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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Weight Loss


Using Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, for weight loss can have a tremendously positive impact on the amount you can slim down, and your ability to keep the weight off for good. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we help you achieve natural weight loss through HRT by balancing testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, HGH, and thyroid hormones.

Using hormone therapy can be the best first step in treating weight gain associated with andropause, which is a collection of symptoms including fatigue and a decrease in libido. This is often experienced by middle-aged men, and attributed to a gradual decline in testosterone levels. As part of a comprehensive weight loss program, we provide a tailored nutrition plan, vitamins for weight loss, and an exercise routine to keep you on track.

Weight Loss with HRT for Men
High cortisol levels—in conjunction with low testosterone levels—can trigger an increase in body fat, especially around the midsection. Excess body fat can actually cause testosterone to convert into estrogen at a higher-than-normal rate, resulting in an even greater imbalance in hormone levels.

Weight gain as a result of andropause may be more severe when stress levels are high – while extended periods of stress elevate cortisol levels. This reaction puts your body in a sort of “survival mode,” causing the generation of fat cells as a mechanism to store calories and energy. High levels of cortisol also increase appetite as an unconscious strategy to increase fat tissue. Weight gain during andropause is often a natural consequence of a cortisol imbalance.

When those cortisol levels are too high, the body’s testosterone is depleted. When men go through andropause, testosterone levels are already declining. Low testosterone is also a known contributor of fatigue, which may translate to reduced physical activity, and act as another contributor to weight gain in men.

Weight Loss with HRT for Women

As we age, changes occur that decrease and create an imbalance of essential hormones. That can include weight gain, and it often happens around the time of menopause (if not earlier). Hormone fluctuations during menopause directly impact appetite, how a woman’s body stores fat, and metabolic rate.

Decreased production of estrogen during this phase causes the body to look for other estrogen sources. One of these alternative sources of estrogen is fat, so the body increases the production of fat cells in order to increase its estrogen resources with the end result being weight gain. It’s an unfortunate side effect of this natural process.

One of the most effective treatments to combat menopausal weight gain and help women lose weight is our hormone therapy plan. While nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are all important to maintaining proper weight, it becomes much more difficult when hormones are unbalanced.

What Can You Do?
Our hormone therapy is the perfect way to jump-start your journey to weight loss by supplementing the hormones you lack and balancing those you have. Our treatments are holistic, and we craft customized programs that help you eat properly, exercise effectively, and maintain a healthy way of life. By combining fitness, nutrition, and hormone replacement therapy, weight loss will come much more naturally.

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