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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men and plays an important role throughout the male lifespan. Most of a male's testosterone is produced through the testicles. Also called the male sex hormone, testosterone starts playing its part during puberty.

When a male goes through puberty, testosterone helps males develop:

  • Facial Hair
  • Body Hair
  • Deeper Voice
  • Muscle Strength
  • Increased Libido
  • Muscle Density

As boys turn to men and men grow older, testosterone levels deplete naturally. Sometimes, events like injuries and chronic health conditions like diabetes can lower testosterone levels. Unfortunately, when a man loses too much T, it results in hypogonadism. When this happens, the testosterone must be replaced, or the male will suffer from symptoms like muscle loss, low libido, and even depression.

 Human Growth Hormone Ross Corner, NJ

How Does TRT Work?

TRT is exactly what it sounds like: a treatment option for men that replaces testosterone so that your body regulates hormones properly and restores balance to your life. Also called androgen replacement therapy, TRT alleviates the symptoms that men experience with low T.

Originally lab-synthesized in 1935, testosterone has grown in popularity since it was produced. Today, TRT and other testosterone treatments are among the most popular prescriptions in the U.S.

Without getting too deep into the science, TRT works by giving your body the essential testosterone it needs to function correctly. As the primary androgen for both males and females, testosterone impacts many of the body's natural processes – especially those needed for overall health. For example, men with low T are more prone to serious problems like cardiovascular disease and even type-2 diabetes.

When your body quits making enough testosterone, it causes your health to suffer until a solution is presented. That's where TRT and anti-aging medicine for men can help. TRT helps balance your hormones and replenish your depleted testosterone. With time, your body will begin to heal, and many symptoms like low libido and irritability begin to diminish.

 Ipamorelin Ross Corner, NJ

What Causes Low T?

For men, aging is the biggest contributor to lower testosterone levels, though there are other causes like obesity, drug abuse, testicular injuries, and certain prescribed medications. Sometimes, long-term health conditions like AIDS, cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney disease can lower testosterone levels.

When a man's testosterone levels drop significantly, it alters his body's ratio of estrogen and testosterone. Lower testosterone levels cause more abdominal fat, which in turn results in increased aromatase, which converts even more testosterone into estrogen.

If you're concerned that you might have low T, you're not alone. Millions of men in the U.S. feel the same way. The best way to find out if your testosterone is low is to get your levels tested.

For sustainable testosterone replacement therapy benefits, you must consult with hormone doctors and experts like those you can find at Global Life Rejuvenation. That way, you can find the root cause of your hormone problems, and our team can craft a personalized HRT plan tailored to your needs.

 Sermorelin Ross Corner, NJ

Low Sex Drive

One of the most common reasons that men choose TRT is because they have lost that "spark" with their partner. It's not easy for a man to hear that they're not performing like they used to. Intimacy is a powerful part of any relationship. When a once-healthy sex life dwindles, it can cause serious relationship issues.

The good news is that low libido doesn't have to be a permanent problem. TRT and anti-aging medicines help revert hormone levels back into their normal range. When this happens, many men have a more enjoyable life full of intimacy and sex drive.

 TRT Ross Corner, NJ

Inability to Achieve and Maintain an Erection

Weak erections – it's an uncomfortable subject for many men in the U.S. to talk about. It's even worse to experience first-hand. You're in the midst of an intimate moment, and you can't do your part. Despite being perfectly normal, many men put blame and shame upon themselves when they can't achieve an erection. And while the inability to perform sexually can be caused by poor diet, obesity, and chronic health conditions, low testosterone is often a contributing factor.

Fortunately, weak erections are a treatable condition. The best way to regain your confidence and ability in bed is to speak with your doctor. Once any underlying conditions are discovered, options like TRT may be the best course of treatment.

Hair Loss

 Hormone Replacement  Ross Corner, NJ

Loss of Strength and Muscle Mass

Do you find it harder and harder to work out and lift weights in the gym? Are you having problems lifting heavy items that you once had no problem lifting?

Recent studies show that when men are inactive, they lose .5% of muscle strength every year, from ages 25 to 60. After 60, muscle loss doubles every decade. While some muscle loss is common as men age, a significant portion can be tied to low testosterone levels. When a man's T levels drop, so does his muscle mass.

