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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone for men and plays an important role throughout the male lifespan. Most of a male's testosterone is produced through the testicles. Also called the male sex hormone, testosterone starts playing its part during puberty.

When a male goes through puberty, testosterone helps males develop:

  • Facial Hair
  • Body Hair
  • Deeper Voice
  • Muscle Strength
  • Increased Libido
  • Muscle Density

As boys turn to men and men grow older, testosterone levels deplete naturally. Sometimes, events like injuries and chronic health conditions like diabetes can lower testosterone levels. Unfortunately, when a man loses too much T, it results in hypogonadism. When this happens, the testosterone must be replaced, or the male will suffer from symptoms like muscle loss, low libido, and even depression.

 Human Growth Hormone Bogota, NJ

How Does TRT Work?

TRT is exactly what it sounds like: a treatment option for men that replaces testosterone so that your body regulates hormones properly and restores balance to your life. Also called androgen replacement therapy, TRT alleviates the symptoms that men experience with low T.

Originally lab-synthesized in 1935, testosterone has grown in popularity since it was produced. Today, TRT and other testosterone treatments are among the most popular prescriptions in the U.S.

Without getting too deep into the science, TRT works by giving your body the essential testosterone it needs to function correctly. As the primary androgen for both males and females, testosterone impacts many of the body's natural processes – especially those needed for overall health. For example, men with low T are more prone to serious problems like cardiovascular disease and even type-2 diabetes.

When your body quits making enough testosterone, it causes your health to suffer until a solution is presented. That's where TRT and anti-aging medicine for men can help. TRT helps balance your hormones and replenish your depleted testosterone. With time, your body will begin to heal, and many symptoms like low libido and irritability begin to diminish.

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What Causes Low T?

For men, aging is the biggest contributor to lower testosterone levels, though there are other causes like obesity, drug abuse, testicular injuries, and certain prescribed medications. Sometimes, long-term health conditions like AIDS, cirrhosis of the liver, and kidney disease can lower testosterone levels.

When a man's testosterone levels drop significantly, it alters his body's ratio of estrogen and testosterone. Lower testosterone levels cause more abdominal fat, which in turn results in increased aromatase, which converts even more testosterone into estrogen.

If you're concerned that you might have low T, you're not alone. Millions of men in the U.S. feel the same way. The best way to find out if your testosterone is low is to get your levels tested.

For sustainable testosterone replacement therapy benefits, you must consult with hormone doctors and experts like those you can find at Global Life Rejuvenation. That way, you can find the root cause of your hormone problems, and our team can craft a personalized HRT plan tailored to your needs.

 Sermorelin Bogota, NJ

Low Sex Drive

One of the most common reasons that men choose TRT is because they have lost that "spark" with their partner. It's not easy for a man to hear that they're not performing like they used to. Intimacy is a powerful part of any relationship. When a once-healthy sex life dwindles, it can cause serious relationship issues.

The good news is that low libido doesn't have to be a permanent problem. TRT and anti-aging medicines help revert hormone levels back into their normal range. When this happens, many men have a more enjoyable life full of intimacy and sex drive.

 TRT Bogota, NJ

Inability to Achieve and Maintain an Erection

Weak erections – it's an uncomfortable subject for many men in the U.S. to talk about. It's even worse to experience first-hand. You're in the midst of an intimate moment, and you can't do your part. Despite being perfectly normal, many men put blame and shame upon themselves when they can't achieve an erection. And while the inability to perform sexually can be caused by poor diet, obesity, and chronic health conditions, low testosterone is often a contributing factor.

Fortunately, weak erections are a treatable condition. The best way to regain your confidence and ability in bed is to speak with your doctor. Once any underlying conditions are discovered, options like TRT may be the best course of treatment.

Hair Loss

 Hormone Replacement  Bogota, NJ

Loss of Strength and Muscle Mass

Do you find it harder and harder to work out and lift weights in the gym? Are you having problems lifting heavy items that you once had no problem lifting?

Recent studies show that when men are inactive, they lose .5% of muscle strength every year, from ages 25 to 60. After 60, muscle loss doubles every decade. While some muscle loss is common as men age, a significant portion can be tied to low testosterone levels. When a man's T levels drop, so does his muscle mass.

