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Global Life Rejuvenation – Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone


Testosterone is a hormone well-known as a driver of manliness, but its existence in the body does more than put hair on your chest. In men, testosterone increases muscle growth, deepens the voice, and—yes—causes hair growth on various parts of the body. But appropriate testosterone production has health benefits that last long into adulthood.

Men who are experiencing decreased testosterone may see health declines, while keeping testosterone levels up will decrease disease risk, aid in fit body composition, help foster sexual function, and aids in muscle gains and overall vitality. That’s why increasing testosterone naturally can be a great way to get back your energy and drive.

Here are seven ways to boost your testosterone naturally!

Lift weights and exercise

Especially important for seniors, exercise helps increase testosterone, improve reaction time, balance, mobility, and strength. Overall fitness and improving muscle mass will help many types of men with low testosterone, however.

Check your diet and find nutritional balance

Overeating or persistent dieting can interfere with testosterone production. It’s important to make sure you’re getting recommended amounts of macronutrients to maintain testosterone levels. Also, balanced nutrition will help keep weight down, promote muscle growth and repair, hydration, and maintain other organ groups while reducing disease risk.

Find balance to reduce stress

Stress increases production of hormones like cortisol that interfere with testosterone production in the body. If stress is interrupting your life and affecting your health, make sure to talk to us about ways to reduce stress and improve your health.

Check into supplements

Some supplements like D-Aspartic, Vitamin D, and Tribulus (or tribulus terrestris) have been shown to improve testosterone levels. There are many other options that we can advise you about if you are experiencing low testosterone and want to learn about supplements to naturally enhance your health and vitality.

Improve your sleep hygiene

More and more people are realizing that poor sleep isn’t just something that makes you grouchy. Not getting enough quality, restorative sleep can interfere with hormone levels and have many negatives effects on your health. Make sure you have good sleep hygiene by unplugging from devices at least an hour or two before bed, creating a calm sleep environment, and sticking to habits like going to bed at the same time and waking up at the same time every day. Exercise will also help with getting a deep sleep!

Live a healthy lifestyle

Other lifestyle choices like drinking excessive alcohol as well as exposure to certain chemicals like BPA and parabens can also interfere with testosterone production. Getting a balanced diet, adequate exercise, lowering stress, and finding balance will all help contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle that won’t deal a blow to your testosterone levels.

Talk to us about hormone replacement therapy

If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, we can help. At Global Life Rejuvenation, we want you to achieve the youth and vitality to make you feel your best.

Contact us at 866.793.9933 for a hormone replacement consultation or email today to meet a physician and get started!