Testosterone is a much-needed component used in gaining and retaining muscle mass. That's why many doctors prescribe TRT Ross Corner, NJ, for men having problems with strength. One recent study found that men who increased their testosterone levels using TRT gained as much as 2.5 pounds of muscle mass.

Whether your gym performance is lacking, or you can't lift heavy items like you used to, don't blame it all on age. You could be suffering from hypogonadism.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Ross Corner, NJ

Hair Loss

If you're like millions of other men in their late 20s and 30s, dealing with hair loss is a reality you don't want to face. Closely related to testosterone decline and hormone imbalances, hair loss is distressing for many men. This common symptom is often related to a derivative of testosterone called DHT. Excess amounts of DHT cause hair follicles to halt their production, causing follicles to die.

Because hair located at the front and crown is more sensitive to DHT, it grows slower than other follicles and eventually stops growing permanently. Thankfully, TRT and anti-aging treatments for men in Ross Corner, NJ, is now available to address hair loss for good.

While it's true that you can't change your genes, you can change the effects of low testosterone on your body. Whether you're suffering from thinning hair or hair loss across your entire head, TRT and other hormone therapies can stop hair loss and even reverse the process.

 TRT For Men Ross Corner, NJ


Also called "man boobs," gynecomastia is essentially the enlargement of male breast tissue. This increase in fatty tissue is often caused by hormonal imbalances and an increase in estrogen. For men, estrogen levels are elevated during andropause. Also called male menopause, andropause usually happens because of a lack of testosterone.

If you're a man between the ages of 40 and 55, and you're embarrassed by having large breasts, don't lose hope. TRT is a safe, effective way to eliminate the underlying cause of gynecomastia without invasive surgery. With a custom HRT and fitness program, you can bring your testosterone and estrogen levels back to normal before you know it.

 HRT For Men Ross Corner, NJ

Decreased Energy

Decreased energy was once considered a normal part of aging. Today, many doctors know better. Advances in technology and our understanding of testosterone show that low T and lack of energy often go hand-in-hand.

If you're struggling to enjoy activities like playing with your kids or hiking in a park due to lack of energy, it could be a sign of low T. Of course, getting tired is perfectly normal for any man. But if you're suffering from continual fatigue, a lack of enjoyment, or a decrease in energy, it might be time to speak with a doctor.

Whether you're having a tough time getting through your day or can't finish activities you used to love, TRT could help.

 Human Growth Hormone Ross Corner, NJ

Lack of Sleep

A study from 2011 showed that men who lose a week's worth of sleep can experience lowered testosterone levels – as much as 15%, according to experts. Additional research into the topic found almost 15% of workers only get five hours of sleep (or less) per night. These findings suggest that sleep loss negatively impacts T levels and wellbeing.

The bottom line is that men who have trouble sleeping often suffer from lower testosterone levels as a result. If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day but toss and turn all night long, you might have low T.

TRT and anti-aging medicines can restore your T levels back to normal, which can help you sleep better with proper diet and exercise.

 Ipamorelin Ross Corner, NJ


You're feeling down about everything, and there's no solid explanation for why you're in such a crummy mood. Your daily life is great and full of success, but you can't help but feel unexcited and unmotivated. If you're experiencing symptoms like these, you may be depressed – and it may stem from low testosterone.

A research study from Munich found that men with depression also commonly had low testosterone levels. This same study also found that depressed men had cortisol levels that were 67% higher than other men. Because higher cortisol levels lead to lower levels of testosterone, the chances of severe depression increase.

Depression is a very real disorder and should always be diagnosed and treated by your doctor. One treatment option gaining in popularity is TRT for depression. Studies show that when TRT is used to restore hormone levels, men enjoy a lighter, more improved mood. That's great news for men who are depressed and have not had success with other treatments like anti-depression medicines, which alter the brain's chemistry.

 Sermorelin Ross Corner, NJ

Inability to Concentrate

Ask anyone over the age of 50 how their memory is, and they'll tell you it wasn't what it used to be. Memory loss and lack of concentration occur naturally as we age – these aren't always signs of dementia or Alzheimer's.

However, what many men consider a symptom of age may be caused by low testosterone. A 2006 study found that males with low T levels performed poorly on cognitive skill tests. These results suggest that low testosterone may play a part in reducing cognitive ability. If you're having trouble staying on task or remembering what your schedule is for the day, it might not be due to your age. It might be because your testosterone levels are too low. If you're having trouble concentrating or remembering daily tasks, it could be time to talk to your doctor.

