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Three Benefits of Using HGH


What is Human Growth Hormone?
Human growth hormone—or HGH—is one of the most important hormones in the human body. Also known as somatotropin or growth hormone, HGH plays a critical role in tissue healing, muscle growth, bone strength, brain function, physical and mental health, energy, and metabolism.

Physicians refer to these hormones as “chemical messengers” that stimulate specific activities and metabolic processes. As the body naturally ages, a shortage of HGH can accelerate the process—as early as age 21—and completely deplete by your 80th birthday.

As growth hormone is essential to reach our full mental and physical potential, it’s easy to see why a deficiency could be so devastating.

What is Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency?
Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) is a condition characterized by a lack of isolated stimulation within the pituitary gland. When this happens, there is an insufficient amount of growth hormone produced. Adult growth hormone deficiency may occur for various reasons, which can include age, pituitary gland issues, congenital deficiency, or Panhypopituitarism (inadequate or missing pituitary hormones).

Knowing that you’re suffering from a growth hormone deficiency is the first step in creating a plan of attack. Symptoms can be physical and psychological. If you’ve experienced decreased sexual desire, sadness or depression, fatigue, sleep problems, weight gain, muscle weakness, nervousness or anxiety, or feelings of hopelessness, you might be experiencing AGHD. Very few people with AGHD experience all of these symptoms together, but do suffer from several of them concurrently.

So, What Can You Do?
This can feel defeating, but there’s good news: AGHD is treatable with HGH therapy. Patients who engage in growth hormone replacement therapy tend to see great results within six months and even greater results as treatment continues.

Here are three benefits of using Human Growth Hormone!
Aside from restoring your hormone balance and treating these symptoms, using HGH is beneficial on many levels. Here are three advantages:

1. Improves memory retention and cognitive functions
Human Growth Hormone is vital for our mental and cognitive development. As we age, and until we hit puberty, our bodies produce the largest amount of HGH. By using HGH therapy, we can focus on improving our memory and understanding.
2. Helps make skin look younger, tighter, and thicker
Through using HGH therapy, skin elasticity is improved by improving body-fat ratio
3. Improves sleep
Lack of sleep alters normal pituitary function, which affects growth hormone release over time. By using therapy, we can normalize those once-interrupted sleep schedules and get your body back on track.

Talk to Us About HGH Therapy
At Global Life Rejuvenation, we’re committed to the health of our patients. As part of our holistic approach to restoring hormonal health, we analyze and consider each contributing factor to your symptoms. Our human growth hormone programs are designed to treat patients over the age of 35 who present with symptoms of adult growth hormone deficiency (or AGHD).

If you suspect you might have adult growth hormone deficiency, we encourage you to contact Global Life Rejuvenation online or call us at (866) 793-9933 to learn more about how human growth hormone therapy can help improve your general well-being and increase your quality of life.