Testosterone is a much-needed component used in gaining and retaining muscle mass. That's why many doctors prescribe TRT Bogota, NJ, for men having problems with strength. One recent study found that men who increased their testosterone levels using TRT gained as much as 2.5 pounds of muscle mass.

Whether your gym performance is lacking, or you can't lift heavy items like you used to, don't blame it all on age. You could be suffering from hypogonadism.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Bogota, NJ

Hair Loss

If you're like millions of other men in their late 20s and 30s, dealing with hair loss is a reality you don't want to face. Closely related to testosterone decline and hormone imbalances, hair loss is distressing for many men. This common symptom is often related to a derivative of testosterone called DHT. Excess amounts of DHT cause hair follicles to halt their production, causing follicles to die.

Because hair located at the front and crown is more sensitive to DHT, it grows slower than other follicles and eventually stops growing permanently. Thankfully, TRT and anti-aging treatments for men in Bogota, NJ, is now available to address hair loss for good.

While it's true that you can't change your genes, you can change the effects of low testosterone on your body. Whether you're suffering from thinning hair or hair loss across your entire head, TRT and other hormone therapies can stop hair loss and even reverse the process.

 TRT For Men Bogota, NJ


Also called "man boobs," gynecomastia is essentially the enlargement of male breast tissue. This increase in fatty tissue is often caused by hormonal imbalances and an increase in estrogen. For men, estrogen levels are elevated during andropause. Also called male menopause, andropause usually happens because of a lack of testosterone.

If you're a man between the ages of 40 and 55, and you're embarrassed by having large breasts, don't lose hope. TRT is a safe, effective way to eliminate the underlying cause of gynecomastia without invasive surgery. With a custom HRT and fitness program, you can bring your testosterone and estrogen levels back to normal before you know it.

 HRT For Men Bogota, NJ

Decreased Energy

Decreased energy was once considered a normal part of aging. Today, many doctors know better. Advances in technology and our understanding of testosterone show that low T and lack of energy often go hand-in-hand.

If you're struggling to enjoy activities like playing with your kids or hiking in a park due to lack of energy, it could be a sign of low T. Of course, getting tired is perfectly normal for any man. But if you're suffering from continual fatigue, a lack of enjoyment, or a decrease in energy, it might be time to speak with a doctor.

Whether you're having a tough time getting through your day or can't finish activities you used to love, TRT could help.

 Human Growth Hormone Bogota, NJ

Lack of Sleep

A study from 2011 showed that men who lose a week's worth of sleep can experience lowered testosterone levels – as much as 15%, according to experts. Additional research into the topic found almost 15% of workers only get five hours of sleep (or less) per night. These findings suggest that sleep loss negatively impacts T levels and wellbeing.

The bottom line is that men who have trouble sleeping often suffer from lower testosterone levels as a result. If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day but toss and turn all night long, you might have low T.

TRT and anti-aging medicines can restore your T levels back to normal, which can help you sleep better with proper diet and exercise.

 Ipamorelin Bogota, NJ


You're feeling down about everything, and there's no solid explanation for why you're in such a crummy mood. Your daily life is great and full of success, but you can't help but feel unexcited and unmotivated. If you're experiencing symptoms like these, you may be depressed – and it may stem from low testosterone.

A research study from Munich found that men with depression also commonly had low testosterone levels. This same study also found that depressed men had cortisol levels that were 67% higher than other men. Because higher cortisol levels lead to lower levels of testosterone, the chances of severe depression increase.

Depression is a very real disorder and should always be diagnosed and treated by your doctor. One treatment option gaining in popularity is TRT for depression. Studies show that when TRT is used to restore hormone levels, men enjoy a lighter, more improved mood. That's great news for men who are depressed and have not had success with other treatments like anti-depression medicines, which alter the brain's chemistry.

 Sermorelin Bogota, NJ

Inability to Concentrate

Ask anyone over the age of 50 how their memory is, and they'll tell you it wasn't what it used to be. Memory loss and lack of concentration occur naturally as we age – these aren't always signs of dementia or Alzheimer's.