Why? The aforementioned study found that participating men experienced improved cognitive skills when using TRT.

 TRT Ross Corner, NJ

Weight Gain

Even though today's society is more inclusive of large people, few adults enjoy gaining weight as they age. Despite their best efforts, many men just can't shed the extra pounds around their midsections, increasing their risk of heart disease and cancer.

Often, male weight gain is caused by hormone imbalances that slow the metabolism and cause weight to pile on. This phase of life is called andropause and happens when there is a lack of testosterone in the body. Couple that with high cortisol levels, and you've got a recipe for flabby guts and double chins.

Fortunately, TRT treatments and physician-led weight loss programs can correct hormone imbalances and lead to healthy weight loss for men.

 TRT For Men Ross Corner, NJ

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone peptide, like GHRH, which triggers the release of growth hormones. When used under the care of a qualified physician, Sermorelin can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and help you feel much younger.

 HRT For Men Ross Corner, NJ

Benefits of Sermorelin

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been used for years to treat hormone deficiencies. Unlike HGH, which directly replaces declining human growth hormone levels, Sermorelin addresses the underlying cause of decreased HGH, stimulating the pituitary gland naturally. This approach keeps the mechanisms of growth hormone production active.

Benefits of Sermorelin include:

  • Better Immune Function
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • More Growth Hormone Production
  • Less Body Fat
  • Build More Lean Muscle
  • Better Sleep
 Human Growth Hormone Ross Corner, NJ

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin helps to release growth hormones in a person's body by mimicking a peptide called ghrelin. Ghrelin is one of three hormones which work together to regulate the growth hormone levels released by the pituitary gland. Because Ipamorelin stimulates the body to produce growth hormone, your body won't stop its natural growth hormone production, which occurs with synthetic HGH.

Ipamorelin causes growth hormone secretion that resembles natural release patterns rather than being constantly elevated from HGH. Because ipamorelin stimulates the natural production of growth hormone, our patients can use this treatment long-term with fewer health risks.

 Ipamorelin Ross Corner, NJ

Benefits of Ipamorelin

One of the biggest benefits of Ipamorelin is that it is suitable for both men and women. It provides significant short and long-term benefits in age management therapies, boosting patients' overall health, wellbeing, and outlook on life. When growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland using Ipamorelin, clients report amazing benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Less Unsightly Body Fat
  • Deep, Restful Sleep
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • More Energy
  • Less Recovery Time for Training Sessions and Injuries
  • Enhanced Overall Wellness and Health
  • No Significant Increase in Cortisol

Your New, Youthful Lease on Life Starts Here

Whether you are considering our TRT services, HRT for women, or our growth hormone peptide services, we are here to help. The first step to turning back the hand of time starts by contacting Global Life Rejuvenation.

Our friendly, knowledgeable TRT and HRT experts can help answer your questions and walk you through our procedures. From there, we'll figure out which treatments are right for you. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in years!


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Latest News in Ross Corner, NJ

CBA Names R. Ross Fales as First Lay President in School History

LINCROFT, NJ – February 16, 2021 – After a comprehensive national search process, Christian Brothers Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. R. Ross Fales as the fourth president in school history. He will be the first lay president of the Academy when his term officially begins in July 2022.Fales was selected by the Academy’s Board of Trustees after a four-month, national search process. Assisted by the educational search firm, Carney, Sandoe & Associates, candidates were vetted ex...

LINCROFT, NJ – February 16, 2021 – After a comprehensive national search process, Christian Brothers Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. R. Ross Fales as the fourth president in school history. He will be the first lay president of the Academy when his term officially begins in July 2022.

Fales was selected by the Academy’s Board of Trustees after a four-month, national search process. Assisted by the educational search firm, Carney, Sandoe & Associates, candidates were vetted extensively by a presidential search committee, led by Brother Robert Wickman, FSC, that included several constituent groups, including board members, faculty, alumni, current and past parents, and administrators. Students joined other stakeholders in on site interviews of the finalists. Fales’ selection by the Board has been approved by the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Brother Robert Shaefer, FSC, Provincial of the Brothers’ District of Eastern North America, shared his excitement for the selection of Fales and his gratitude for those who assisted in the process.

