Turn on Your Body’s Natural Anti-Aging Process!

Sermorelin acetate is a synthetic hormone, discovered in the 1970’s, that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to effectively raise human growth hormone levels in the body – which could result in less body fat, more energy, and increased libido.**

Sermorelin, also known as GHRH, stimulates a person’s own pituitary gland to produce HGH (human growth hormone) naturally.

When used under the care of a qualified physician, sermorelin can enhance your weight loss program, give you more energy, and help you feel younger.**

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone peptide similar in structure to growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), a hormone that triggers the release of growth hormone. Typically, releasing hormones have 44 amino acids. However, sermorelin is unique in that it only contains the first 29, which are responsible for stimulating the production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland and for it to be secreted. This is what gives sermorelin its chemical name, GRH 1-29 NH2. NH2 indicates the terminal amino acid of the molecule.

Benefits of Sermorelin

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been used extensively and successfully for a number of years to treat hormone deficiencies. Unlike HGH therapy, which directly replaces declining levels of HGH, sermorelin addresses the primary cause of decreased HGH production by naturally stimulating the pituitary gland. This approach keeps the mechanisms of growth hormone production that decline with age active.

With sermorelin hormone replacement therapy, our clients typically experience:**

  • Increased production of growth hormones
  • Improvements in physical performance
  • Increased IGF-1
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased lean muscle mass

Scientifically Proven to Reverse Aging

Sermorelin acetate for HGH hormone replacement therapy provides relief from the symptoms of HGH deficiency. Sermorelin offers the same positive effects as HGH therapy, but with a number of proven additional advantages. One very important benefit of sermorelin is its proven effect on the brain to promote non-REM slow wave sleep, which further allows individuals to benefit from anti-aging therapies.

Since sermorelin therapy helps the body create HGH on its own, the body’s natural mechanisms for regulating production of growth hormone make it very difficult for an overdose to occur**. Sermorelin is a safe option for growth hormone replacement therapy when used properly.

How Does Sermorelin Work?

Sermorelin, as a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), promotes deep non-REM sleep . During non-REM sleep, the body secretes a significant amount of the its daily production of growth hormone.

Growth hormone binds to receptors on specific cells throughout the body. For example, fat cells or adipocytes contain receptors for growth hormone. When hGH binds to these receptors, it stimulates adipocytes to break down triglyceride – the main component of body fat in humans. Too much triglyceride can result in an elevated risk of stroke. When activated by hGH, the ability of adipocytes to take up and accumulate lipids, or fatty acids, in the blood is suppressed.

In addition, growth hormone also binds to receptors located on the surface of liver cells. When growth hormone binds to these receptor, liver cells are stimulated to produce insulin-like growth factor-1, also referred to as IGF-1 and somatomedin. IGF-1 has been proven to stimulate protein synthesis as well as stimulate amino acid transport and inhibit protein breakdown.

Is Sermorelin Right for You?

At Global Life Rejuvenation, we take a holistic approach to hormone therapy health care. As with all of our hormone therapies, we begin with comprehensive testing. We will provide a complete analysis of the current state of your hormone function, as well as discuss your options and guide you through your treatment. Your physician is here to help make your treatment safe, comfortable, and 100% effective.

Can I Buy Sermorelin Online?

Though sermorelin is safe when used properly, it’s best to receive treatment from a qualified, expert physician. Contact Global Life Rejuvenation to learn more about the safety of sermorelin and benefits of physician treatment.

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We encourage you to consider sermorelin as an option for growth hormone replacement therapy. Contact Global Life Rejuvenation online or call us at (866) 793-9933 for a free hormone therapy consultation and to learn more about how sermorelin can help you feel younger and maintain a healthy weight.

For more information, please see the Prescriber’s Digital Reference guide.

**Your results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.