However, what many men consider a symptom of age may be caused by low testosterone. A 2006 study found that males with low T levels performed poorly on cognitive skill tests. These results suggest that low testosterone may play a part in reducing cognitive ability. If you're having trouble staying on task or remembering what your schedule is for the day, it might not be due to your age. It might be because your testosterone levels are too low. If you're having trouble concentrating or remembering daily tasks, it could be time to talk to your doctor.

Why? The aforementioned study found that participating men experienced improved cognitive skills when using TRT.

 TRT Bogota, NJ

Weight Gain

Even though today's society is more inclusive of large people, few adults enjoy gaining weight as they age. Despite their best efforts, many men just can't shed the extra pounds around their midsections, increasing their risk of heart disease and cancer.

Often, male weight gain is caused by hormone imbalances that slow the metabolism and cause weight to pile on. This phase of life is called andropause and happens when there is a lack of testosterone in the body. Couple that with high cortisol levels, and you've got a recipe for flabby guts and double chins.

Fortunately, TRT treatments and physician-led weight loss programs can correct hormone imbalances and lead to healthy weight loss for men.

 TRT For Men Bogota, NJ

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic hormone peptide, like GHRH, which triggers the release of growth hormones. When used under the care of a qualified physician, Sermorelin can help you lose weight, increase your energy levels, and help you feel much younger.

 HRT For Men Bogota, NJ

Benefits of Sermorelin

Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been used for years to treat hormone deficiencies. Unlike HGH, which directly replaces declining human growth hormone levels, Sermorelin addresses the underlying cause of decreased HGH, stimulating the pituitary gland naturally. This approach keeps the mechanisms of growth hormone production active.

Benefits of Sermorelin include:

  • Better Immune Function
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • More Growth Hormone Production
  • Less Body Fat
  • Build More Lean Muscle
  • Better Sleep
 Human Growth Hormone Bogota, NJ

What is Ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin helps to release growth hormones in a person's body by mimicking a peptide called ghrelin. Ghrelin is one of three hormones which work together to regulate the growth hormone levels released by the pituitary gland. Because Ipamorelin stimulates the body to produce growth hormone, your body won't stop its natural growth hormone production, which occurs with synthetic HGH.

Ipamorelin causes growth hormone secretion that resembles natural release patterns rather than being constantly elevated from HGH. Because ipamorelin stimulates the natural production of growth hormone, our patients can use this treatment long-term with fewer health risks.

 Ipamorelin Bogota, NJ

Benefits of Ipamorelin

One of the biggest benefits of Ipamorelin is that it is suitable for both men and women. It provides significant short and long-term benefits in age management therapies, boosting patients' overall health, wellbeing, and outlook on life. When growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland using Ipamorelin, clients report amazing benefits.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Powerful Anti-Aging Properties
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Less Unsightly Body Fat
  • Deep, Restful Sleep
  • Increased Athletic Performance
  • More Energy
  • Less Recovery Time for Training Sessions and Injuries
  • Enhanced Overall Wellness and Health
  • No Significant Increase in Cortisol

Your New, Youthful Lease on Life Starts Here

Whether you are considering our TRT services, HRT for women, or our growth hormone peptide services, we are here to help. The first step to turning back the hand of time starts by contacting Global Life Rejuvenation.

Our friendly, knowledgeable TRT and HRT experts can help answer your questions and walk you through our procedures. From there, we'll figure out which treatments are right for you. Before you know it, you'll be well on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in years!


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Radware Launches a New Cloud Security Center in Chile

Expands presence in Latin AmericaMAHWAH, N.J., Aug. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, announced the launch of a new cloud security center in Santiago, Chile. This facility will enable customers in Argentina, ...

Expands presence in Latin America

MAHWAH, N.J., Aug. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Radware (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cybersecurity and application delivery solutions, announced the launch of a new cloud security center in Santiago, Chile. This facility will enable customers in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay to strengthen their cyber-defenses, secure their web and mobile applications and APIs with minimal latency, as well as meet data localization requirements.

The launch is a part of Radware’s strategic cloud services initiative, which is designed to accelerate cloud innovation and provide customers with the highest level of cyber security services. This includes extending the footprint of the company’s global cloud security network to address the increasing volume of cyberattacks.