“On behalf of the Christian Brothers, I want to thank the search committee for their work in identifying the best candidate to lead Christian Brothers Academy at this time,” Brother Robert said. “Mr. Ross Fales, a longtime Lasallian educator and leader, understands our charism and tradition to ensure that CBA continues to provide a quality human and Christian education to the young men entrusted to this outstanding school community. This is a challenging time for Catholic secondary education and Ross has the experience and vision to lead CBA into the years ahead, so that it continues to be a vital participant in the mission of the Church in this part of the world.”

Fales has served as the Academy’s principal since 2015, leading the all-boys, college preparatory school’s day-to-day academic operations and essential functions. During his tenure as principal, Fales has guided CBA to several accomplishments, most notably earning the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2017. It was the second time in school history that CBA earned the award and was one of just 50 high schools nationally to receive the accommodation that year.


ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS ANIMAL HOSPITAL We treat each of our patients as part of the family at Atlantic Highlands Animal Hospital. We offer top-quality surgical and dental treatments for cats and dogs. For the best pet care in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ, call us at (732) 291-4400.

“I have had the honor and privilege of working with Ross as our Principal for the past six years and look forward to collaborating with him on taking CBA to the next level during his tenure as President,” said Joseph R. Tort ’76, chairman of the CBA Board of Trustees. “He is a distinguished Lasallian educator and administrator, well-known to our community, who has the vision and passion to build on our 63 years of success.”

Fales’ successful tenure as principal has been marked by multiple enhancements to the student offerings, including additional Advanced Placement classes, dual enrollment courses with Manhattan College, the COLT Plus learning differences program, multiple varsity sports, and new music, theater, media, and robotics electives. In each graduating class under Fales’ guidance, over 95 percent of students have attended U.S. News and World Report ranked colleges and universities.

Fales’ leadership was vital through the pandemic as he adapted school instruction for the online environment, assured safe return to campus, maintained continuous communication with the CBA community, and strived to keep students in the classroom as much as possible.

“I am both honored and humbled to accept the position of President of Christian Brothers Academy,” Fales said. “I would like to thank the Board of Trustees and the Brothers of the Christian Schools for giving me the opportunity to lead this institution that I love and that has become my home over the last 20 years.”

In his new role as president, Fales will become the Academy’s “institution builder,” serving as the chief administrator during an important time in the school’s history. The 157-acre campus is undergoing an exciting transformation, with multiple new facilities being constructed and additional projects scheduled to be completed in the coming years. Fales has a deep understanding of the importance of fundraising, enrollment management, and strategic growth for private, Catholic schools.

Fales has long been a champion of educating the “whole person,” something that has been a hallmark of the Brothers since the order’s founding by St. John Baptist De La Salle over 300 years ago. He served as a member of the Brothers’ District Mission Executive Council, working with the Brothers to support the Lasallian educational initiatives. Fales has directed CBA’s curriculum which puts emphasis on strong academics, supplemented by impactful experiences in faith, service, extracurricular activities, and athletics.

“I truly view my work at CBA as a vocation much more than just employment,” Fales continued. “A notable quote amongst Christian Brothers schools is that Lasallian education ‘seeks realistic ways of touching hearts and teaching minds of students.’ I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the CBA community in doing just that.”

Fales has 16 years of experience in school administration, earning his first role at CBA as Dean of Students in 2006. He was quickly elevated to Associate Principal for Student Affairs in 2007, where he oversaw discipline, student life, service programs, and athletics. As Associate Principal, he was responsible for the addition of multiple sports and clubs, an expanding music program, and more student-driven activities.

After graduating Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Fales’ career in education began as a science teacher and swimming coach at several New Jersey high schools, before joining the CBA faculty in 2002 in those same positions. He earned his master’s degree in Educational Leadership, Management and Policy from Seton Hall University shortly after joining the staff at the Academy.

Fales will be succeeding Brother Thomas Gerrow, FSC, who has served CBA as interim president. Brother Andrew O’Gara, FSC and Brother Frank Byrne, FSC guided the Academy as the first and second presidents.

“This Academy was built on the shoulders of three incredible previous presidents, all of them Christian Brothers, and each contributing to the success and advancement of CBA, making it the outstanding institution it is today,” Fales said. “I will strive to uphold this great legacy, while also helping CBA progress in continuing to deliver an excellent, holistic and Christian education in the 21st century.”

A New Jersey native, Fales lives in Avon-by-the-Sea with his wife, Megan, and their three children.

