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One of the unfortunate realities that thousands deal with every year is the prospect of being unable to reproduce. As humans, we’re inherently wired to want to create life, but sometimes, reproductive and fertility disorders have a different say. To make matters worse, many people around the country are also suffering from the symptoms of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and other sexual issues.

Thankfully, the hypothalamic neuropeptide called Kisspeptin-10 has emerged as a game-changer in sexual health, fertility, and reproductive disorders.

What is Kisspeptin-10?

Kisspeptin is a naturally-occurring protein in your body that serves a critical role in hormone signaling, mainly while puberty occurs and during reproduction. Kisspeptin-10 was created to replicate the effects that Kisspeptin provides to your body naturally. In addition to its role in reproduction, Kisspeptin has been shown to affect behavior and mood, and even regulate the body’s kidneys.

How Does Kisspeptin-10 Work?

Research shows that Kisspeptin-10 has an influence on GnRH or the Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone in your body. GnRH helps facilitate puberty and helps with genital and gamete maturation. Produced by unique nerve cells in the brain’s hypothalamus, GnRH is released into small blood cells, where it stimulates your body’s pituitary gland. Once this process happens, Kisspeptin peptides start influencing hormones that are critical to a person’s reproductive health. Those hormones are:

  • Luteinizing Hormones or LH
  • Follicle Stimulating Hormones or FSH

These hormones, which act on a male’s testes and a female’s ovaries, are crucial to the body’s overall reproductive functions. Because Kisspeptin-10 affects both male and female reproductive systems, it can be incredibly beneficial.

Benefits of Kisspeptin-10 in Peptide Therapy

Increase to Testosterone

As we grow older, the natural hormones in our bodies decline. Older age can be particularly troublesome and concerning for men because testosterone is also lowered. Testosterone is an incredibly important part of the male makeup and is thought to regulate bone mass, sex drive, production of red blood cells and sperm. When men lose testosterone as they age, they often feel listless, unmotivated in the bedroom, and experience a lack of energy that can affect others around them.

Kisspeptin-10 stimulates important reproductive hormones that work directly with reproductive organs, such as luteinizing hormones (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormones (FSH). This interaction may produce more testosterone in males, reversing signs of aging like wrinkles, fatigue, and low sex drive.

Improved Behavior and Mood

It’s known that reproductive health is tied to emotional and mental health in adults, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Kissipeptin-10 may influence behavior and mood. Research from a study in animals showed that the peptide enhanced brain activity, thereby boosting motivation and mood in the participants. Though more research is needed, Kisspeptin-10 is also thought to help lower feelings of anxiety in adults.

Treatment for Infertility

Few things can be as frustrating for females as dealing with infertility. Knowing that you cannot bring life into this world is heartbreaking, but Kisspeptin-10 shows promising results for women suffering from infertility issues. Animals in the study experienced an increase in hormone levels and even triggered ovulation. Scientists also believe that maintaining Kisspeptin levels early on in pregnancy may prevent severe complications like a miscarriage. More studies are needed before this treatment is available to women, but the promising results are worth following.

Sexual Health and Arousal

When hormones like testosterone drop as we get older, it can be hard to become sexually aroused. However, Kisspeptin-10 may be able to treat this all-too-common issue. Kisspeptins are in a group of compounds called neuroendocrine peptides. These peptides help release Gonadotropin Releasing Hormones or GnRH. This hormone encourages the development of other sex hormones, which have been shown to boost sexual arousal and overall sexual health.

Spread of Cancer

Kisspeptin-10 is showing promising results in stopping the spread of cancer. It’s been shown that in suppressing tumor spread and growth, some cancers stop spreading. In one study, the spread of a malignant skin cancer was reduced by 95%. Researchers came to this conclusion after it was discovered that peptides can reduce cell cancer migration.