Radware continues to grow its footprint in Latin America. In addition to its new cloud security center in Chile and its other cloud security and scrubbing centers in Brazil, the company recently added a regional office in Bogota, Colombia. The company also has a presence in Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

“Operating for more than 12 years in Latin America, Radware has invested in mitigating cyberattacks and protecting organizations from network and application threats,” said Arie Simchis, Radware’s regional director in Latin America. “By growing our regional presence and adding the new cloud security center in Chile, we are helping our clients not only prevent and respond to breaches, but also minimize latency and improve the quality of service.

“Radware’s state-of-the-art cyber security and application delivery solutions provide more than 12,500 private organizations and public sector entities in Latin America and countries around the world with frictionless security, which enables innovation without sacrificing protection.”

The new security center in Santiago, Chile, is the latest addition to Radware’s cloud security network. Today, the network includes over 10 Tbps of mitigation capacity across more than 50 cloud security centers located around the globe.

(NASDAQ: RDWR) is a global leader of cyber security and application delivery solutions for physical, cloud, and software defined data centers. Its award-winning solutions portfolio secures the digital experience by providing infrastructure, application, and corporate IT protection, and availability services to enterprises globally. Radware’s solutions empower enterprise and carrier customers worldwide to adapt to market challenges quickly, maintain business continuity, and achieve maximum productivity while keeping costs down. For more information, please visit the website.

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No. 7 Bogota sweeps Glen Rock in NJ1G1 to earn 12th straight sectional title

New coach, same result for the Bogota girls volleyball program.A dominant second set against Glen Rock on Tuesday night not only gave the Lady Bucs the title in the NJSIAA/JAG-ONE Physical Therapy North Jersey, Section 1, Group 1 tournament, it allowed Katherine Sura to clinch the team’s 12th consecutive sectional title in her first season as head coach.Under Sura’s watch, Bogota followed a 25-20 victory in the first set to run away with the second, setting the stage for another sectional trophy hoist with a 25-11 e...

New coach, same result for the Bogota girls volleyball program.

A dominant second set against Glen Rock on Tuesday night not only gave the Lady Bucs the title in the NJSIAA/JAG-ONE Physical Therapy North Jersey, Section 1, Group 1 tournament, it allowed Katherine Sura to clinch the team’s 12th consecutive sectional title in her first season as head coach.

Under Sura’s watch, Bogota followed a 25-20 victory in the first set to run away with the second, setting the stage for another sectional trophy hoist with a 25-11 effort.

Sura, a former on-court Lady Buc, has taken over as the team’s head coach for the long-tenured volleyball boss Brad DiRupo, the school’s athletic director. Bogota’s uninterrupted dominance appears to be one of little burden, but Sura called Tuesday’s victory a landmark on “a long road.”

“We graduated four really strong leaders. They were anchors in every position,” Sura said of 2021 graduates Amber Vazquez, Carmen Cruz, Kiara Polanco and Miyanna LoPiccolo. “This season has been a true character-builder. ... We talk a lot about perspective, challenges, working together, stress management. It’s a true character-builder.”

Bogota advances to play in the state Group 1 semifinals Thursday on the road against Verona, which won the North Jersey, Section 2, Group 1 title over Rutherford, 21-25, 25-18, 25-22.

The winner advances to the state Group 1 final on Saturday at 10 a.m. at William Paterson University.

The top-seeded Lady Bucs (25-2), No. 7 in the Top 20, faced off against a Panthers team fresh off sweeping victories over Bergen Charter and Midland Park. Glen Rock (17-6), seeded third, jumped out to early leads in each set.

Faced with a furious challenge and a warning that Glen Rock wasn’t intimidated by Bogota’s history of success, Sura leaned on familiar faces: her junior leaders, whom she credited for keeping the team on the right track both on and off the court.

“We have a big junior class, but when you think about their sophomore season in a pandemic, this is really their first time in high-stakes matches,” Sura said. “We have players that just returned to school. That lack of structure has been huge. ... I hope what they remember is that volleyball is the vehicle for learning how to deal with life and that they have a family that really cares beyond just what happens on the court.”

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One of the juniors, Ashanna Caviness, led the team with 13 kills, while another, Mia Pimentel, had 24 assists. But Sura was particularly proud of her team’s depth on display.