About Christian Brothers Academy:

Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) is an independent, Catholic, college-preparatory school for young men located in Lincroft, New Jersey. Founded in 1959 and taught in the Lasallian tradition, CBA is dedicated to helping students become intellectually mature and morally responsible leaders for the Church and society. Through generous contributions from family and friends of the Academy, CBA awards over $1.7 million in scholarships and financial aid to current students. Experience the Academy at

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Ross Dress for Less opens in East Windsor shopping center

Windsor Heights Shopping Center East WindsorThe Windsor Heights Shopping Center in East Windsor, where Ross Dress for Less is now located.(Google Maps)EAST WINDSOR — Ross Dress for Less, a discounted fashion and home décor chain, opened its doors Saturday in the Windsor Heights Shopping Center on Route 130 during a grand-opening ceremony attended by Mayor Janice Mironov, members of council and Ross representatives.T...

Windsor Heights Shopping Center East Windsor

The Windsor Heights Shopping Center in East Windsor, where Ross Dress for Less is now located.

(Google Maps)

EAST WINDSOR — Ross Dress for Less, a discounted fashion and home décor chain, opened its doors Saturday in the Windsor Heights Shopping Center on Route 130 during a grand-opening ceremony attended by Mayor Janice Mironov, members of council and Ross representatives.

The retailer now occupies the remaining 22,500-square-feet of the former Super Fresh in Windsor Center, located at the southwest corner of Route 130 and Princeton-Hightstown Road.

“We are excited to welcome Ross Dress for Less, a popular growing national retailer which offers a variety of name brand and designer apparel, accessories, and home goods, for our area shoppers,” Mironov said in a news release announcing the opening. “People in our community have been eagerly awaiting the opening of Ross, and we are confident that it is a great fit in this centrally-located center and will flourish in this new location.”

Ross, headquartered in Dublin, Calif., has 1,173 locations in 33 states and the District of Columbia, including 12 in New Jersey. The company has seen huge sales growth since the recession, with fiscal 2013 revenues of $10.2 billion, the release said.

Last year, a joint-venture partnership of Advance Realty and Structure Tone Equities acquired the Windsor Heights center with plans to improve its appearance and operations. The strip mall had been half-vacant for years prior as commercial activity slowed and retailers left.

“The opening of Ross Dress for Less represents another demonstrated sign of the revitalization of the modernized renovated Windsor Center by new owners Advance Realty,” Mironov said. “Windsor Center has undergone a dramatic transformation in both new look and tenants, positioning it as a leading retail destination for residents of East Windsor and the surrounding region.” Bottom Dollar opened at Windsor Heights in October, marking the chain’s fourth addition to the area in the past few years, including Hamilton and Bordentown.

Ross store hours are Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Sundays from 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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Turn off the jukebox: Owner of 1950s-themed restaurant selling to Wawa

FRANKFORD -- So long Fonzie, hello Wawa.The Chatterbox Drive-in, a 1950s/60s-themed restaurant, has reached a sale agreement with the Pennsylvania-based convenience retail store chain, restaurant co-owner Don Hall said.The deal hinges on the township's Land Use Board approving Wawa's building plan, an outcome that would end the restaurant's 14-year run."Everybody's sorry to hear. I guess if everybody was happy to hear about it, I'd be in ...

FRANKFORD -- So long Fonzie, hello Wawa.

The Chatterbox Drive-in, a 1950s/60s-themed restaurant, has reached a sale agreement with the Pennsylvania-based convenience retail store chain, restaurant co-owner Don Hall said.

The deal hinges on the township's Land Use Board approving Wawa's building plan, an outcome that would end the restaurant's 14-year run.

"Everybody's sorry to hear. I guess if everybody was happy to hear about it, I'd be in a different predicament," Hall said on Sunday.

Hall estimated that the restaurant will remain open for at least another year, as the board has yet to hold a hearing.

The Chatterbox is known for bike nights on Thursdays, classic car shows on Saturdays and celebrity appearances by favorites such as the Fonz, aka actor Henry Winkler, from TV's 'Happy Days.' His visit in 2013 drew a couple of thousand fans.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant features a rotating series of vintage vehicles in the middle of the dining area. Model trains run on a track above the tables and dozens of movie posters and other memorabilia adorn the walls.

