Fort Myers. Charlotte County residents can visit and tap into the Xfinity WiFi van in the Walmart Supercenter lot (19100 Murdock Circle) in Port Charlotte.

Comcast Florida Region vice president of public relations Mindy Kramer said Tuesday morning the lead engineer and his team were working and restoring service in affected areas by the hour.

"Our teams have already repaired and reconnected nearly a thousand drops – the lines that connect homes and neighborhoods to our network," Kramer said. "This has helped us restore services for tens of thousands of impacted customers to date. We are doing everything possible to restore services in places where power has now been restored."

In addition, Comcast has committed $1 million in cash and in-kind contributions to the Florida Disaster Fund this week that will help support Southwest and Central Florida food banks, the United Way, and the American Red Cross.

Prior to Hurricane Ian making landfall, Comcast had opened approximately 90,000 public Xfinity WiFi hotspots throughout Central, North, and Southwest Florida. In addition, Comcast launched Xfinity WiFi vans this week in affected areas to assist customers and residents with service needs.

A percentage of restoration or expected timeline for the full restoration of Comcast's services could not be provided by the company's spokesperson.

Spectrum restores over 90% of customers so far

Spectrum Communications, which serves a sliver of Lakewood Ranch and has a footprint in both Sarasota and Manatee counties, reports 92% restoration of services to its customers since September 29.

Information on Spectrum's website states that restoration can be expected to be restored in North Manatee county by Oct. 6, south Manatee by Oct. 7 and areas affected below Manatee County in Southwest Florida by Oct. 11.

Spectrum's spokesman Joe Durkin could not be reached for comment by press time.

Samantha Gholar covers social justice news for the Herald-Tribune and USA TODAY Network. Connect with her at [email protected] or on Twitter: @samanthagholar

Disaster Recovery Centers Open in Lee, Sarasota Counties

TALLAHASSEE – The State of Florida and FEMA have opened two additional state-led Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) in Lee and Sarasota counties.Fort Myers DMS Building, 2295 Victoria Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901Shannon Staub Public Library, 4675 Career Lane, North Port, FL 34289 Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.Disaster Recovery Centers provide disaster survivors with information from Florida state agencies, FEMA, and theU.S. Small Business Administration. Survivors can get help applying fo...

TALLAHASSEE – The State of Florida and FEMA have opened two additional state-led Disaster Recovery Centers (DRC) in Lee and Sarasota counties.

Fort Myers DMS Building, 2295 Victoria Ave., Fort Myers, FL 33901

Shannon Staub Public Library, 4675 Career Lane, North Port, FL 34289 Hours of operation: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week.

Disaster Recovery Centers provide disaster survivors with information from Florida state agencies, FEMA, and the

U.S. Small Business Administration. Survivors can get help applying for federal assistance and disaster loans, update applications and learn about other resources available.

Another center is operating at:

Lakes Regional Library,15290 Bass Road, Fort Myers, FL 33919

It is not necessary to visit a center to apply. Survivors can go online to, use the FEMA mobile app or call 800-621-3362. Help is available in most languages. If you use a relay service, such as video relay (VRS), captioned telephone or other service, give FEMA the number for that service.

Disaster Recovery Centers are accessible to people with disabilities. They have assistive technology equipment that allows disaster survivors to interact with staff. Video Remote Interpreting is available and in-person sign language is available by request. The centers also have accessible parking, ramps, and restrooms.

In addition to the centers, FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) teams are canvassing neighborhoods in areas impacted by Hurricane Ian to help residents apply for FEMA assistance and answer questions about federal assistance. DSA teams wear FEMA attire and have federal photo identification badges. There is no charge for service.

FEMA Individual Assistance can help with temporary lodging expenses, basic home repairs and other essential disaster-related needs.

For an accessible video on how to apply for assistance go to FEMA Accessible: How to Register with Disaster Survivor Assistance - YouTube.

For more information about Hurricane Ian recovery in Florida, visit and Follow us on Twitter: @FLSERT and @FEMARegion4.

FEMA opens Disaster Recovery Centers in Sarasota and other counties impacted by Hurricane Ian

WUSF is part of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, which provides up-to-the minute weather and news reports during severe weather events on radio, online and on social media for 13 Florida Public Media stations. It’s available on WUSF 89.7 FM, online at and through the free Florida Storms app, which provides geotargeted live forecasts, information about evacuation routes and shelters, and live local radio streams.Widespread ...

WUSF is part of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network, which provides up-to-the minute weather and news reports during severe weather events on radio, online and on social media for 13 Florida Public Media stations. It’s available on WUSF 89.7 FM, online at and through the free Florida Storms app, which provides geotargeted live forecasts, information about evacuation routes and shelters, and live local radio streams.

Widespread flooding caused by rain from Hurricane Ian turned roads in North Port into canals, trapped people in their homes, and even shut down Interstate 75 in both directions for hours.

Now, residents can apply for help at a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center located at the Shannon Staub Library in the city of North Port in Sarasota County.

Jason Bartolone is the Communications Manager for the city. He says flooding damage from Hurricane Ian was historic.