“We have our main playmakers, but what I really saw in the second set was other players step in. If we had passes that weren’t the target, we were able to turn that into offense, and that’s a true team effort,” she said. “We have people stepping in where needed, staying calm and just staying focused. They need a lot of reminders to stay focused and they did that. So when we keep the focus on us and what we’re trying to do, we deliver.”

Behind their guidance, Bogota quickly recovered from an early deficit in the clinching set. Glen Rock tallied the first two points, but eight straight Lady Buc tallies were enough to take control. It was one of the aforementioned juniors, Caviness, that sent the final launch over the net to secure the victory that set off the celebration.

“Glen Rock was digging, but we got through,” Caviness said. “The key in the second half was just shaking off all the mistakes from the first, starting anew in the second set really helped. ... Our success starts with working as a team.”

“I think the fact that this squad is made up of a lot of juniors, you can’t think that, oh, we always have next year. We have to play strong this year, play strong next year, and that nothing’s guaranteed,” Pimentel added.

“I think it’s important as a leader to look out for your teammates on and off the court because the point of playing volleyball with your teammates and having a good bond is to make them have a safe place on the court, because, if you don’t, it can affect everyone on the team and how we play. You need to make sure everyone’s in that mindset. It’s a big help, especially while working with a different coach.”

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

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High-density developments in N.J. being redesigned for COVID-conscious lifestyles

COVID-19 has changed not only the way we live, but also the spaces we live in.In addition to shopping and going to school with masks on, maintaining a social distance at the post office, and going out less to eat, a lot of us are working from home. And for many, home has shifted from urban areas to more sub...

COVID-19 has changed not only the way we live, but also the spaces we live in.

In addition to shopping and going to school with masks on, maintaining a social distance at the post office, and going out less to eat, a lot of us are working from home. And for many, home has shifted from urban areas to more suburban, rural or shore front locales in pursuit of more room to move and fresh air to breathe.

Now, developers of high-density housing eager to attract renters or buyers, particularly in urban areas, have been incorporating design elements and amenities intended to address COVID concerns by minimizing the chance of transmission of the virus and accommodating telecommuting.

New projects that have come on the market since the pandemic commonly include COVID-conscious features like contactless entryways, additional elevators and ultraviolet ventilation systems, as well as home-office facilities.

“A lot of people tried to be pro-active and made a lot of changes, and our building is a great example of that,” said developer Art Johnson, a principal of Waterfront Management LLC in Jersey City.

Johnson’s building is a sprawling 629-unit rental complex known as 3 Acres on Jersey City’s West Side, an emerging real estate market that has attracted investment following development of the city’s well-known Hudson River waterfront and then its Greenville and Journal Square areas.

Named for the size of the lot occupied by the six-story rectangular complex, 3 Acres was designed by Hoboken architect Dean Marchetto of Marchetto Higgins Stieve before the pandemic’s arrival in March 2020, but design changes were made during construction after social distancing became household words.

For example, the main entrance along Claremont Avenue was originally designed as a set of revolving doors that would have generated repeated hand-contact in the same spot on the doors’ thick glass panels as residents pushed their way in and out during the morning and evening rush hours.

So the revolving doors were replaced by a broad glass foyer equipped with inner and outer sets of automatic sliding doors timed to open, one after the other, to keep warm or cool air in or out, as residents and visitors stroll into the lobby or out onto the sidewalk without touching a thing.

There’s a bank of three elevators immediately to the left and two others elsewhere for a total of five lifts in the relatively low-rise building, intended to minimize crowding going up or down. To the left and right, running the full 600-foot, two-block width of the building, is a concourse measuring 18 feet wide and 15 feet high, allowing plenty of space for residents to pass by each other at least six feet apart.

The concourse is punctuated by groups of three or four café tables set against the street-side wall, each one with a semicircular seating nook carved out of the wall, achieving a distinct look, a sense of intimacy, and a physical barrier between the people seated that side of each table.

Several standup placards reading “Masks recommended” dotted the concourse and other common areas of the building. Johnson said plans for thousands of square feet of street-level retail space were scrapped to allow for expanded common areas adjacent to the concourse. They include a 5,000-square-foot lounge with fireplaces, large-screen TVs, ping-pong and pool tables, pinball machines, a two-lane miniature bowling ally and a vintage jukebox, providing diversion for a night-in when an event is cancelled or a crowded bar doesn’t feel right.