"We're a burger, shakes and fries place. It's 'Happy Days,' 'American Graffiti' and 'Back to the Future' all rolled into one," Hall said.

Wawa is a chain of more than 750 retail stores in six states offering fresh foods such as cheesesteak hoagies, breakfast sandwiches, soups, sides and snacks, in addition to coffee and other beverages. About two-thirds of its stores sell gasoline, according to the company's website.

Asked about the Chatterbox sale, Wawa spokesperson Lori Bruce said the company does not discuss new store locations until all permits are approved and construction is scheduled.

"At this point, Wawa is not directly involved in the land development process, but we are certain that the developer working on the project will work with the town and location officials to protect the shared interests of the community and the township as the project is considered," Bruce said.

The 10.87-acre tract housing the Chatterbox was valued at $1,352,400 as of 2016, according to state records.

It previously was home to another restaurant, known as Sonny's, and was purchased in 2003 for $1.45 million.

Wawa is expanding in New Jersey and will open stores in South Toms River, South Brunswick and Somserset by year's end, Bruce said.

In August, Wawa debuted a store in Ewing, in Mercer County.

If the proposal wins approval in Frankford, Wawa will gain a foothold in one of Sussex County's most visible locations.

The Chatterbox is in the half-mile region known as Ross' Corner, where Routes 15 and 206 intersect with Route 565. The annual Sussex County fair, the region's biggest draw, is nearby, along with a 4,200-seat baseball stadium housing the Sussex County Miners.

Hall said that Wawa reached out to him some time ago asking if he would be interesting in selling.

"The timing was getting right," said Hall, adding that his primary motive in buying the site in 2003 was as a real estate investment.

Before opening the restaurant, Hall, 63, worked as a food services distributor for Sysco.

The Chatterbox had a burst of national attention in 2014, when it was featured on the pilot episode of 'Junk Food Flip.'

The hosts modified the restaurant's Big Bad John sandwich by substituting leaner pork for pulled BBQ pork, and spaghetti squash for mac 'n cheese.

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The creamery at Papakating

New Jersey HeraldThe hamlet of Papakating (later renamed Armstrong) is located in Frankford Township and was first settled in 1793 by Thomas Armstrong. The hamlet was situated at the intersection of Armstrong Road and Ross’ Corner-Sussex Road (County Route 565). Papakating has the Papakating Creek flowing through it, providing the needed water power for the gristmill around which this small hamlet grew.On Aug. 26, 1851, the U.S. Post Office Department opened a facility in what was then referred to as Pepoka...

New Jersey Herald

The hamlet of Papakating (later renamed Armstrong) is located in Frankford Township and was first settled in 1793 by Thomas Armstrong. The hamlet was situated at the intersection of Armstrong Road and Ross’ Corner-Sussex Road (County Route 565). Papakating has the Papakating Creek flowing through it, providing the needed water power for the gristmill around which this small hamlet grew.

On Aug. 26, 1851, the U.S. Post Office Department opened a facility in what was then referred to as Pepokating, and appointed Robert V. Armstrong as the first postmaster. Samuel Dennis, Zachariah H. Price and George N. Armstrong served in that capacity until Aug. 29, 1862 when the spelling of the name was altered to Papakating and Stephen J. Pellet was sworn in as the postmaster. Eight more postmasters served this office including Lester C. Brands who took over the post office on March 12, 1919. Four years later, on May 5, 1923, Brands was no longer postmaster as the Papakating Post Office was closed down and the area was thereafter serviced by the post office in Augusta.

In 1860, the hamlet boasted a gristmill, a blacksmith shop, one store with a post office, a school, and seven houses.

In 1870, 30 families were residing in the area in and around the hamlet, including the families of G. N. Armstrong, John B. Armstrong, and Robert V. Armstrong. During the last quarter of that century, the Lehigh and New England Railroad built a rail line in the eastern portion of the township and erected a small station there, making it one of five such stations on this railroad in Frankford Township.

In his 1887 Pocket Gazetteer of New Jersey, Frank Killenberger noted that Papakating was a post hamlet in Frankford, was two miles from the Augusta station on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad, seven miles from Newton and had a population of 100.

The first time there was printed confirmation of a change in the name of the hamlet appeared in 1948, when the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders issued a new and updated county road map. The name Papakating has now been replaced with the name Armstrong.