"We know there are areas of the city that have flooded before, but there was nothing to this level or this magnitude, and that just speaks to the magnitude of the storm and the impacts,” he said.

“We're very hopeful for the future obviously and being able to rebuild and recover from this. But we know that there's a lot of people hurting out there and so we're doing everything we can to help them."

FEMA says it has so far approved more than $190 million in federal assistance for communities impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Jamie Carson, Communications Director for Sarasota County government, said applications can also be submitted online, but sometimes having a one-on-one conversation can be more reassuring.

"It's a release to sit down and to share what you've been through,” she said.

“For someone to listen and understand your situation and to say, 'you know what, these are the resources that best meet your needs. Now let's go through the process of getting the applications through.' There are all these phone numbers you can call, but sometimes it's just nice to have a conversation."

Storm survivors can get help applying for federal assistance to cover temporary lodging expenses, basic home repairs and other disaster-related needs.

Several insurance companies are on site as well so policyholders can meet directly with their representatives to file claims. Residents can also meet with mental health professionals for free counseling.

The Disaster Recovery Center at the Shannon Staub Library in North Port is open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m., seven days a week.

Additionally, Sarasota County Government is reminding people that most public libraries are now open and can provide other resources and comfort.

“People have been so grateful to be able to get back into the libraries for some very practical reasons including to cool off if they don't have air conditioning, to charge their devices and to connect via our internet and our Wi-Fi that is totally free to the public,” said Renee Di Pilato, Director of Library Services for Sarasota County.

“I think it's been really important for people to be able to use our computers or even their own devices again and just check in with friends and family to let them know they're okay. I think especially now, people are looking to reconnect within their communities.”

In addition to the Sarasota location, FEMA has opened a Disaster Recovery Center in Polk County at the W.H. Stuart Center in Bartow, the Highlands County Extension Office in Sebring, and the Wauchula Civic Center in Hardee County.

The centers are open seven days a week.

Hurricane Ian Recovery: Three things you need to know

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Here are three items of information regarding Hurricane Ian Recovery in the Suncoast that you need to know this Friday morning.A disaster recovery center has opened to help those in need in North Port and other parts of Sarasota County with information from FEMA, Florida state agencies and the U.S. Small Business Administration.The Disaster Recovery Center is located at the Shannon Staub Library, 4675 Career Lane, North Port. It will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.Survivors can get...

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Here are three items of information regarding Hurricane Ian Recovery in the Suncoast that you need to know this Friday morning.

A disaster recovery center has opened to help those in need in North Port and other parts of Sarasota County with information from FEMA, Florida state agencies and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The Disaster Recovery Center is located at the Shannon Staub Library, 4675 Career Lane, North Port. It will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Survivors can get help applying for federal assistance, learn about the types of assistance available, learn about the appeals process and get updates on applications.

In addition to visiting a center, residents are encouraged to avoid lines and apply online at, use the FEMA mobile app or call 800-621-3362, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day.

2. Well owners urged to test their water

The Florida Department of Health in Sarasota is urging residents in homes with private wells affected by flooding to test the water supply.

Floods can cause well water to become tainted with bacteria and disease-causing microorganisms that can cause extreme illness.

DOH-Sarasota recommends ONE of the following:

1. Boil tap water and hold it at a rolling boil for at least one minute. Let it cool before using it for drinking, brushing teeth, washing food, cooking, making ice, or washing dishes;

2. OR disinfect tap water by adding eight drops of plain, unscented household bleach (4 to 6% strength), which is about 1/8 tsp per gallon of water. If a higher strength bleach is used (8.25%), only add seven drops of bleach. Mix the solution and let it stand for 30 minutes. If the water is cloudy after 30 minutes, repeat the procedure once.

Use a container with a cap or cover to disinfect and store water for drinking. Doing so will prevent contamination. In addition, containers for water should be rinsed with a bleach solution of one tablespoon bleach per gallon of water before reusing them.

3. OR use commercially available bottled water, especially for mixing baby formula.

Learn more here:

3. State death toll from Ian hits 121

The death toll in Florida from Hurricane Ian has now hit 121 deaths statewide, ABC News reports.

Lee County has the most deaths at 59, reporting four new deaths since the last report, and recovery efforts are still underway particularly in areas around Fort Myers where the 7-foot storm surge caused devastation to homes and businesses. With five deaths reported in North Carolina, the nationwide death toll from the storm is 126 nationwide.

Here is a county-by-county breakdown of the numbers.

ABC gathered these numbers in Florida through a number of sources, including the state Medical Examiners Commission (MEC), and direct contact with the sheriff’s departments in certain counties.

Lee County 59 (updated via Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Charlotte County 24 (via Sheriff’s Office)

Volusia County 5 (via MEC)

Collier County 5 (MEC)

Sarasota County 5 (MEC)

Manatee County 3 (MEC)

Polk County 2 (MEC)

Hardee County 1 (MEC)

Hillsborough County 1 (MEC)

Lake County 1 (FHP/MEC)

Hendry County 4 (MEC)

Martin County 1 (MEC)

Monroe County 7 (MEC)

Putnam County 3 (MEC)

North Carolina: 5

Statewide 5 (via Governor’s Office)

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