A fascinating form of on-premises entertainment is 3 Acres’ Steinway Spirio digital grand piano, which can play back anything played on it or simultaneously duplicate a live performance by a pianist playing another Steinway Spirio anywhere in the world.

Three interior courtyards with day cabanas, shuffleboard and bocci courts, as well as a near-Olympic size pool and a 4,000-square foot gym, let tenants spread out while they work out.

“We made everything bigger and more spacious so people had enough area to be together but be apart,” Johnson said.

There’s a washer and drier in every unit, including micro-studios of just 289 square feet, meaning tenants can avoid congregating in a laundry room. Even the micro units promote telecommuting, with custom furnishings including a dining table that doubles as a work station. Rents range from $1,500 for studios to $3,500 for an 1,100-square-foot 2-bedroom apartment.

In Middlesex County, at 99 Bridge, a 150-unit rental complex in Old Bridge, a business suite allowing tenants to work remotely was just what new tenants Aqueel and Ritika Ahmed needed after they moved into the building from northern California on Oct. 1.

The couple had kept their financial-tech jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area but relocated to be near family in New Jersey for the birth of their child. The problem was that their home-office furniture and all their other possessions didn’t arrive for another six weeks thanks to a moving company mishap.

“They have a co-working lounge, with three offices and a conference room, and for one and a half months I was working out of that office,” Aqueel said of 99 Bridge, which was developed jointly by BNE Real Estate Group, Sterling Properties and LPZ. “This was a very good thing that came in handy because of my furniture not getting there.”

The couple has continued to twork for the Bay Area company, and to live in Old Bridge, where their daughter was born.

“She’s a Jersey girl,” her dad confirmed.

Other COVID-minded characteristics of 99 Bridge include an abundance of outdoor space, notably a two-story tenants’ lounge with multiple gathering areas, a swimming pool, barbecue and outdoor dining areas, an outdoor bar with TV screening areas, fire pits and a dog run.

The Atwater in Bogota, is a 3-phase rental complex totaling 539 units that has nearly leased out its two initial stages and is now in construction on the 118 units of its final phase. The project, by PCD Development of New Providence, also includes ample outdoor space, as well as a business center with Steelcase Brody pods.

And the Atwater’s indoor amenities are also equipped with ultra-violet air sanitizers that can kill the virus.

In Union County, Vermella at Garwood Station in Garwood, a 296-unit rental project by Russo Development, retained the digital and in-person concierge service NFC, to give residents a choice “to attend in person or take advantage of virtual events based on their comfort level,” according to a spokesman for the project. Russo also provides Teams/Facetime virtual tours for prospective tenants.

Another Jersey City project, 351 Marin, a 507-unit rental building in the city’s downtown neighborhood, added seating to a 4,500-square-foot plaza to expand its outdoor space during construction after the outbreak. The joint project also features “round-the-clock staff cleaning and disinfecting,” according to the developers, KRE Group and Northwestern Mutual. Three-quarters of the units have been leased since opening in November, according to KRE and Northwestern.

Citizen Linden, a Union County project with 234 rental units and 4,500 square feet of retail space, provides co-working spaces on each floor, with three workstations each, to minimize crowding in any one area. Extra-wide wide hallways and elevator waiting areas were also integrated into the building design.

A pair of courtyards provide outdoor space with seating and barbecuing. “They also include bike storage and a bike share program, as the popularity of bicycling as a hobby skyrocketed during the pandemic,” the developer, Accurate Builders & Developers, accurately noted.

Anti-viral benefits aside, features like spacious common areas and outdoor space would be appealing to any would-be tenants, not just the COVID-conscious crowd. And the buildings are not necessarily marketed as safe havens.

Josie Charles, a 23-year-old pet groomer with a studio at 3 Acres, said she hadn’t been aware of the building’s anti-viral features since moving in two months ago from Bayonne. And with her business, Unsoiled, reliant entirely on house calls, working from home is not even a consideration for Charles. But she was glad to hear that her new digs might reduce the chance that she and her neighbors will spread the coronavirus, or any other contagion, to one another.