The New Jersey Herald noted that early in December 1896, the firm of Dewitt and Sutton were awarded a contract to construct the creamery in Papakating for the Lehigh and New England Railroad Company. The newspaper published a notice in late February 1897 that construction on the creamery had proceeded so fast that the facility would be open and in full operation by April 1.

The May 31, 1912 issue of the Sussex Independent noted that on May 29 the Bordens Condensed Milk Company purchased and took possession of the Roe creamery at Papakating. Bordens had plans to immediately begin a significant expansion of the milk processing plant. At the time of the acquisition, Grant Denison was employed as the individual responsible for keeping the boiler room functioning.

In the middle of January 1903, the Bordens Condensed Milk Company acquired a parcel of land adjacent to the creamery from R. W. Pellet. Apparently, this additional land was needed to accommodate the plant expansion that the company wanted to undertake.

An unfortunate accident was reported by the New Jersey Herald on April 12, 1903. The framework for the creamery expansion was blown down during a major storm. Obviously, this set the timetable for opening the expanded plant back dramatically.

The Herald noted in January 1905 that the icehouse for the creamery had already received the first cutting of ice from the adjacent pond.

In July 1907, the Sussex County Dairymen’s League was organized. This organization provided the county dairy farmers a united voice in trying to get an increase in what they were getting paid for the raw milk they delivered to the creameries they were associated with. As a result of their efforts, the 2 ¾ cents per quart of milk they had been getting paid was raised by a quarter of a cent to 3 cents per quart delivered.

The Herald ran a major headline about the fact that the Bordens creameries at Branchvillle and Papakating, and the large creamery at Augusta owned by T.O. Smith & Sons, took in 25,000 cans of milk for the month of December 1911. That number of cans equates to slightly more than one million quarts of milk being processed and shipped in a single month.

The Papakating creamery welcomed a new state milk inspector to its facility when Fred Clayton arrived in November 1912. These inspectors were responsible to inspecting and certifying that the sanitary conditions of the creamery complied with state standards, that the actual processing of the raw milk was being handled appropriately.

In 1914, the Bureau of Creamery and Dairy Inspections of the State Board of Health listed 30 creameries being registered in Sussex County. This list identified the Papakating creamery as being designated a “receiving station” for raw milk from local dairy farmers.

It should be mentioned that 1914 was the first time since 1897 that the state legislature passed a law that significantly strengthened the ability of the inspectors from the Bureau of Creamery and Dairy Inspections to enforce sanitary standards on both dairy farmers and creameries. Particularly, the law established minimal standards for cow milking stalls in terms of the amount of natural light required per stall, cleanliness of each stall and sanitizing processes for the equipment used in milking each cow. This new law also required each dairy farmer to provide the bureau a certification from a New Jersey licensed veterinarian as to the health of each individual cow in the dairy herd on an annual basis.

In terms of the creameries the 1914 law required the state inspectors to conduct numerous and on-going inspections of these facilities throughout the year. The inspectors had the authority to shut down a creamery if they found out that there was a significant deficiency in maintaining sanitary conditions in the handling and processing of the raw milk received. Additionally, the inspectors would routinely check the equipment used to sanitize the large steel milk cans or glass bottles used to ship the processed milk.

In late February 1918, the newspapers were reporting that the milk being delivered to the Papakating creamery was being shipped directly to New York City in large milk cans. This effectively eliminated the actual processing of the milk at the local level, relying on the large facilities in the city to handle to actual processing and pasteurization of the milk. In switching over to this method of handling the milk, it effectively eliminated from 15 to 20 jobs, leaving only three employees to operate the plant. This caused a lot of hard feelings on the part of the employees as they had been previously told that they would be working throughout the winter.

In May of that year, there was yet another major concern for the employees when Bordens announced that it planned on closing 50 of its creameries in May and June. Fortunately for Sussex County, the only creamery they closed down was in Allamuchy in Warren County.

In January 1919 there was another milk strike in Sussex County. The problems began when Bordens, Sheffield Farms and Horton & Lewis cut the prices they were paying for milk. The dairymen in the county called for a strike on the delivery of their milk to creameries. In turn, a total of 26 creameries in the county had to close down for lack of milk to process. At that time, there were about 20,000 milk cows in Sussex County that produced roughly 11,200 40-quart cans of milk each day. Not a trifling amount of milk production.

By the end of January the strike had ended and the dairy farmers won the price they had demanded for their milk.