And she does like all the things to do there.

“It’s fun,” she said.

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Lido will open a second location in Bergen County

Ready for a second Lido?Steve Lonegan, the owner of the beloved old-school Italian joint, is.Lonegan, a former mayor of Bogota, said he is about to close on a facility in North Arlington where he intends to launch a Lido II. It will be, he said, exactly like the 57-year-old classic on Main Street in Hackensack, famous for its thin-crust pizza and traditional sliced steak sandwich — save for a few exceptions. It will be somewhat bigger — 25 more seats (its capacity is around 150), will serve lunch dail...

Ready for a second Lido?

Steve Lonegan, the owner of the beloved old-school Italian joint, is.

Lonegan, a former mayor of Bogota, said he is about to close on a facility in North Arlington where he intends to launch a Lido II. It will be, he said, exactly like the 57-year-old classic on Main Street in Hackensack, famous for its thin-crust pizza and traditional sliced steak sandwich — save for a few exceptions. It will be somewhat bigger — 25 more seats (its capacity is around 150), will serve lunch daily, and have parking, something sorely missed in Hackensack.

"We are taking a chance," Lonegan said, noting how difficult the past few years have been due to the pandemic. "Getting through the pandemic was rough, but we made it. We have a great following."

He noted that Lido has been described by several news outlets, including, as one of the greatest old time restaurants in New Jersey. He also mentions that Barstool Pizza , an Internet pizza-rating show by sports blogger David Portnoy, gave it a score of 8.1 out of 10.

And recently Lido got a thumbs up from actor, comedian and producer Ben Stiller, who stopped in for a few pies.

"We will have the same product line, same key people," Lonegan said. "If it wasn't for our team, we wouldn't be doing this.

Lonegan asked that the exact location in North Arlington not be revealed because the owner has not yet told his employees that his shop will be closing. "I understand that," he said.

More Lido:'It’s always going to be the Lido:' New owners of Hackensack spot include NJ politico

Can there be too many dive bars?Of course not. Here's to more good beer, great eats

The original Lido in Hackensack, an unassuming 122-seat spot that sits on the first-floor of a two-story building, was completely restored nearly three years ago after it was sold to Lonegan and members of his family. The family, who had been Lido customers for years, installed new floors, new ceiling, new bathrooms — and brought the 11-seat bar back for use. The bar was shut down since the '70s because its owners feared noise.

The second Lido will have a liquor license as well, Lonegan said.

Lonegan said that he hopes to "soft" open the new restaurant in early September

Post-scandal, 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson rattled Bergen County 100 years ago. Here's the story

The day baseball legend "Shoeless" Joe Jackson played in Hackensack, he had five at-bats, four hits and one fake name.Jackson, one of the greatest players never admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, was undercover. The obscurity was obligatory.Less than a year earlier, in August 1921, after he and seven Chicago White Sox teammates were accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, Jackson was banned from Major League Baseball. The "Black Sox" scandal, since affirmed b...

The day baseball legend "Shoeless" Joe Jackson played in Hackensack, he had five at-bats, four hits and one fake name.

Jackson, one of the greatest players never admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame, was undercover. The obscurity was obligatory.

Less than a year earlier, in August 1921, after he and seven Chicago White Sox teammates were accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, Jackson was banned from Major League Baseball. The "Black Sox" scandal, since affirmed by participants, remains one of the preeminent controversies in baseball history.

Players associated with Jackson post-scandal were told they had no chance of playing in baseball's top league. League officials enacted a rule barring Jackson and company's future teammates or opponents from their competition.

To earn a living and protect other athletes, the 34-year-old Jackson attempted to blend into Bergen County's semi-pro league. He adopted an alias, "Josephs," for his first foray on June 25, 1922.

The unknown outfielder quickly drew attention, reported R.H. Wynkoop, a sportswriter for The Record, in the next day's paper. Batting fourth for Westwood, the 6-foot-1-inch, left-handed hitter looked far better than his competition at Hackensack's Oritani Field.

Jackson threw out a runner at home from center field. He hit a double in his first at-bat and a single in his second. His third was a home run that became a legend, his manager for Westwood would affirm 15 years later in a letter to Jackson.

"I guess the ball is still going," he quipped.

The scene must have been "something very much out of 'Field of Dreams,' " says Jacob Pomrenke, the chair of the Society for American Baseball Research's Black Sox Scandal Research Committee.

Eventually, New Jersey's Ray Liotta would play "Shoeless" Joe in the baseball hit movie "Field of Dreams."

But 100 years ago, the Hackensack game, one of the more memorable games Jackson would play after he was banned for life, was also one of the few times Jackson or his fellow banished White Sox teammates would play under an assumed name. It was hard for Jackson to keep his talents under wraps, and it would prove financially unwise to do so, Pomrenke says.

Though Jackson's name was tainted by the big league ban, he still drew fans. Jackson was one of the best hitters in baseball when he left the big leagues. During the 1920 season, his last, Jackson had 218 hits in 570 at-bats for the White Sox. He also notched a career high of 121 runs batted in over 146 games.

Century-old mystery

Jackson's role in the Black Sox scandal is uncertain, Pomrenke says. His play on paper during the 1919 World Series showed no signs of lacking effort. He batted .375 and committed no fielding errors.

Moreover, Jackson's scandal-implicated teammates claimed they never told him about their meetings with the gamblers who provided his $5,000 payout, which nearly matched his annual salary. One teammate said the player-conspirators only invoked Jackson's name in an effort to lend credibility to their pledge to throw the nine-game series.

At the end of the following season, Jackson and his teammates were brought to court on charges of fixing the series. They were acquitted in 1921 by a jury, but were nonetheless banned from Major League Baseball. The evidence was overwhelming.

Banished from the big leagues, Jackson found himself in Hackensack on June 25, 1922, to be a hired gun. After four hits in five at-bats, his visiting Westwood squad beat Hackensack-Bogota Club by 9 runs to 7, The Record reported.

Wynkoop wrote in the newspaper the next day that the sports desk was flooded with calls after the Sunday game. Everyone wanted to know Josephs' back story. It was a relatively short one: Josephs was the infamous "Shoeless Joe."

The revelation rocked the region. The game was declared a forfeit. Other teams refused to play Westwood. The fallout led Abe Gildersleeve, Westwood's manager, to claim innocence. In a statement to The Record the day after the game, he purported that he had no idea "Josephs" was Jackson. He said he blindly trusted a mysterious New York agent who promised to send "the best in the business."

"Under no circumstances would I or any member of the Westwood Baseball Club agree to having such a player on our team," Gildersleeve said. Few bought his claim.

They were wise. In a 1937 letter to Jackson, Gildersleeve gave up the ghost. In the letter, he boasted that he "imported" the slugger for "a game against the Hackensack Oritani Team in 1922" and "under the alias of — Josephs ... You hit a home run that is still the talk of Bergen Co.," he wrote.

Gildersleeve's public denial and apology in 1922 soon faded in favor of defiance. A few days after the game, Gildersleeve boasted of big paydays in Westwood's future. He alleged that New York teams were clamoring for exhibitions against Jackson and that his own players countered the criticism by saying they would not allow Hackensack-Bogota or any other team to dictate their lineup.

At least one Westwood player, Leo Curry, didn't feel the same way. Curry, who pitched for Westwood during the June 25 game under the name Brown because he knew his teammate's real identity and didn't want to be punished for playing with him, was a member of the Hackensack-Bogota squad by the end of the week.

Jackson stayed with Westwood, helping the team to win July 2 home games against teams from Virginia and New York. For that Sunday doubleheader, nearly 1,000 fans packed the small field in Westwood, The Record reported. "The attendance was the best at any game in Westwood in many a long day," the article said. "Jackson, of course, was at the center of attraction."

When Westwood played Clifton on July 9, Jackson was gone. He would go on to create a traveling all-star team to bank off his notoriety and ultimately play most of his games in the South, Pomrenke says. On July 18, Wynkoop reported claims out of Westwood that Jackson was "through as a baseball player in Bergen County." The local game quickly moved on, as Major League Baseball had done.

"We are led to believe that he wanted almost all the money there was in sight for his services after the first few games," Wynkoop wrote. "Jackson's absence will not be felt. It's really too bad that he ever showed up at all."

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