In 1920, Dolson Ayers was employed at the creamery and was responsible for operating the pasteurizing machinery. Ayers would have had direct contact with any of the inspectors from the State Bureau of Creamery and Dairy Inspections who visited the Papakating plant.

One part of the operation of a creamery that had to take place by the end of February was to make sure that the icehouse had been filled to capacity for the upcoming year. Quite often, a creamery would have an ice pond on their property so that they would be able to easily obtain the requisite amount of ice needed for the ensuing 12 months of operations. Papakating was such a facility. With a large pond located immediately west of the creamery buildings.

Good news for the creamery arrived in April 1926, when management of the plant had successfully induced more of the local dairy farmers to bring their milk to the plant. The dairymen had been taking this raw milk elsewhere but also realized that the trip to creameries further away from their farms was taking a toll on their trucks and other transportation equipment.

For the next 14 years, operations at the Papakating creamery continued without any great deal of variation until late 1940. It was at this point that the newspapers noted that milk that would normally be processed at this creamery was now being delivered over to the new creamery at Branchville for processing. This would indicate that operations at the Papakating plant had effectively come to an end.

The closing of the creamery in this small hamlet in Frankford was yet another harbinger of hard times that the traditional dairy industry was experiencing. The fact that milk was shipped in bulk by both the railroads and long distance trucking to very large processing plants in cities essentially brought to an end the relationship local dairy farmers had with the individuals and local companies that bought their product and processed it right here in Sussex County.

Sussex County Historical Society President Wayne T. McCabe is the history columnist for the New Jersey Herald and may be contacted at [email protected]

New Middletown Brewery Aiming For Late Summer Opening

Ross Brewing Co. is located on a working dock where you can crab and fish, and has a two-story tasting room with views of the NYC skyline.MIDDLETOWN, NJ — Did you know there is a new brewery underway in Port Monmouth?Ross Brewing is currently "under construction as we speak and we are hoping for a late summer opening to the public," brewery owner John Ross Cocozza told Patch this week.Ross Brewing Co. will be located right next to the Belford Seafood Co-op, a bustling seafood market in Port Monmouth, an...

Ross Brewing Co. is located on a working dock where you can crab and fish, and has a two-story tasting room with views of the NYC skyline.

MIDDLETOWN, NJ — Did you know there is a new brewery underway in Port Monmouth?

Ross Brewing is currently "under construction as we speak and we are hoping for a late summer opening to the public," brewery owner John Ross Cocozza told Patch this week.

Ross Brewing Co. will be located right next to the Belford Seafood Co-op, a bustling seafood market in Port Monmouth, and steps from the Belford ferry terminal, which offers morning and afternoon boat service to and from New York City. The brewery hopes to take advantage of full ferry service making a comeback once the pandemic ends. However, Ross Brewing aims to become a destination site as well: Knock off early on a Friday, and it will make a nice place to drive to to fish and crab right off the brewery's dock, all while enjoying one of their craft brews.

So expect it to be a spot where commercial and recreational fishermen, commuters and tourists alike will all come together over a beer and sweeping views of Raritan Bay. Once they open, tours and tastings will be part of the attractions. Ross Brewing will actually be located on a working dock, and will have a two-story tasting room with views of the New York City skyline.

"We are the only brewery in New Jersey that is approachable by boat," said Cocozza, who lives nearby in Little Silver. "With an outdoor beer garden overlooking the water, fire pits, a gift shop, and the ability for people to fish and crab all they wish, we are truly a unique experience in New Jersey."

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Their Instagram feed is already wildly popular, so it's clear people in Middletown and beyond are excited for the brewery to open.

Ross Brewery beers are handcrafted and whenever possible, made with locally-grown Monmouth County ingredients, such as berries, honey, pumpkins and more. Try their Shrewsbury lager, Navesink IPA, Manasquan Wit, Shark River Pils and Iceboat winter warmer ale. Ross Brewing's limited-edition Brux Royale Belgian Chocolate Stout recently won the Best Brew Award at New Jersey's Beer BBQ Bacon Showdown in Morris Plains, beating more than 100 beers from dozens of New Jersey craft breweries.

By law, Ross Brewery cannot serve food, but the owner says an array of food trucks will always be present.

The next nearest local breweries in Monmouth County are Belford Brewery on Leonardville Road, Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands and Alternate Ending in Aberdeen.


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